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Among the Dormant Watchers
Six Waves of Woe
Six Waves of Woe
Forest of Shadows - unofficial Nov 28, 2018
Forest of Shadows - unofficial Mar 19, 2018
Just a reminder to like the *official* Forest of Shadows page for updates from the band itself. I created this page because for a while, none existed for this lovely band, but now an official Forest of Shadows page does exist, so pay it a visit and give it a like! 🤘 Forest of Shadows
Forest of Shadows - unofficial Jan 24, 2018
Hello Forest of Shadows fans. I would like to remind you guys that this is an unofficial fan page. There is now an official Forest of Shadows page, so I highly suggest you visit it to get the latest updates from the band! I have tagged the official page below: Forest of Shadows There is also a Facebook group for fans by the same name! Please join and support the band! 👍