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Between the Stars
Between the Stars (Special Edition)
New Horizons
Remember to Live
Memento Mori
Memento Mori (Bonus Track Version)
Memento Mori (Expanded Version)
Memento Mori (Expanded)
Memento Mori (Expanded Version)
Flyleaf Jun 21, 2019
Happy Birthday James!
Flyleaf Dec 08, 2017
I just found a tube full of Memento Mori woodcut prints carved by @patseals. 💀 💀 💀 #flyleaf #mementomori
Flyleaf Mar 17, 2017
Tell me a story that you know. I'll pretend like I remember. @belleandthedragon #belleandthedragon #goodandevilgodanddevil
Flyleaf Dec 13, 2016
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Flyleaf Nov 26, 2016
Get your Black Friday shopping on at the Flyleaf webstore today until the 28th!
Flyleaf Sep 16, 2016
Flyleaf fans! It's been 2 years to date since "Between The Stars" came out and we're celebrating big time! 30% off all merch, today, 9/16! Celebrate in style and shop now!
Flyleaf Aug 12, 2016
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Flyleaf Jul 01, 2016
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Flyleaf Jun 02, 2016
Pat, approx. 2004. Photo by Gabriel Colbert
Flyleaf May 27, 2016
Hey Flyleaf Fam...Ready for Memorial Day Weekend?! We have a special merch deal for you to help celebrate! Get 20% off now until Monday(Using Promo Code: MEM16) Happy Shopping :) Love, Flyleaf
Flyleaf May 13, 2016
Ouch! Pat getting a #tattoo from @bensiebert @greatwavetattoo Austin TX
Flyleaf May 12, 2016
"You can take the kid out of Texas…" #TBT -Sameer
Flyleaf May 08, 2016
Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there! -James
Flyleaf Apr 29, 2016
New #drawing in progress from Pat
Flyleaf Apr 18, 2016
When you've read the books a hundred times, this illustrated version is next level! XO
Flyleaf Apr 14, 2016
Driving pals
Flyleaf Apr 07, 2016
#tbt hangin with some sweet new friends in Brisbane, Australia! Take me back!!
Flyleaf Apr 01, 2016
Working on a guitar part to a song I'm writing---then I'll send to James. He has some great drum ideas for this one!!
Flyleaf Mar 29, 2016
Had fun taking pics of TX #wildflowers this weekend-hope you enjoy them! #spring #happyeaster from Pat
Flyleaf Mar 24, 2016
If you were wondering what my home life looks like now with a wife and two boys...... -James
Flyleaf Mar 21, 2016
Chillin with my main man :)
Flyleaf Mar 16, 2016
If you follow my personal accounts you may have seen that purchased a Montague Navigator bicycle. I can't express what it has done for my soul. Every outing has become a rewarding experience. Just today I had to ride five miles through the cold rain to get to my destination, and despite my soaking wet jeans and backpack it was actually a pleasant ride. Here is a short time lapse of my ride from the Valley to DTLA. I hope you enjoy the scenery and the original music. -Sameer
Flyleaf Mar 13, 2016
I got to enjoy a date with my daughter recently! Happy meal+dinos=Evie's heaven. -Jared
Flyleaf Mar 11, 2016
August and I are out for a four wheeler ride before dark. The weather has been amazing here in Texas.
Flyleaf Mar 09, 2016
Yesterday the guys and I started chatting about making new music. I have taken a couple months off from writing and decided to get outside in the surprisingly warm winter air today to clear my head and find some inspiration. What I found was this...New life is starting to peek out and show itself in the most beautiful ways! At the park, children and their parents start to emerge embracing the sunshine, flowers begin to blossom delicately from the trees, my skin soaks up the Vitamin D like it has never been more thirsty! I love this transition from Winter to Spring and feel so connected to the change going on. Like I took a long, refreshing nap and am now ready to create. Melodies are beginning to swim in my head and I can't wait to record them. Cheers to new life, Flyleaf family!! -Kristen