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Neither Speak Nor Remain Silent
Fovea Hex Apr 20, 2018
In honour of RECORD STORE DAY this Saturday, and in celebration of the Glory of Vinyl, we are slashing the price of our 10" vinyl edition of SALT GARDEN II from €19.50 to a paltry (and frankly irresistible) €15 - which includes postage AND a cd version. (Emerald Isle residents, you can get it for a trifling €11). This price is for ONE WEEK ONLY, so just go to our small but perfectly formed online shop and avail.... And that's our vinyl offer.
Fovea Hex Sep 07, 2017
Delighted to say that "Bluebelle", a compelling radio documentary made by Hana Walker-Brown for Radio24syv, and featuring a Fovea-Hex rich soundtrack, has been nominated as "Best European Documentary" at the prestigious 2017 PRIX EUROPA awards.... it's a truly gripping story, beautifully told. Listen to it here:
Fovea Hex Sep 04, 2017
Thank you 5:4! Not just a great review, but a potted history of Fovea Hex releases.....
Fovea Hex Aug 18, 2017
Preview of a beautiful new work from Michael.... listen up (up, up, up.....)!
Fovea Hex Jun 22, 2017
All Those Signs, our hymn to hubris, (and our offering at the feet of Pruitt and the EPA), seems to be meeting with an incredibly warm reception. Oh, the irony. We hope you enjoy this video clip to accompany the song which features Carter Burwell’s beautiful photographs of the Antarctic, and some impassioned chorus vocals from Brian Eno and Laura Sheeran. "All those signs, and all those fears can melt like that ice"
Fovea Hex Jun 22, 2017
We’re off! Despite an initial fleeting glitch with the online store, orders for all editions of The Salt Garden II can, as of today, be ordered directly from Janet Records.
Fovea Hex Jun 12, 2017
Tune in now to the podcast. This week's episode (no. 357) features Clodagh Simonds, and will provide your first opportunity to hear ALL THOSE SIGNS from The Salt Garden II
Fovea Hex Jun 10, 2017
While you wait patiently for June 21st, we thought you might like to know more about Abul Mogard, whose hauntingly beautiful 20-minute remix of one of the songs is the bonus cd accompanying the Limited Edition of Salt Garden II, available to pre-order now here: Mogard is an enigmatic figure. A self-taught Serbian composer/sound artist born in Belgrade in the 50s, it seems, whose intriguing output - whilst not prolific - has been steadily winning hearts and minds under the radar on both sides of the Atlantic over the past few years, and whose reputation continues to grow. (Sounds familiar, eh?). His recent encounters with Fovea Hex producer Colin Potter gave rise to the idea of a remix - which he has just delivered, to our unanimous delight, and we are confident that Fovea Hex fans will find it as compelling a listen as we do ourselves. You’re going to have to wait another couple of weeks to hear it - but to give you just a taster of what his work is like, here is HALF LIGHT OF DAWN from his 2015 album Circular Forms (Ecstatic): More news shortly….
Fovea Hex Apr 28, 2017
We are delighted to announce that the new EP from Fovea Hex THE SALT GARDEN 2 will be released on 21st June, 2017 on Steven Wilson's Headphone Dust label..... The Salt Garden 2 is the follow up to the critically lauded The Salt Garden 1,'s Single of the Year 2016. Issued in 3 standard editions; 10 inch vinyl + CD, CD only, Digital Download. There will also be a limited edition release featuring a bonus remix CD by our special guest, the mysterious Serbian soundscape composer Abul Mogard. The pre-order is now open on the special LTD edition, exclusively through the Headphone Dust store: The core ensemble of Clodagh Simonds, Michael Begg, Colin Potter, Laura Sheeran, Cora Venus Lunny and Kate Ellis is joined by special guests Brian Eno and Justin Grounds.
Fovea Hex Apr 28, 2017
Fovea Hex
Fovea Hex Apr 28, 2017
Anybody want to join our shiny new mailing list? Those of you who are already on the original mailing list will need no reassurances, but for those who aren't : we will only contact you to let you know when a release is imminent (which, of course, it is), or a performance, or when there are any special offers in the Janet Records shop. We can promise you that your address will not be shared. You can subscribe here:
Fovea Hex Apr 25, 2017
A mystery artefact appears. Clues to follow soon...
Fovea Hex Mar 11, 2017
Several centuries passed. Empires rose and fell. And then, one Spring morning:
Fovea Hex Jan 07, 2017
Happy New Year to all, as we enter 2017 with a spring in our step: In the Brainwashed Readers Poll, The Salt Garden 1 has been voted no. 1 single of 2016. THANK YOU! Onward and upward - and news of The Salt Garden 2 soon….
Fovea Hex Jan 01, 2017
Fovea Hex Oct 18, 2016
Big thanks to Lee Etherington and to everyone at @tuskmusic and thanks also for the touching comments.....
Fovea Hex Oct 16, 2016
T O N I G H T!!!!! Clodagh Simonds Michael Begg Laura Sheeran Justin Grounds plus friends and Professor Potter at the helm .... @tuskfestival
Fovea Hex Sep 24, 2016
ICR THIRTY FIVE will be an extremely limited edition CDR (135) which will be available at the ICR35 event at Café OTO next Friday, Sept 30th. Any remaining copies will be made available online - via the culprits own shops - soon afterwards. Tracklisting: 1. Amoeba - Paul Bradley 2. Daubigny’s Reverie - Michael Begg 3. Glacial Lake - Clodagh Simonds (all-harmonium version....) 4. Walking Music - Jonathan Coleclough 5. Fork in Hell - Colin Potter 6. Bunny Boiler - Andrew Liles
Fovea Hex Sep 13, 2016
Apparently some additional tickets have been made available for this (otherwise sold out) show of Michael's on Friday....what better way to celebrate the Full Moon?!
Fovea Hex Aug 18, 2016
This'll be a Fun Night Out, folks......Fovea Hex producer Colin Potter with assorted friends, colleagues and worshippers.....
Fovea Hex Aug 01, 2016
Fovea Hex’s dressing room in the incredible Radialsystem, Berlin is vacated as we all go off in search of the thousand thanks required to shower upon all those responsible for organising the A L’ARME Festival. A real gem. Danke Karina Annerose Mertin , Louis Rastig, Marco, Utku, Sophie… so many other names… THANK YOU X
Fovea Hex Jul 30, 2016
Fate is fickle. Unkind fate: Cora Venus Lunny is unable to join us this evening. Kind fate: Jessica Moss, all of a sudden, appears.
Fovea Hex Jul 28, 2016
Fovea Hex
Fovea Hex Jul 28, 2016
Dear Berlin, we're ear x
Fovea Hex Jul 21, 2016
#TBT Monte Bondone 2008. The debut performance of "Falling Things (Where Does A Girl Begin)" on the Terrace of the Stars...