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Flying Colors at Majestic Ventura Theater (September 5, 2019)
Venue: Majestic Ventura Theater (Ventura, CA, US) Find tickets
Flying Colors at Sony Hall (October 7, 2019)
Venue: Sony Hall (New York, NY, US) Find tickets
Flying Colors at Keswick Theatre (October 11, 2019)
Venue: Keswick Theatre (Glenside, PA, US) Find tickets
Flying Colors Jun 09, 2019
The Keswick Theatre
Flying Colors May 31, 2019
Yes....Your eyes are not deceiving you...FLYING COLORS 2019 TOUR DATES!!! The good news: Flying Colors’ long awaited 3rd Studio Album “Third Degree” is being finished as we speak and currently set for a September release (a lot more info on that coming very soon!) The bad news: Steve will be on tour with Deep Purple upon the album’s release... But wait...there’s more good news: our fearless guitarist has offered himself on DP’s days off to be able to swing some FC shows in select cities throughout their US Tour!!! (Hurray Steve!! Thank you) And guess what?? There’s even MORE good news: We are going to be able to swing 4 shows in Europe in December as well!! (We will likely be announcing those next week) Now, the only remaining bad news: THESE ARE IT!!! These 5 US shows, the coming 4 EU shows TBA and our appearance on Cruise To The Edge 2020 are *IT* (at least for the foreseeable immediate future)... So PLEASE do not bombard us with “Come To Brazil”, “Come To Italy”, & “Come To Saskatchewan” posts...It has been quite difficult to coordinate these 10 appearances as it if we can’t come to you, please do your best to come to us!!! We promise it will be worth the effort...
Flying Colors Feb 10, 2019
Absolutely incredible photo gallery by Iron Mike Savoia of Mike Portnoy’s very special MP & Friends Set aboard Cruise To The Edge featuring Flying Colors, Transatlantic & MP’s Reunion w Jordan Rudess...some of these shots are CLASSICS! PS - MP announced from the stage a confirmation of Flying Colors OFFICIALLY appearing on CTTE20!!!
Flying Colors Feb 04, 2019
Mickey (Mike's doggy) Reacts to Steve Morse
Flying Colors Dec 20, 2018
Have you heard about and Dave appearing at Mike’s Music Camp next year? Still searching for that PERFECT Holiday gift???? 🎁 How about a registration to the ultimate musical vacation: MIKE PORTNOY'S PERCUSSIVE NATION 2019 MUSIC CAMP! This is more than just a Drum is a Music Camp for all musicians of every instrument and every level of playing...or even if you don’t play an instrument at all, it is going to have something for everyone! Joining MP for his inaugural edition are some of the greatest players in the world! • GREGG BISSONETTE (David Lee Roth, Ringo Starr All Starr Band) • SIMON PHILLIPS (Protocol, Toto, Jeff Beck, The Who, Pete Townsend) • BLAKE RICHARDSON (Between The Buried And Me) • ALEX SKOLNICK (Testament, Metal Allegiance) • CHRIS BRODERICK (Ex-Megadeth, Act Of Defiance, Metal Allegiance) • TONY MACALPINE (Solo Artist, Steve Vai, PSMS) • BILLY SHEEHAN (Mr Big, The Winery Dogs, Sons Of Apollo, PSMS) • DAVE LARUE (The Dixie Dregs, The Steve Morse Band, Flying Colors) We will be gathering together at the Hotel McCormick in Scottsdale AZ July 8-12 2019 for 4 days of Education, Entertainment and the most Intimate Concerts you’ll ever experience!! The website is now live and open for registration! Tag somebody here if you’d like them to get you a registration for a holiday gift!! (Parents, spouse, loved one...) 🎁🎀🎊🎉🎄 #mikeportnoy #percussivenation #dreamcatcherevents #moderndrummer #greggbissonette #simonphillips #blakerichardson #alexskolnick #chrisbroderick #tonymacalpine #billysheehan #davelarue #tama #sabian #remo #promark
Flying Colors Dec 18, 2018
Hey, look who's back! Songwriting is wrapped up for FC3…get ready for more magic.
Flying Colors Dec 12, 2018
A little clip of us working 🙂 it’s gonna be a good one!! - Casey
Flying Colors Jul 18, 2018
AND NOW A WORD FROM CASEY! There's still time to see him LIVE singing Flying Colors and Alpha Rev! Show links HERE: JULY 17: Netherlands [8:30pm] SOLO at Cultuurpodium Boerderij JULY 21: Switzerland [8:00pm] SOLO at Praise Together JULY 22: Netherlands [7:30pm] HAN SOLO at Cafe De Herberg
Flying Colors Jul 11, 2018
CATCH CASEY LIVE for a series of intimate solo acoustic shows in Europe! He'll be singing songs from Flying Colors and Alpha Rev. And you can join in! Just…you know…not on the stage. AND you can catch him for a one-time show fronting the prog band, "The Sea Within", at Night of the Prog (which sounds like a great festival, but probably the worst Adam Sandler movie of all time). They'll be debuting their new album! With Casey! Clickable show links HERE: JULY 14: Germany - Singing with "The Sea Within" at Night of the Prog Festival JULY 15: Germany [1:45 pm] SOLO at Night of the Prog Festival JULY 17: Netherlands [8:30pm] SOLO at Cultuurpodium Boerderij JULY 21: Switzerland [8:00pm] SOLO at Praise Together JULY 22: Netherlands [7:30pm] HAN SOLO at Cafe De Herberg
Flying Colors Jul 02, 2018
As we move toward FC3, we've got a new "home movie" video on the way. It goes all the way back to the beginning, showing our true colors. Coming soon!
Flying Colors Apr 05, 2018
Hi guys - Casey McPherson here! BIG ANNOUNCEMENT! I’m doing a House Concert Series this year all over the world - for you! and playing alot of flying colors songs in the set. if you’re interested in booking a show at your house - shoot an email to [email protected] for details! For the Europeans, I'll be in Germany in July and could book some shows around then..
Flying Colors Feb 16, 2018
Neal just wrote and recorded this song today, and wanted to share it.
Flying Colors Jan 24, 2018
Howdy! Love is in the air and…some joke about it being what we’re waiting for. At Flying Colors, we’ve got Valentine’s Day covered with these award-awaiting jewellery sets. (That’s “jewellery”, not “third album”.) They’re handmade from silver and three guitar strings played by Steve. And, of course, love. And plastic—beautiful 100% pure plastic—there’s guitar picks involved. (Order by this Sunday to ensure delivery by V-Day.) Where can these lit sets be found? Meanwhile, Steve Morse, Dave LaRue, and even Bill Evans will be at NAMM, so come to say hi, and don’t forget to ask Dave about his sock puppet collection. Mike Portnoy will be playing there this Thursday with Metal Allegiance at the House of Blues. We’ll have a photo wrap-up, and possibly a poorly-produced sock-puppet drama, after NAMM!
Flying Colors Dec 18, 2017
Spotify, you crazy kids!
Flying Colors Dec 13, 2017
Zombies?! Check out the new video from our prog metal friends, Galactic Cowboys!
Flying Colors Dec 07, 2017
Here we all are, right before playing our first show, EVER!
Flying Colors Dec 02, 2017
Show your colors! It's Holiday Season at Flying Colors, with tons of new stuff to fashionably strut. Everything now ships directly from North America or Europe. Jewelry (with strings Steve played) is waaay discounted. Heck, gift-wrapping is available. Plus, unlike other prog bands, our quality merch does not ship with angry ferrets (looking at you, Steven Wilson). It's all progalicious, and right here:
Flying Colors Nov 28, 2017
Check out Steve's smoking solo 🎸 from soundcheck 🎛️ during our first tour. 🚌 Which is also the first video EVER from a FC soundcheck! 🎥 Look for more stuff soon!
Flying Colors Nov 08, 2017
WHAT MADNESS IS THIS? 🙈🙉🙊 Flying Colors bracelets made from Steve’s own guitar strings that he played in concert? 🎸 Is the third album in jewellery form?! 📿 Grab cool official FC stuff here, and help us buy that blimp! 🚀 : (Why is there no blimp emoji? There's THREE for monkey faces, for crying out loud! 💦)
Flying Colors Oct 27, 2017
Happy Friday! 🎉 Check out the coverage 📢, and re-enjoy our trailer 🎬 for True Colors, featuring Casey's Hat 🧢, at Prog magazine 📰:
Flying Colors Oct 23, 2017
More photos from the vault, including Mike Portnoy's view of the first album's first writing session!
Flying Colors Oct 18, 2017
More unreleased stuff from the archives: Steve's guitar solo from "Blue Ocean" live in Hamburg, with great vocals from Neal! Thanks to our friends at Steinberg for recording the show.
Flying Colors Oct 17, 2017
Live and in digital! But no Blu-Ray or DVD player? So 'Live in Europe' will soon be available as digital download, free from copy-protection or DRM. Copy it to your laptop, iPad, or Speak n' Spell. And as a bonus, the video has been digitally remastered by our Lucasfilm friends, who created the amazing visuals for 'Live at the Z7'.
Flying Colors Oct 15, 2017
Cracked me up! Neal is trying to work on Kayla, but the band has other other plans. A quick clip.
Flying Colors Oct 14, 2017
It's time to open the archives! We've got TONS of unseen video and photos! 🎥📸 We're in Neal's studio. 🏠 It's the FIRST day, of the first Flying Colors album. 🎶 Most us have never even met. Steve is writing and recording a part for "Kayla." 🎸 (Please note he is not playing through the Orange amp; that's Neal's. Steve plays ENGL. Steve also disregards the laws of physics 🚀 when performing, at his whimsy.)