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Fox Avenue Jul 12, 2012
Hey, Dara here. I am going to do a webchat @ 9pm GMT to talk about music & possibly answer some of your questions. Tune in if you're interested.
Fox Avenue Jul 12, 2012
Thanks for all the messages. Dara will be doing a webchat tonight @ 9pm if you have any questions.
Fox Avenue Jul 11, 2012
It is with regret that we share this statement:
Fox Avenue Apr 08, 2012
On this holiest of days, everyon should take the time to check out our friends 'Fighting for Jane's new video.
Fox Avenue Mar 29, 2012
Friends of ours are doing something insane. 126 miles. 5 marathons. 30 hours. Non stop. Please watch & share:
Fox Avenue Mar 23, 2012
Sound check at The Academy. We're on at 8.30pm. 18+. Tickets on the door, come down. :)
Fox Avenue Mar 22, 2012
Who's coming to see us in Dublin tomorrow night? Academy (18+)
Fox Avenue Mar 21, 2012
Playing The Academy in Dublin on Friday night. 18+ w/Keywest & Rooftop Anthem. It's for the Make a Wish Foundation. Tickets on sale via:
Fox Avenue Mar 18, 2012
Made the change to Timeline. Check out our cover shot. It's this one time we played with Jimmy Eat World. No big deal.
Fox Avenue Mar 18, 2012
Fox Avenue's cover photo
Fox Avenue Mar 16, 2012
Hope all our fans around the world have a good St.Patrick's Day. With love from Ireland. St.Patrick lived here for a summer & got rid of all the snakes.
Fox Avenue Mar 13, 2012
Picking the winner of our the acoustic gig this week! The guys could be playing in your house. Imagine. Wow. Terrible.
Fox Avenue Mar 12, 2012
We're going to be doing a show in someone's house very soon. If you haven't entered, leave a comment under this. Fox Avenue's Almost Acoustic Concert.
Fox Avenue Mar 05, 2012
The Hotpress Signing tent @ the Oxegen festival.
Fox Avenue Mar 04, 2012
Sunday mornings...
Fox Avenue Mar 03, 2012
Fox Avenue's Almost Acoustic Concert. Would you like the guys to play a full acoustic set in your house?
Fox Avenue Mar 03, 2012
We're trending on Twitter today. Join the conversation @
Fox Avenue Mar 01, 2012
Look what we did once. Get your Fox Avenue videos online!
Fox Avenue Mar 01, 2012
Fox Avenue Feb 22, 2012
Hey, check out the photos from Saturday Night's Show. Thanks to everyone who came out to see us and to James Killeen for the photos
Fox Avenue Feb 22, 2012
Photos by James Killeen.
Fox Avenue Feb 20, 2012
Belfast, we had a great time tonight. Hope you enjoyed the show... Great to see so many familiar faces. Thanks for sticking with us x
Fox Avenue Feb 19, 2012
We're in Belfast today. Doors at 6pm & tickets are £10 on the door. Come down & see us play!
Fox Avenue Feb 19, 2012
Belfast tomorrow night. The Speakeasy. Tickets on sale at the door. Who's coming?
Fox Avenue Feb 18, 2012
We are on stage @ 2pm. FYI. You'll make it in on time.