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Not Alone EP
Divide to Unite
Forever In Combat Dec 04, 2017
Chilling/stuck here in Sydney for the next week. What's good here to burn my time away? P.S. sorry for the lack of updates, still sorting shit out without rushing ourselves (a very different approach compared to our past approaches), as we are all currently working or geographically (and temporarily) apart from the rest of the band
Forever In Combat Jul 21, 2017
It's been a while since we posted something here and sorry to disappoint anyone expecting a band-related post. (Also thanks for the patience) Anyways, I am currently in Perth and will be here until the end of the year so it would be appreciated if anyone living here can help me get by. If you are willing, send through a message! Thanks cunts
Forever In Combat May 02, 2017
Hey Guys! In Coorporation with Merchanguys and Redfield Records we launched a new Merchstore with BRAND NEW MERCH! Click on the link below to check it out.
Forever In Combat Mar 08, 2017
This post is a bit overdue and we are sure that many of you are already aware of the fact that Timo, our vocalist, has taken the decision to leave the band primarily due to the distance we've always had between us. Therefore, we would like to use this opportunity to address our future. Although we, as a band, are no strangers to members leaving the band by now, it is no doubt that a departure of a vocalist leaves a significant impact. This, regardless of the unique nature of our band, does not put us in an easy position. Nevertheless, we currently have no intentions of calling it quits. In fact, we are slowly and more importantly, patiently writing music to make sure we are writing the best music to our abilities. Considering that we live in 3 different countries coupled with the fact that every member has full-time jobs or studies as well as Myungjae going away to Australia for the latter half of this year, we believe patience and taking our time to write music is the way to get the best out of us instead of rushing the processes we now face. Unfortunately, as for a possible replacement, we know as much as you guys do on whether we will find a new vocalist or not; music comes before for now. Regardless of the uncertainties we face, we will make it clear now that we will come back with new music sooner or later. Finally, we would like to thank everyone who has supported us at any point and bigger thanks to those who will reciprocate the patience and continue supporting us through this period of time. P.S. We are also preparing a few things to keep you guys entertained for the time being so stay tuned! -Fredrik, Justin, Myungjae and Olli
Forever In Combat Jan 18, 2017
Help us play in the Summer Breeze festival this summer! All you need to do is head over to the link below and mention us in the comments! It would also help to throw a like if you see our name in the comment section already! THANK YOU!
Forever In Combat Dec 31, 2016
HAPPY NEW YEAR TO EVERYONE! We had a great year 2016 where we played our first tour and released our debut album "Divide To Unite". We will be working on new music for you guys and we hope all of you have a great start in 2017! Lots of love: Timo, Fredrik, Justin, Myungjae & Olli
Forever In Combat Dec 28, 2016
How was christmas for everyone? Now have a great rest 2016.
Forever In Combat Dec 24, 2016
merry christmas everyone! send us a video how you are jamming "DIVIDED" with your family around the christmas tree!! FIC
Forever In Combat Dec 16, 2016
As some of you requested we present you the guitar playthrough of our single "Divided"! Keep the covers coming <3 Buy "Divide To Unite" HERE: BigCartel (Europe) iTunes Amazon Google
Forever In Combat Nov 26, 2016
THANKS FOR 300.000 VIEWS ON LIGHTS!! who is still jamming this?
Forever In Combat Nov 16, 2016
hey guys, check out our interview with FUZE Magazine ! download it here:
Forever In Combat Nov 01, 2016
A huge thanks to the beautiful actress Melanie from our music video to our song HOME off of our debut album "Divide To Unite" Merchnow (US) BigCartel (Europe) iTunes Amazon Google
Forever In Combat Oct 27, 2016
So who can guess why we named our album "Divide To Unite" ?
Forever In Combat Oct 23, 2016
We are not trying to actively look for a conflict but fuck, when was collecting royalties from an album that made top 10 on Billboard not enough that you are basically stealing from smaller, and even aspiring musicians? If you constantly scam people under the same legal jurisdiction as yourself like this, you know you will face criminal charges, and eventually be dropping soaps. Unfortunately, that is not the case and this cunt knows he will get away with it. Fuck this poor excuse of a human shit.
Forever In Combat Oct 22, 2016
If you are looking for an unforgettable experience and adventure, hit this guy up for guest vocals! Apparently his schedule just got cleared so you'll probably get a delay of 3 months instead of 5 and he will keep your money alright but maybe, just maybe, he won't have any problems with the song being released
Forever In Combat Oct 20, 2016
May our album be with you! Merchnow (US) BigCartel (Europe) iTunes Amazon Google
Forever In Combat Oct 11, 2016
So the album is out since the beginnig of this month. What is your favorite track?
Forever In Combat Oct 03, 2016
Our debut full-length album "Divide To Unite" was released 3 days ago. Go grab yourself a copy if you like what you hear and support our highly important "First Week" sales <3 YouTube: iTunes: Spotify: Amazon: Deezer: Google: SoundCloud
Forever In Combat Oct 02, 2016
Thank you so so so so much for this amazing evening and thanks to all the people who bought our album today ❤️
Forever In Combat Oct 01, 2016
So we are about to play pur release show today. Come around and celebrate withus
Forever In Combat Sep 30, 2016
It's finally here! Our album "Divide To Unite" is now released and we hope you like it! We are going live in a couple of hours to talk to you about the album!
Forever In Combat Sep 26, 2016
Yesterday we released the music video for our new single 'HOME'! In celebration of that go check it out and get one exclusive T-Shirt bundle now and pre-order our new album „Divide To Unite“out on September 30, 2016! Just 4 days left! 'HOME' Video link:
Forever In Combat Sep 25, 2016
Watch our new Music Video for *HOME* HERE! Check 'Divided' in addition if you haven't already: Pre-order the album HERE: BigCartel (Europe) // iTunes // Amazon // Google // MerchNow
Forever In Combat Sep 25, 2016
Forever In Combat - Home From the upcoming debut album "Divide To Unite" You can pre-order the album HERE: Merchnow (US) BigCartel (Europe) iTunes Amazon Google
Forever In Combat Sep 24, 2016