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FM Belfast Aug 24, 2019
FM Belfast Aug 18, 2019
Yndisleg helgi að baki í @havarifarm
FM Belfast Jul 29, 2019
We regret to inform about the cancellation of our part in the event "Iceland to Poland" which will take place from August 20th to the 24th. Without going into details, things have unfortunately developed in such a way that does not make our participation possible. We really tried to make this happen and we wish everyone involved much fun and the best of luck!
FM Belfast Jul 20, 2019
Where is my time machine?! Need to get back to this moment! #winnipegfolkfestival
FM Belfast Jul 14, 2019
Crowd control #winnipegfolkfestival #fmbelfast #winnipeg #fun #fmfolkmusic
FM Belfast Apr 26, 2019
Við spilum í kvöld á Gauknum! Pay-as-you-want 22:00 - GDRN 22:45 - Thorgerdur Johanna 00:00 - FM Belfast 01:00 - Exos 03:30 - LaFontaine
FM Belfast Dec 14, 2018
Sjáumst í kvöld dúfur! // See you tonight Doves! Hard Rock Cafe Reykjavík.
FM Belfast Nov 16, 2018
Til meðlima hljómsveitarinnar og engra annara. Alls ekki senda þessa mynd út. Hérna er hlekkur á miðasöluna 14 des á Hard Rock: Greiningardeild FM Belfast.
FM Belfast Nov 15, 2018
FM Belfast Nov 15, 2018
Looking forward to this one.
FM Belfast Nov 12, 2018
What a night with friends ❤️
FM Belfast Nov 12, 2018
We're just thankful to the crowd for actually returning Ívar to us after carrying him out of the venue, around a car and back inside. Video of the whole thing at the end of this article
FM Belfast Nov 09, 2018
Our DJ TEAM is playing at Kaffibarinn tonight!
FM Belfast Nov 09, 2018
Our DJ TEAM will be at Kaffibarinn tonight!
FM Belfast Nov 06, 2018
If you're in town on Sunday, we are having a sweaty show at Kaffibarinn. See you there❤️
FM Belfast Oct 21, 2018
What a lovely illustration by @davidazl ❤
FM Belfast Oct 20, 2018
We made 3 new remixes today since we have a dj sett tonight 😎 at Húrra. Here is one ⬇️
FM Belfast Sep 22, 2018
Hello Hamburg! Just wanted to let you know that our sister band Milkywhale is playing tonight at Reeperbahn fastival Häkken 19:30
FM Belfast Sep 16, 2018
Oh no! Lóa has fallen into enemy hands! #midgard2018
FM Belfast Aug 24, 2018
We need a song to go with this picture. Name suggestions for the song in the comments please :) Photo by @orvarsmarason . #fmbelfast #algjörgifting
FM Belfast Aug 22, 2018
Arcade Fire dropped by our neighbourhood and played a show! 5 min walk from our house. What a dream to finally se them live ❤ #arcadefire
FM Belfast Jul 14, 2018
Good times with friends at HAVARÍ
FM Belfast Jul 14, 2018
This is almost an FM Belfast song. Produced and remixed at FM Belfast HQ by members of FM Belfast.
FM Belfast Jul 05, 2018
Sól í hjarta, sól í sinni!!!! Havarí á morgun!
FM Belfast Jul 05, 2018
Austur! Áfram! Havarí á morgun. Dansað með sólaráburð 😱❤️