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Four Phonica Apr 20, 2019
Four Phonica EP iTunes: Buy CD:
Four Phonica Jul 05, 2018
Everything Will Be Destroyed video shooting behind-the-scenes , film photo Ells Wake
Four Phonica Jul 22, 2017
Велике інтерв'ю у журналі Gothica Magazine ! Завантажити можна за посиланням:
Four Phonica Jun 02, 2017
Photo: Mina Sorvino
Four Phonica Apr 27, 2017
Today is the 31st anniversary of Chernobyl catastrophe.
Four Phonica Feb 11, 2017
Three years ago our music video for Sabotage was released! Thank YOU for following, supporting us and sharing our music through the years. New things soon to come 💔 Dasha
Four Phonica Feb 09, 2017
Four Phonica Feb 08, 2017
Just finished mixing our new track B L A C K H E A R T ♠
Four Phonica Feb 01, 2017
#fbf At @odxt_art studio, recording our self-titled EP back in 2012
Four Phonica Jan 13, 2017
Successfully recorded vocals for #blackheart tonight. Excited 🙌
Four Phonica Jan 02, 2017
Very productive beginning of the year 💜
Four Phonica Dec 29, 2016
The real #90s #kid 🎈
Four Phonica Dec 24, 2016
Merry Xmas dear friends! We wish that 2017 will be kind for you and your families 🌠 Keep warm, take care of each other and never take your life for granted, because it is truly a gift. Everything is ♥
Four Phonica Dec 18, 2016
⚡️ Mixing of our new track is almost finished! Looking forward to make the final changes and start mastering! Thanks to Jeremy Glover for working with us on this one!
Four Phonica Nov 25, 2016
Had a blast recording at The Glove Factory the other day! Jeremy Glover has already worked with our favourite musicians such as IAMX, Crystal Castles, Julian Casablancas and so on. Thank you Jeremy for the recording and creating a beautiful atmosphere 🎹
Four Phonica Nov 09, 2016
Four Phonica EP out now! Download on iTunes: Buy CD: Photo Santiago Perez
Four Phonica Nov 09, 2016
Download on iTunes: Buy CD:
Four Phonica Apr 19, 2015
"There Is a Light That Never Goes Out" video is out now! Photo Santiago Perez
Four Phonica Apr 19, 2015
Thanks to everybody, who took part in #Songblitz project and made it happen! Download/ listen: Watch the crowd-made music video: = = = Credits = = = Vocals: Mark Gritz, Daria Chepel Music: James Reyna aka Melodywhore, Andrey Savin, Alex Siedler, Erik Chemnitz, Герман Гриценко, Rich Millin, Alexander Petrovsky, Christoph Hadl Hassel Voices: Ellie Gregory, Cat Vivian, Martin Eszett, Sasha Chemerov, Dmitry Lisitsyn, Katharina Neumann, Nickolass Yemets, Маша Иванова, Boris Kaplunovich, German Gritz, Audrey Leshark, Анита Стар, Henry Lipatov, Christina Khramova, Julia Jung, Dartsya Tarkovska, Joerg Breitenfeld, Felix Räuber, Alessandro SchöneNacht, Katerina Piasetskaya, Paolo Brown, Anastasia Sergeevna, Anna-Maria, Stasya, Nastya Kovalenko, Anastasia Gormina Mixed and mastered by: Christoph Hadl Hassel Written by: The Smiths Photography: Santiago Perez Make up: La Vern Hair: IMAGE-KITCHEN Artwork: Stefan Kopielski PR: Katharina Neumann, Dartsya Tarkovska Label: VelocitySounds Records
Four Phonica Feb 19, 2015
Hey dears, We’d like to let you know that after much thought we’ve decided to take an indefinite break from Four Phonica. We don’t know how long it will last but we’ll keep making music in the future for sure. We are very thankful for your huge support and hope for your understanding. To sum up the great time we had, we are releasing our long-awaited video for Everything Will Be Destroyed: Much love and see you later, Four Phonica
Four Phonica Feb 14, 2015
Happy Valentine's Day everyone! <3 Photo Santiago Perez
Four Phonica Feb 08, 2015
Thanks to Berlinograd for a great article! Read Mark's story and impressions of Berlin here:
Four Phonica Jan 02, 2015
Get started #soundcheck
Four Phonica Dec 30, 2014
Berlin has turned into a massive fairy tale! Happy New Year friends!! #Berlin #winter #magic #snow #newyear #comingsoon
Four Phonica Dec 29, 2014
Can't wait to go to Leipzig to have a New Year's bbq party with our band and then play a gig on Jan 2. Recover fast from the hangover and come to our show ;) And it's 15 Years Anniversary of VelocitySounds Records Whoohoo!!