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Chemistry and Math
Chemistry and Math
Cover Ups - The Home Recordings
Deconstruction Time Again
Lost Causes
The Songs We Sing - Best Of 2002-2012
Personal Stereo (Remixes) [feat. Flunk]
This Is What You Get
Personal Stereo
Democracy: Personal Stereo Versions
Play America
On My Balcony
Morning Star
Treat Me Like You Do (For Sleepyheads Only Remixed)
For Sleepyheads Only
Miss World
The Blue Monday Remixes
Official Flunk Jun 29, 2019
Beatservice Records
Official Flunk Jun 29, 2019
Autumn tour in Poland announced! Gdynia, Elbląg, Bydgoszcz, Kamienna Góra and Poznań! The fantastic Helaine Vis will be our tour companions. Tour poster as always by Muisto.
Official Flunk Jun 22, 2019
Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing, Hangzhou June 2019.
Official Flunk May 23, 2019
Once upon a time in Paris.
Official Flunk May 23, 2019
Official Flunk
Official Flunk May 20, 2019
Tickets available for our London show at The Lexington in February. Get your early bird tickets now: AGMP Concerts
Official Flunk May 13, 2019
Thrilled to announce that we are doing a China tour this June. Flunk will play Shanghai, Hangzhou, Nanjing and Beijing. Looking forward to meet our Chinese fans again!
Official Flunk May 10, 2019
Last weekend we had a great time playing for hummus and beer at The Kasbah in Oslo. Photos by Joanna. Video by Eskild Trulsen
Official Flunk Apr 14, 2019
Check out our cover of Radiohead's 'Karma Police' on this jazzy compilation. Spotify
Official Flunk Mar 29, 2019
This is a video take on 'Play' by Strat back in 2015. Time for a replay!
Official Flunk Mar 08, 2019
Our own bass man OK Wetten has this radio friendly unit shifter out today. Refresh your ears and give it a spin! :-)
Official Flunk Feb 22, 2019
For some strange reasons, the second Flunk album Morning Star and it's appendix Play America, and accompanying singles, have not been available at iTunes in USA. This is now fixed. Enjoy some of the best pop-moments from Flunk, with tracks like On My Balcony and Play. Links:
Official Flunk Feb 07, 2019
London tomorrow! Come see us! Tickets here: Support: Ana Arts
Official Flunk Feb 07, 2019
Premiere at 8 pm CET tonight. Watch the documentary from our orchestral adventure in Poland last year. By Radosław Maciejewski / Muisto
Official Flunk Jan 27, 2019
Had such a great time playing MIR in Oslo last night. We will be back! Soon! Thanks for coming! :-) Photos by Jan T. Espedal Anja Oyen Vister Jo Bakke Erik Ruud Ole Kristian Wetten Ulf Nygaard
Official Flunk Jan 23, 2019
In December we had our Christmas party. Eating, drinking, recording... this. Røaknekken musikkbyrå
Official Flunk Jan 23, 2019
London only a few weeks away. We're so looking forward to be back! Playing the The 100 Club supported by Ana Arts Tickets here:
Official Flunk Jan 09, 2019
SKL's floating 'Petrified' remix put into a new context on the new Café del Mar collection. Spotify
Official Flunk Jan 01, 2019
Godt nyttår! På tide å planlegge 2019. Kom og heng med oss 26. januar, da vel!
Official Flunk Dec 23, 2018
Happy holidays, everybody! See you next year, right? :-)
Official Flunk Dec 15, 2018
Yulebord! 🎅🏿🤶
Official Flunk Dec 15, 2018
Merry Christmas! 🤶
Official Flunk Dec 14, 2018
Synger jula inn!
Official Flunk Dec 13, 2018
A merry little Christmas treat from us – opens tomorrow!
Official Flunk Dec 12, 2018
Flunk in the hood! Jo Bakke Erik Ruud Anja Oyen Vister Ole Kristian Wetten Ulf Nygaard