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Sacred Hearts Club
Foster The People Aug 01, 2019
Our music video for IMAGINATION is out now 💡
Foster The People Aug 01, 2019
Tomorrow. Tune in at 10am PT
Foster The People Jul 31, 2019
IMAGINATION VIDEO. Tune into YouTube, Thursday at 10am PT, to watch and chat about the video.
Foster The People Jul 30, 2019
Foster The People Jul 23, 2019
Thank you to everyone who submitted Imagination art, you all are incredible. We’re going to start posting some of your artwork on the Imagination Spotify track, starting with the winner of our merch design contest. Go listen and check back often to see all the amazing art, and stay tuned for merch coming later this week 👀
Foster The People Jun 21, 2019
"i think the quality that makes us distinctly human is our ability to live in duality. we comprehend the present external world we’re in, while having an internal dialogue about what it all means. we can be our own best friends. we can be our own mortal enemy. we can ski the alps in the peak of summer from under our bed covers at night. we can sail the high seas with Yeats and pick his brain about the afterlife in the holy city of Byzantium. we can fall in love with a stranger that passes us on the street; forming a complete history and future with a person we’ve never even spoken to. our internal life is a universe, worthy to be explored and engaged. a dangerous place full of desires, undiscovered and unfulfilled. in our imagination we can escape our reality and create a new one." - mf
Foster The People Jun 20, 2019
Just you in my Imagination
Foster The People Jun 19, 2019
Use your Imagination... create a design based on Imagination (you’ve got the lyrics, music and art coming this week) and post it using #FTPImaginationContest and tag @fosterthepeople. We’ll pick some of our favorites to be featured as part of the artwork on @spotify and one design will be used as a limited edition merch piece (where the designer will get a share of the profit). All details at:
Foster The People Jun 17, 2019
IMAGINATION this friday
Foster The People May 30, 2019
How crazy to be on this list!! Beyond honored, couldn’t have done it without all of you amazing fans 🙌🏼 USA TODAY
Foster The People Apr 23, 2019
Had fun chatting with iZotope about songwriting and playing around with the Spire 🙌🏼
Foster The People Apr 08, 2019
“Let’s do this together. I’ll be with you guys for the premiere, answering any questions you have" - MF Don’t miss it, join Mark live at 12:45pm ET before the “Style” video drops at 1. Get your questions ready, we’ll meet you here:
Foster The People Apr 07, 2019
tomorrow. #ftpthesociety
Foster The People Apr 05, 2019
Will you join #ftpthesociety? 4.8.19 1pm ET 💀
Foster The People Apr 04, 2019
#ftpthepaperheads 4.8.2019
Foster The People Apr 03, 2019
You are cordially invited to "Style" 4.8.19 #ftpthesociety
Foster The People Mar 20, 2019
New song, who dis? “Style” coming your way Friday 👑
Foster The People Jan 24, 2019
Music is the movement of sound to read the soul
Foster The People Jan 11, 2019
kicked off 2019 in vivid color #SHC
Foster The People Dec 12, 2018
‪We like to think this is the best deal of the season #procrastinatorspecial #SHC
Foster The People Dec 11, 2018
Huge thank you to Billboard and all our amazing fans! Honored to be on this list #54 #sitnexttome
Foster The People Dec 06, 2018
we are so grateful for the beautiful year we have had with you. to all of our day one fans, you are the foundation on which we stand. we thank you for growing with us and not only supporting our music, but for being our friends. it’s never just been about music for us. it is the bridge we use to connect; but what lies on either end of the bridge is the real gold. and to anyone that’s a new fan, welcome to the sacred hearts club. we can’t wait to share new music with you in 2019. peace, joy, unity, and love. foster the people
Foster The People Dec 06, 2018
Foster The People Nov 30, 2018
BLUR with MØ out now!!! 🌘
Foster The People Nov 29, 2018
Under the bad bad moon tomorrow @ 6am PT/9am ET with MØ 🎬🌒