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Quartz Bijou
Fly Golden Eagle May 10, 2019
Today DP-1 and DP-4 by Ben the singer for FGE, are up on Spotify. He's (me) going by BOone. These songs were recorded over the last couple years. DP's stand for dimensional Pleasantries and are part DP-1 is called p.f.p.l.l.r.t. Which stands for Past Future Present Love Life Regression Therapy. They're kinda sad twangy songs. DP-4 is Kodachrome which was inspired by a film I scored last years. They're kinda moody felt synth songs with some soundscapes from the film. Thanks for your support!
Fly Golden Eagle May 10, 2019
Up today on Spotify is DP-1 and DP-4. They're two collections of personals Songs from 2016 and 2018. DP-1 is p.f.p.l.l.r.t which stands for Past Future Present Love Life Regression Therapy:) DP-4 is Kodachrome. It was inspired by a short film I scored by the same name. Thanks for all the Love and hope you enjoy.
Fly Golden Eagle May 02, 2019
Chill. And have a great time
Fly Golden Eagle Apr 26, 2019
May 10th DP1 & DP4 by BOONE come out on streaming sights courtesy of Black Tooth Records. BOONE is (me) Ben Trimble the lead singer of FGE. DP stands for Dimensional Pleasantries. DP-1 is called p.f.p.l.l.r.t. which stands for Past Future Present Love Life Regression Therapy. DP-4 is called Kodachrome which is a collection of songs BOONE (me) did for the film Kodachrome. MAY 10th - - - - BOONE. Streaming. DP's.
Fly Golden Eagle Apr 23, 2019
HappY BirthdAy to Matt! Top Notch Human Guy! much love and congrats to you and Britany on the new bebe on the way:)
Fly Golden Eagle Apr 09, 2019
Check out the revamped then follow the link to You got: Spectrum of Light ---------Meditation on the colors of the Rainbow Quanta-cura Tech ---------Narrative with Light a.k.a. videos I've made FGE ---------My Nashville band Fly Golden Eagle SAGs ---------mixtapes D.P.'s ----------Dimensional Pleasantries a.k.a. quick albums I've made. Off the cuff. 9 1/2 Weeks ---------Fashion consciousness via retail
Fly Golden Eagle Apr 04, 2019
Fly Golden Eagle's cover photo
Fly Golden Eagle Apr 04, 2019
Fly Golden Eagle
Fly Golden Eagle Mar 05, 2019
Finishing mixing new FGE- very jazzed about this. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\
Fly Golden Eagle Jun 21, 2018
Champagne Superchillin' has a new video for "DJ Scott" the 2nd single from their up coming release "Beach Deep". Directed by Idle House. Check it out-
Fly Golden Eagle May 09, 2018
Ben's other band Champagne Superchillin' announced their new album today with a single and a video "Amor Fati". Comes out July20th! Check it out!!
Fly Golden Eagle Jan 13, 2018
Fly Golden Eagle Dec 24, 2017
! F G E — “Diego” by ROuPE. video out now
Fly Golden Eagle Oct 05, 2017
Bust a nut! Sun bathed and whack to the max.
Fly Golden Eagle Sep 21, 2017
On September 25th, a band, a collaboration - a family - will release their debut album of songs on cassette :: various members of us here with FGE are proud to be a part of Champagne Superchillin's "Destino" out 9/25 on Soft Junk Records!! Go see them in New York at @babysallright on Monday for their release! @champagnesuperchillin @soft__junk cheers!
Fly Golden Eagle Sep 10, 2017
Fly Golden Eagle
Fly Golden Eagle Sep 10, 2017
Fly Golden Eagle
Fly Golden Eagle Sep 10, 2017
Fly Golden Eagle's cover photo
Fly Golden Eagle Sep 07, 2017
Ever wanted to learn how to mix music? Well, this tutorial will show the way to the perfect mix! Check it-
Fly Golden Eagle Aug 26, 2017
Tf When life comes at you fast but you roll with it anyway cuz u r smooth like that.
Fly Golden Eagle Aug 17, 2017
Fly Golden Eagle Aug 09, 2017
The mane mane Fred Ready (@santamoses) has got a series of new paintings at the JCC here in Nashville that opens tonight, go check it out. WHOMEVER MADE THIS MAN FROM THE UNIVERSAL DUST KNOWS THEY DID RIGHT: come see the proof.
Fly Golden Eagle Jul 26, 2017
Working on some nasty beats for our new record #brie slap, Richard and Matt.
Fly Golden Eagle Jul 19, 2017
Thanks for the "Chill Thrill," Mom!®
Fly Golden Eagle Jul 17, 2017
Listening to 2 new @shabazzpalaces records back to back got me like