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FLOW Jul 26, 2019
2019.07.26 OGA NAMAHAGE ROCK FESTIVAL vol.10 in Oga, Akita, Japan Thank you all 👹⚡️⚡️ Awesome XD Summer is coming!!! 🌞
FLOW Jul 21, 2019
2019.07.21 上海 Bilibili Macro Link Star Phase 2019 謝謝上海!🇨🇳🥺😏😆😎🤪 上海最棒!我们约定下次会演唱会!等着我们!再见! #BML2019 #FLOW #NARUTO #Mayn
FLOW Jul 12, 2019
2019.07.12 FLOW LIVE TOUR 2019「TRIBALYTHM」 in Shinkiba Studio Coast, Tokyo THANK YOU ALL!!! This tour has finally finished See you soon at the live! The playlist of this tour has been released on Spotify✨ Please check it! 🎧Playlist on Spotify
FLOW Jul 06, 2019
‼️Live Information‼️ FLOW and Eir Aoi will perform together in Sendai Japan on December 1st! Don't miss this precious stage of FLOW x Eir Aoi! ▶︎More information ==================================== 【Show】the 7th Act Against AIDS 2019 in SENDAI 【Date】December 1, 2019(Sun) 【Venue】Sendai Rensa in Sendai, Japan ( 【Act】FLOW、Eir Aoi、[Opening Act]Yuriage Daiko in Natori Miyagi 【Ticket 】 *July 6th(Sat) -July 15th(Mon) * ====================================
FLOW Jul 05, 2019
【‼️FLOW OFFICIAL weibo‼️】 FLOW officially opened the official Weibo!🇨🇳 We will update the latest information on FLOW and videos only for weibo. On July 21st, FLOW will also participate in #BML-SP2019# and meet with you to bring you wonderful song performances! @BML Production Command Moreover, starting today, all of FLOW's songs are online at the same time as QQ Music, Cool Dog Music and Cool Music. Not only audio sources but also MV images can be enjoyed through the above platforms! 日本摇滚乐队#FLOW#正式开设官方微博啦! 演绎过各大人气动漫《火影忍者》、《Code Geass 反叛的鲁路修》、《交响诗篇》、《龙珠》等主题曲的FLOW,相信对于中国动漫及动漫音乐粉丝来说绝对不会陌生吧! 7月21日,FLOW还会参加#BML-SP2019#和大家见面,为大家带来精彩的歌曲表演!@BML制作指挥部  而且,今天开始,FLOW的所有歌曲在QQ音乐、酷狗音乐和酷我音乐平台同时上线, 不仅包括音源还包括MV影像也都可以通过以上平台欣赏到哦! 🇨🇳FLOW official weibo QQ音乐: 酷我音乐: 酷狗音乐: 给大家送来来自FLOW成员们的问候,那么也请大家多多支持他们吧!
FLOW Jul 02, 2019
🎉2019.07.01 KEIGO 42nd Birthday㊗️ 🎉2019.07.02 FLOW 16th Anniversary day㊗️ W Anniversary 🎂✨ #Anniversary #birthday #FLOW 🥺😏😝😎🤪
FLOW Jun 30, 2019
2019.07.01 KEIGO HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! #KEIGO生誕祭 #happybirthday #トライバリズム
FLOW Jun 29, 2019
【‼️Live information‼️】 Hello world! FLOW will perform at "Crunchyroll Expo 2019" that be held in San Jose, USA ‪on 8/30 (Fri)‬ ! This is the 11 times FLOW will perform in U.S.A🇺🇸 American fans! We’re waiting for you at "Crunchyroll Expo 2019" ! 【Show】「Crunchyroll Expo 2019」 【Date】 ‪2019/8/30(Fri)-9/1(Sun)‬ ※FLOW will perform ‪on Aug 30th (Fri)‬ 【Venue】SAN JOSE CONVENTION CENTER(SAN JOSE, USA) 【HP】
FLOW Jun 25, 2019
日付が変わってやってまいりました! 6月の26day! FLOW LIVE TOUR 2019「TRIBALYTHM」開催中‼️ 残すところ3公演😳 ・6/29(土)ダイアモンドホール ・7/6(土)仙台Rensa ・7/12(金)新木場StudioCoast ▼チケット発売中 皆様にとって素敵な1日になりますように! #今日は26day
FLOW Jun 22, 2019
2019.06.22 FLOW LIVE TOUR 2019「TRIBALYTHM」 in Osaka Namba Hatch THANK YOU ALL!!! *Next tour 2019.06.29 Nagoya Diamond Hall
FLOW Jun 16, 2019
2019.06.15 FLOW LIVE TOUR 2019「TRIBALYTHM」 in Sapporo PENNY LANE 24 THANK YOU ALL!!! *Next tour 2019.06.22 Osaka Nanba Hatch
FLOW Jun 10, 2019
2019.06.09 FLOW LIVE TOUR 2019「TRIBALYTHM」 in Fukuoka DRUM LOGOS THANK YOU ALL!!! *Next tour 2019.06.15 SAPPORO PENY LANE24
FLOW Jun 02, 2019
2019.06.01 Amuse Fes in MAKUHARI 2019 〜恋とか愛とか〜 in MAKUHARI MESSE Thank you all! Thank you AMUSE!!! XD #1 DAYS #2 NEIRO #3 HELLO (Masaharu Fukuyama Special Cover) #4 AiAiAi ni Utarete ByeByeBye #LIVEPHOTO #FLOW #Perfume #ポルノグラフィティ #flumpool #高橋優 #WEAVER #Rihwa #藤原さくら #SkoopOnSomebody #stkgz #辻村有記 #山出愛子 #エドサリ Photo by 石原汰一、上山陽介
FLOW Jun 02, 2019
FLOW × Perfume × WEAVER・Yuji Sugimoto(Vo) In Amuse Fes
FLOW May 26, 2019
2019.05.26 FLOW LIVE TOUR 2019「TRIBALYTHM」 in Yokohama Bay Hall The tour has begun 🔥🔥🔥 THANK YOU ALL!!! AWESOME XD *Next tour 2019.06.09 FUKUOKA DRUM LIGOS
FLOW May 25, 2019
日付が変わってやってまいりました! 5月の26day! アルバム「TRIBALYTHM」を引っさげた全国ツアーFLOW LIVE TOUR 2019「TRIBALYTHM」が本日横浜BayHallにてスタート‼️ 皆様にとって素敵な1日になりますように! #今日は26day #トライバリズム
FLOW May 10, 2019
【‼️Live information‼️】 Hello world! A Live at 「Connichi 2019」 on 2019/9/7 (Sat.) has been Announced!!! This is the first time FLOW will perform in Germany! A European live after a long time! German fans! We’re waiting for you at the venue! 【SHOW】Connichi 2019 【DATE】 2019/9/6(Fri.), 9/7(Sat.), 9/8(Sun.) ※FLOW will be on Saturday, September 7 【VENUE】Kongress Palais Kassel – Stadthalle(Kassel, Garmany) 【Ticket】 ▶︎Connichi 2019 OFFICIAL SITE English Site: German Site:
FLOW Apr 25, 2019
日付が変わってやってまいりました! 4月の26day! 3年ぶりのアルバム「TRIBALYTHM」も発売され、メンバーが駆け抜けた平成も終わりを告げようとしています🔥 令和のFLOWもよろしくお願い致します! 皆様にとって素敵な1日になりますように! #今日は26day #トライバリズム
FLOW Apr 21, 2019
2019.4.22 KOHSHI HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! #KOHSHI生誕祭 #happybirthday
FLOW Apr 18, 2019
【‼️Live information‼️】 Hello world! Live at「BILIBILI MACRO LINK-STAR PHASE 2019」on 2019/7/21 (Sun.) Announced!!! It has been 2 years since FLOW's previous Live in Shanghai! We will be back and see you at Mercedes-Benz Arena!!! 决定出演2019/7/21(日)于中国·上海举办的「BILIBILI MACRO LINK-STAR PHASE 2019」!!!FLOW阔别2年的上海LIVE!在现场等你们哦! 决定出演2019/7/21(日)于中国·上海举办的「BILIBILI MACRO LINK-STAR PHASE 2019」!!! 【SHOW】BILIBILI MACRO LINK-STAR PHASE 2019 【DATE】 2019/7/21(Sun.) 【TIME】15:30 OPEN 17:00 START 【VENUE】Mercedes-Benz Arena(Shanghai,China) 【GUESTS】AOI SHOUTA, Aqours, AYAKA OHASHI, May’n, Roselia, FLOW etc.… ▶︎BML OFFICIAL SITE:
FLOW Apr 13, 2019
★FLOW’s Global live streaming on YouTube Live will be on April 13th! FLOW members will stream live broadcast to make a comment for their new album, “TRIBALYTHM” on April 13th via YouTube Live FLOW Official Channel. (Global live streaming) Global live streaming on April 13th will include live commentary about the music of “TRIBALYTHM” by members, and panel session is planned. ======================= FLOW’s Global live streaming on YouTube Live 【Time】April 13th 6pm(*Japan Time) 【URL】 ======================= 【11th ALUBUM 「TRIBALYTHM」】Released on April 10th 2019
FLOW Apr 10, 2019
Hello world! FLOW’s new album “TRIBALYTHM” is now digitally available worldwide! Don’t forget to check them out!! And see you again at a live soon! =============================== 🎧FLOW’s new album “TRIBALYTHM”🎧 *now digitally available worldwide! ===============================
FLOW Mar 25, 2019
日付が変わってやってまいりました! 3月の26day! いよいよ4/10(水)に3年ぶりのアルバム「TRIBALYTHM」が発売‼️ 本日よりメンバーによる曲解説・セルフライナノーツも毎日ブログで公開✍️✨お楽しみに!!! 皆様にとって素敵な1日になりますように! #今日は26day #トライバリズム
FLOW Mar 17, 2019
【‼️Digitally release‼️】 The collaboration of FLOW and Code Geass following "COLORS" and "WORLD END"! FLOW's new song "PENDULUM" has been digitally released today! It will be recorded on the 4/10 release album "TRIBALYTHM"! 🎧"PENDULUM"/FLOW ▶️ Get it now!
FLOW Mar 12, 2019
Hello world! The new CD jacket design of album “TRIBALYTHM” has be announced! All live video held at Nippon budokan will be recorded on the bonus Blu-ray Disc! ✪2019.10th April on sale Album「TRIBALYTHM」 Don’t miss it! XD ********************* TRIBALYTHM means... In the live you are one with FLOW’s music That is the gathering of new races, ethnic groups, families and friends So"TRIBAL" Intention to make it happen "TRIBAL + ism" Take shape as a rhythm "TRIBAL + RYTHM" Accordingly “TRIBALYTHM" ****************