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Silver Bullets
ForthAngel Jun 09, 2015
we are throwing around the idea of ordering some new t-shirts but want to know if there would be any fans interested in purchasing them. Should we order some? What color does everyone perfer?
ForthAngel May 16, 2015
What's everyone's most played song? (any band)
ForthAngel Feb 06, 2015
Hey all you FA fans! A good friend of mine from the Falls just opened up an awesome new tattoo shop in Burnsville MN and he is an amazing artist! Go check it out and get some sick ink by my buddy Dru!
ForthAngel Jan 08, 2015
We know that a lot of you are missing FORTHANGEL. We have been staying busy with some special personal milestones. Thank you all for your patience, we want you to know that we are still working on music & looking for a new guitarist.
ForthAngel Feb 04, 2014
If you haven't yet check out our newest single "Close Your Eyes" on our "stream music" tab. It's currently unavailable for download but we are working on getting it back up.
ForthAngel Jan 08, 2014
Timeline Photos
ForthAngel Dec 16, 2013
ForthAngel Nov 29, 2013
"Are you a Christian band?" We've have answered this question before but it has seemed to arise again. Our answer is a more of a personal question for you. We as individuals are Christians who play rock music and will not shy from writing about God. But we live in an era where society puts a label on everything. So it's your call, listen to our music, what does it say to you?
ForthAngel Jul 23, 2013
I'm excited to let everyone know I finally replaced my old set, with an amazing DW collectors series set with all new cymbals and hardware!! Mikey
ForthAngel Jul 18, 2013
Dear friends, if you get an email titled "free Justin Bieber song" DO NOT OPEN IT!!...It is in fact, a free Justin Bieber song.... lol, on that note, happy wednesday everyone!! -Wes
ForthAngel Jul 15, 2013
Lifest 2013
ForthAngel Jul 14, 2013
Thank you to all our awesome fans at Lifest. We had a great time playing & meet you all!!
ForthAngel Jul 13, 2013
Hey everyone we are on our way to Lifest! We will be there at 2pm walking around the grounds; come find us & hang out! Than come watch us play at the Edge Stage at 6:30pm!!
ForthAngel Jul 12, 2013
It's almost here! Come see us tomorrow at Lifest! Come early to meet with us & welcome Mikey back!
ForthAngel Jul 08, 2013
Who's coming to LIFEST 2013! This will be be my first show back in almost two years, I look forward to Rockin out and seeing all of our fans so please come join us at Lifest at second stage it's gonna be Awesome! Mikey Fuller
ForthAngel Jul 08, 2013
Hope to see you all on Saturday at the Edge Stage!
ForthAngel Jul 05, 2013
For those of you who haven't heard we are happy to announce Mikey will be back with us. He will be at Lifest on July 13th, so everyone stop by & help welcome him back to FORTHANGEL!
ForthAngel Jul 03, 2013
July 13th is just around the corner & we will be at Lifest in Oshkosh WI. See you at the Edge Stage where we will be playing at 6:45 on Saturday!
ForthAngel Jun 25, 2013
Who misses mikey?
ForthAngel Jun 25, 2013
Who's comin to LIFEST!!!
ForthAngel May 24, 2013
Here it is guys! Have a listen to "Close Your Eyes" and let us know what you think. Tell everyone you know they can download it right here on Facebook for free!!! This is a "thank you" from the band to all of you that have been so patient :)
ForthAngel May 23, 2013
Hey FA fans!!! 3 days until the single release of Close Your Eyes! And for being such amazing, awsome fans, and for having to wait so long, we will be releasing it for free! Just come to our facebook page and their will be a free download link. Thanks for being such awsome fans! We appreciate all of the support in the past, present and future!
ForthAngel May 23, 2013
ForthAngel's cover photo
ForthAngel May 03, 2013
If we could play anywhere in the world so you could see us live, where would you all want us to come to?
ForthAngel May 01, 2013
what is your favorite Forthangel song?