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No One Needs to Know Our Name
The Atlas
Fort Frances Aug 23, 2019
Fort Frances's cover photo
Fort Frances Aug 23, 2019
Fort Frances's cover photo
Fort Frances Aug 23, 2019
Fort Frances's cover photo
Fort Frances Aug 07, 2019
This is what we sound and look like when enjoying a bunch of 14-year aged whiskey: Thanks to our friends at Sofar Sounds Chicago + The Balvenie US for a great time.
Fort Frances Jul 26, 2019
We're joining some of our favorite artists at Americana Music Association's AmericanaFest in September including Poe Jug, Cordovas, Michigan Rattlers and many more. Check out this playlist to start learning the words to some of our favorite songs and come to Nashville to sing along:
Fort Frances Jul 24, 2019
We played at The Grand Theater Wausau a couple of years ago when we first started gearing up to make a new record. In fact, it's where we debuted "A Thousand Years From Now". It is an insanely beautiful place, and we are very happy to have plans to return for the Truck Country 10 x 10 Series this fall. October 18. 8 pm. See you there.
Fort Frances Jul 22, 2019
We played a bunch of great shows and made some new friends in Wisconsin last week.
Fort Frances Jul 20, 2019
In addition to meeting some of the finest people in Wisconsin this week, this Dairyland celebration includes a birthday party today for Aaron Kiser - drummer, father, son, brother, Universal Life Church pastor/rabbi/reverend and all-around champion of a human being. The festivities begin at 5 pm in Green Bay, Wisconsin at igNight Market. Bring your dancing shoes. If you see Aaron Rodgers, please tell him to come, too.
Fort Frances Jul 18, 2019
We are very, very happy that our name is on this poster. We hope you'll join us in Nashville for Americana Music Association's AmericanaFest this September.
Fort Frances Jul 08, 2019
Next week, we head north to the beauty of the Badger State. We hope to see many of your fine faces.
Fort Frances Jun 21, 2019
We recorded this video seven years ago. While many things have changed since then, we still enjoy climbing trees, playing in the water and shooting hoops. Happy official start of Summertime, people.
Fort Frances Jun 20, 2019
Hello there, friends, we have a secret to share. We are playing a show in Chicago on July 10 with our friends from Sofar Sounds Chicago and The Balvenie US. The location is secret (seriously, we don't even know where it is), and you can enter for the chance to win two tickets to the evening right here: If you have never been to a Sofar show, they are pretty special, and you can get a glimpse of the vibe right here: And if you have never sampled The Balvenie (particularly the DoubleWood 12), well, now you have something to put on your weekend agenda.
Fort Frances Jun 14, 2019
Probably going to play the show at Ribfest Chicago tomorrow shirtless because that's just how we roll.
Fort Frances Jun 11, 2019
Fort Frances Jun 06, 2019
This is the in-the-apartment, top-off-the-piano approach to A New Kind of Universe. Come hear the real deal with drums and bass and guitars and horns and our smiling faces next week at Ribfest Chicago 2019. Saturday, June 15. 7 pm. North Stage. See you there.
Fort Frances May 31, 2019
A New Kind of Universe is out in the world today. We are mighty proud of this one. It's big. It's hopeful. It's a preview of the full record we have coming your way this fall. We hope you will listen on whatever platform you prefer right here:
Fort Frances May 30, 2019
Join us tonight at 7 PM Central. We'll be online to chat about the video for A New Kind of Universe, your feelings about the current universe and anything else that makes for good conversation.
Fort Frances May 28, 2019
We are officially two days away from liftoff. Enter A New Kind of Universe here on Thursday evening at 7:00 p.m. Central:
Fort Frances May 24, 2019
Fort Frances May 23, 2019
Hi friends, We invite you to join us online for the video release of “A New Kind of Universe” on Thursday, May 30 at 7:00 PM Central Time. We are premiering it on an emerging site called YouTube. Set a reminder to tune in here: Our friend and creative wizard Steve Wood developed the concept, directed it and brought his vision to life. We are super excited for you to see it.
Fort Frances May 20, 2019
Fort Frances
Fort Frances May 17, 2019
On Friday, May 31, we’ll be releasing a brand new single for your ears. It’s called “A New Kind of Universe”, and it is an anthem with shouting voices, screaming guitars and soaring horns. We invite you to go to this link on the internet to pre-save the song to your Spotify or Apple Music library: XO, FF
Fort Frances May 14, 2019
We have some exciting announcements for you today, both of which are related to food. 1. This photo was taken before we ate tacos for the Car Con Carne podcast with our pal James VanOsdol. You can listen to our chat and imagine the flavors of those tacos right here: 2. Some VERY exciting show news: We will be playing Ribfest Chicago. As you may have assumed, you can eat ribs there. You should, however, consider eating them after our set so you can dance and sing. Please circle the date on your calendar of Saturday, June 15 and join us for a special evening. That's it for now, friends. More music coming for your ears soon. XO, FF
Fort Frances May 13, 2019
If your ears are looking for a podcast, you're in luck. We are happy to share the latest episode from our pals at Underwater Sunshine, which includes performances of A Thousand Years From Now and Ghosts of California. There is also a conversation about going to Lithuania, making a new record, listening to Shaq Diesel and lots of other fun things. Sending a big thank you to James Campion, Adam Duritz and all our friends for a great few days in New York.
Fort Frances May 06, 2019
Hi people of Facebook, tonight we'll be on Facebook Live with James Van Osdol, host of Car Con Carne, ambassador of Chicago music, and all-around great dude. We'll be in his car, eating food and talking about life. It will not be as stressful as watching Game of Thrones, so tune in somewhere in the neighborhood of 7 pm Central. You can even eat at the same time, so it will feel like we're having dinner together. Unrelated to food: Here's a video of us playing one of the first songs we ever released for Underwater Sunshine: