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Chemistry and Math
Cover Ups - The Home Recordings
Deconstruction Time Again
Lost Causes
The Songs We Sing - Best Of 2002-2012
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This Is What You Get
Personal Stereo
Democracy: Personal Stereo Versions
Treat Me Like You Do (For Sleepyheads Only Remixed)
For Sleepyheads Only
Miss World
The Blue Monday Remixes
Flunk at Café Mir (January 26, 2019)
Venue: Café Mir (Oslo, Norway) Find tickets
Official Flunk Dec 15, 2018
Yulebord! 🎅🏿🤶
Official Flunk Dec 15, 2018
Merry Christmas! 🤶
Official Flunk Dec 14, 2018
Synger jula inn!
Official Flunk Dec 13, 2018
A merry little Christmas treat from us – opens tomorrow!
Official Flunk Dec 12, 2018
Flunk in the hood! Jo Bakke Erik Ruud Anja Oyen Vister Ole Kristian Wetten Ulf Nygaard
Official Flunk Nov 28, 2018
All I ever knew, Only you!
Official Flunk Nov 09, 2018
Upbeat remix of Anja solo debut 'Hold On' is out now! Check it out! So Happy
Official Flunk Nov 05, 2018
Photo by Taner Uçar.
Official Flunk Nov 04, 2018
Official Flunk Nov 04, 2018
We had a great time in Istanbul this weekend! Anja Oyen Vister Jo Bakke Erik Ruud Ole Kristian Wetten Ulf Nygaard
Official Flunk Oct 26, 2018
This is out there today! Have a nice weekend, dancing shoes on!
Official Flunk Oct 24, 2018
Pretty awesome remix of 'Queen of the Underground' by Eskild Trulsen will be streaming from Friday. Download can be preordered now.
Official Flunk Oct 24, 2018
This month we have been on a very special adventure, having a kind of dream coming true playing our songs with an orchestra. Orkiestra Wojskowa w Bydgoszczy and strings from Bydgoszcz helped us out. We will soon upload some of the recordings. Hard work, big fun, new friends! We hope to do this again soon! Anja Oyen Vister Ulf Nygaard Jo Bakke Erik Ruud Ole Kristian Wetten Wojtek Trempała
Official Flunk Oct 22, 2018
Beatservice Records
Official Flunk Oct 12, 2018
AGMP Concerts
Official Flunk Oct 10, 2018
This Queen of the Underground from our orchestra concert in Bydgoszcz, Poland on Friday. We had some amazing days! All the songs from the 'Northpop Symphony' were recorded, so stay tuned for more! :-)
Official Flunk Oct 03, 2018
#northpopsymphony in Bydgoszcz! Practice - day 1
Official Flunk Sep 28, 2018
Kjære Tromsø-venner! Flyet vårt ble kansellert og flyene senere i dag er fulle, så da rekker vi dessverre ikke kveldens konsert på Prelaten Kro og Scene. Håper vi er tilbake neste år! Billetter refunderes via Prelaten.
Official Flunk Sep 21, 2018
Back in the days...
Official Flunk Sep 10, 2018
's cover photo
Official Flunk Sep 09, 2018
Our little tour of Paris. Playing at L'INTERNATIONAL, Walrus and Silencio , and having a great time! And loads of thank yous to François-Marc Loze for organizing this trip!
Official Flunk Sep 04, 2018
On Thursday night Flunk will play a full concert at a secret location in the 2. arr. in central Paris. We have a few invites available. PM us if you want to come! :-) We need your name within 24 hours. First come, first served!
Official Flunk Aug 31, 2018
This is the first Flunk track ever released, on a compilation once upon a time. Now it's re-released as a single. The occasion? The re-press of our 'For Sleepyheads Only' album on vinyl and CD.
Official Flunk Aug 27, 2018
Finally, shipping now! The repress of For Sleepyheads Only is out. CD and vinyl, limited edition double LP. Thanks to all of you supporting the Kickstarter project. You are awesome!!
Official Flunk Aug 21, 2018
Beatservice Records