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No One Needs to Know Our Name
The Atlas
Fort Frances Apr 17, 2019
We consulted with futurists. We crunched the numbers. We called the experts. Here is everything that will happen in the next 1000 years:
Fort Frances Apr 08, 2019
We have been lucky to do lots of things, but Friday night at the Bowery Electric for Underwater Sunshine Fest was the most special evening possible. Thank you Lindsay, Katie, Andy, Felipe, Barbara, Ehud, Adam (also thanks for this photo, which I stole from your Instagram), the entire Underwater Sunshine Music Festival family and every single person who came to the show for singing, dancing and reminding us of the magic of music. Setlist: Losing You Thousand Years Plastic Hearts City by the Sea Habits Anonymous Best of Luck Double Take Take the Wheel
Fort Frances Mar 29, 2019
As you read this post on the book of faces, you are probably thinking about something far off in the future. We all do it. Most of our minds tend to look far out on the horizon. We try to predict what will happen next week, next month, next year or maybe even in the next lifetime. So we spend our days buried in our phones, tapping emails about work deadlines and reading stories about how to prepare for what will be a very different world as the decades continue to churn. “A Thousand Years From Now” is about looking up and seizing the moments that are passing us by. Despite all the troubles that you’re worried about and the calamitous future that the experts have predicted, there are still plenty of reminders of an insanely beautiful world out there right now. You just have to look for them. And you have to listen. The horns on this song are a proof point. When we started working on this, most of the horn ideas came in the form of MIDI files, which basically sound like terrible toy animation music. It’s hard to get a real grasp of what the notes will feel like in real life on real instruments. So when John, Michael and Dan broke into the second chorus of this song in the studio, I cried. And honestly, they still bring tears to my eyes. They are the most joyous thing we have ever recorded. So I hope you stream this, download this or do whatever it is you like to do with your music. Here are the most obvious places to find it: Spotify ( Apple Music ( Amazon Music ( After you listen, I hope you log out and take a break from thinking about what the next election outcome will be, when the robots will take your job or any of the things that will not matter a thousand years from now. XO, David
Fort Frances Mar 27, 2019
We don't want to wait to two days from now for you to hear "A Thousand Years From Now." And you don't have to. It's the Song of the Day at one of the greatest radio stations ever, The Current in Minneapolis. Happy Wednesday. Happy listening. XO, FF
Fort Frances Mar 25, 2019
Coming to you this week.
Fort Frances Mar 22, 2019
's cover photo
Fort Frances Mar 21, 2019
Our new single is called "A Thousand Years From Now." It comes out one week from tomorrow. What is the craziest thing you think will happen in the next millennium?
Fort Frances Mar 19, 2019
Keep your ears on high alert. March 29.
Fort Frances Mar 18, 2019
Fort Frances
Fort Frances Mar 15, 2019
Our friend Katie wrote an essay about us while sitting in a dark bathroom during a tornado watch. It is my favorite thing that has ever been written about our band, and I hope you'll take the time to check it out: And we are officially three weeks away from Underwater Sunshine Music Festival, which is super awesome.
Fort Frances Mar 13, 2019
Fort Frances
Fort Frances Mar 12, 2019
Our new record will be bilingual: English and French horn.
Fort Frances Mar 06, 2019
Hi friends, you should listen to the newest episode from the Counting Crows Underwater Sunshine podcast. This podcast always features a bunch of great music, and this one is extra special because we're on it. We're honored, and we're also super excited to play Underwater Sunshine in New York on April 5. Listen here: XO, Your homies David, Aaron, Jeff & Jay
Fort Frances Feb 16, 2019
First show of 2019: April 5 Underwater Sunshine, Bowery Electric, New York, New York, USA with a bunch of insanely talented people. It's going to be a party. You should come.
Fort Frances Feb 12, 2019
The annual celebration of hearts and hugs and kisses and all things that celebrate love is upon us. It’s a funny set of festivities that includes sending flowers and giving each other cards that tell the recipient just how special they are on one day of the year. Well, we think you’re pretty special. So we recorded a Valentine’s treat for you: a cover of the Tom Waits tune “I Hope That I Don’t Fall in Love With You” to help you soundtrack this Hallmark of holidays. You can stream it right here: Happy Valentine's Day. Go give someone a hug.
Fort Frances Jan 30, 2019
We recorded a cover of LCD Soundsystem's "All My Friends" a long time ago in Chicago. Today felt like a good time to let you hear it. Enjoy, and stay warm:
Fort Frances Jan 29, 2019
We really respect this gentleman. In real life, he goes by Holger, but on the internet, he goes by Songpickr. His playlists are full of some of our favorite music. We're happy he has included "Double Take" on the 2019 Best Songs playlist. Check it out here:
Fort Frances Jan 25, 2019
We are happy to introduce you to Dan Burke (saxophone), John Dorhauer (trumpet) and Michael Nearpass (trombone) - the all-star horn section featured on "Double Take." You'll be hearing a lot more from these fine gentlemen soon.
Fort Frances Jan 23, 2019
"Double Take" is officially here, there and everywhere! It feels so good to have this song on all the corners of the musical cyberspace. We hope you'll stream it, save it, playlist it, download it and do whatever it is that you like to do with music. Spotify: Apple Music/iTunes: Amazon: Thank you very, very much for listening, friends.
Fort Frances Jan 18, 2019
This video -- disclaimer: It is not for anyone with photosensitive epilepsy -- was put together by Mr. Aaron Kiser. He took a break from playing the drums to play the videos. You will be able to find the single on Apple Music, Spotify and every other corner of the internet where you ears can go next week.
Fort Frances Jan 16, 2019
Hi friends, You haven’t heard from us much lately, but today, that silence is no longer. We are exceedingly happy to share the first listen to our new single “Double Take” with you via our friends at Atwood Magazine: The two years away from releasing music weren’t really intentional. They sort of had to happen. Let me rewind to one of the last times you heard from us. I had just gotten married. The band had released a record. The Cubs even won the World Series in the fall. It was a stretch of time that felt so good. I didn’t need to say much. The days on the calendar felt like riding a rising wave to the shoreline of paradise. And then, the 2016 U.S. election happened. It marked a turning point where everything got louder. Every one of our screens has been screaming in our faces about what’s right and what’s wrong and which side you should be on. Who wrote the tweet with the most exclamation points? Which person on the 10 p.m. cable TV panel managed to rise above all the other voices in the conversation? Who wrote the post with the most capital letters and the most expletives? We are living in a time where an overwhelming rush of noise is constantly hitting us in the face. Over the past two years, I have been trying to keep my finger on the pause button to collect my thoughts and write songs. Fort Frances has been turning them into something bigger. “Double Take” is the first single. I can’t say exactly when the full record will be released — at some point this fall, I’m guessing — but this song cannot sit on the shelf any longer. As I’m writing this, the world is feeling even more out of control. You are reading about all of the reasons for this unprecedented level of insanity in your social media feed, but depending on what the magical algorithms of the internet think they know about you, the headlines and the sources probably look different than they do for me. So this song is a wake-up call for the age of information. Every piece of information deserves a double take. - David
Fort Frances Jan 15, 2019
Fort Frances
Fort Frances Jan 10, 2019
If you signed up to hear our new single, be on the lookout for this postcard to arrive in your mailbox. It will be sandwiched between offers for personal loans and electric bills. We promise it's way cooler than either of those things. New music. Coming soon. Get excited.
Fort Frances Jan 01, 2019
's cover photo
Fort Frances Dec 11, 2018
Lights, camera, piano.