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The Circle In the Square
Survival Story
Fight With Tools
Fight With Tools
Flobots Dec 08, 2018
Flobots holiday merch sale!!!
Flobots Dec 06, 2018
We are the insurgents ... #FightWithTools
Flobots Dec 04, 2018
Merch Sale! We've dropped the price on a few items for the Holidays, including Hoodies & NOENEMIES Vinyls. Grab one here:
Flobots Nov 23, 2018
HOLIDAY MERCH SALE 💥 We've dropped the price on a few items for the Holidays + spend more than $25 and get a free NOENEMIES patch!
Flobots Nov 06, 2018
10 Years Later... #FightWithTools
Flobots Nov 02, 2018
Puzzle Progress by @peterberre! #fightwithtools
Flobots Oct 31, 2018
Not doing anything for #Halloween? Take some advice from Alyssa Milano and have a #TrickorVote party! You can door knock, phone bank, and raise funds for your favorite candidates throughout the country. Don't forget to enter our #TrickOrVote costume contest, too! Details here:
Flobots Oct 30, 2018
Proud of your costume? Show us! Post a costume photo with a voting twist.. like these. Use the hashtag #trickorvote and #flobots to enter to WIN a limited edition Flobots' Fight With Tools Puzzle or signed copy of #NOENEMIES. Contest details here -->
Flobots Oct 27, 2018
#TRICKorVOTE COSTUME CONTEST Voting has begun! That's right, in the vast majority of states you can vote RIGHT NOW. There's no reason to wait until November 6th. By Halloween, a ton of people will already have voted. Which gave us an idea: We wanna see your costumes. And we wanna see what it looks like if you help get out the vote IN COSTUME. HOW TO ENTER - On Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, upload a photo of yourself as you get out the vote in costume - Use the hashtag #trickorvote and #flobots - We're looking for the best and most creative costumes. - What does it mean to “get out the vote”? That‘s up to you. Anything from wearing an “I voted”sticker to standing in front of the polling place to dropping off your ballot to just encouraging all your friends to vote! Everyone can participate. We'll be sharing our favorites until November 1st and reward our top 3 picks with a signed copy of #NOENEMIES and handwritten note from the band Plus, one lucky fan will win a "Fight With Tools" Puzzle!
Flobots Oct 26, 2018
"Flobots work best when music and activism co-exist seamlessly, whether it’s playing at Youth on Record’s tenth-anniversary concert, creating a new catalogue of protest music, or facilitating workshops so the songs can be used by groups around the world." - Denver Westword
Flobots Oct 26, 2018
Flobots Oct 25, 2018
On the fourth day of voting the Flobots gave to me… VOTE WITH TOOLS: A Flobots Election Guide --> Educate yourself, Cast your vote, and Mobilize your community around what’s important!
Flobots Oct 24, 2018
In today's wired world, we are more "connected" than ever before. But why does it feel like something fundamental is missing? If isolation and anxiety are the poisons that permeate our day-to-day existence, Flobots emcees Jonny 5 and Brer Rabbit have uncovered clues to an antidote. Watch Flobots' TEDxMileHigh Talk from earlier this year here:
Flobots Oct 24, 2018
In 2012 Colorado voted to legalize weed. This year we might outlaw slavery. What's on your ballot? (let us know below so we can spread the word...)
Flobots Oct 24, 2018
's cover photo
Flobots Oct 23, 2018
🎶 On the second day of #voting the Flobots gave to me… WHAT'S ON YOUR BALLOT? Legalizing marijuana? Setbacks for fracking? Changes to sentencing laws? Money for roads and schools? Some of the changes most likely to affect you are the initiatives, amendments, propositions, - the ones with all the numbers and letters. So, let us know what's on your ballot and how it could affect you! Tell us about an initiative, amendment, or proposition in your city or state and how it would affect you. Leave a comment below or join the conversation on our Twitter & Instagram! Tweet us -- Tag us in an Instagram Story @flobotsmusic
Flobots Oct 23, 2018
🎶 On the first day of #voting the Flobots gave to me… "Why Even Vote?" A #YoutubeLive conversation with State Representative Leslie Herod AT 4:30PM MST! TUNE IN:
Flobots Oct 21, 2018
THIS Monday at 4:30 MST / 6:30 EST | Join Jonny 5 for a special "Vote With Tools" YOUTUBE LIVE conversation with Colorado State Representative Leslie Herod. Have you voted yet? Why or why not? What changed can we really bring about through voting? Tune in here:
Flobots Oct 18, 2018
Rolling into the midterms prepared! Rock the vote! . Head over to to check your registration and find out where to vote on November 6. . 📸 @beccapiglet . #flobots #vote #hiphop #rock #rap #resist #colorado #usa
Flobots Oct 16, 2018
NEW MERCH! We've just added two new shirts, plus restocked Hoodies and Vinyls in our Merch Store. Shop -->
Flobots Oct 15, 2018
Last night was something special for sure. Wanted to send out a big virtual hug and thank to every single person who came out last night to support Youth on Record. We raised a lot of money for the amazing youth in our city! . #flobots #youthonrecord #denver #colorado #hiphop #rock #rap #10years
Flobots Oct 13, 2018
From Flobots to Nathaniel Rateliff and #WomenCrush, finding social justice through music
Flobots Oct 12, 2018
Celebrate 10 Years of Youth on Record and #FightWithTools with us this Saturday, October 13th in Denver! Learn more about Youth on Record via Denver Westword below. Get tickets here:
Flobots Oct 11, 2018
LIVE Q&A! Tune in to our YouTube Channel at 4:30PM MST / 6:30PM EST tonight for a Q&A with Brer Rabbit, Jonny 5 & Sarah! Post your questions below to get in the queue early - they'll also be answering a few questions from the last round that we missed. Tune in here:
Flobots Oct 10, 2018
"Flobots bring a raw sound to the rap game in that they combine the use of electronic elements and acoustic instruments in their craft. Frontman Laurie delivers his bars with an intelligent sound that almost makes it hard to not listen to every single word. This Denver based rap group delivers conscious messages that make them musical activists in the community. Similar to Youth on Record, Flobots’ music gives a voice to those who feel voiceless." - 303 Magazine Celebrate 10 Years of Youth on Record and #FightWithTools with us this Saturday, October 13th in Denver! Get tickets here: