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Reflections - Mojave Desert
Kuiper EP
Floating Points Oct 04, 2010
Rock Contest @ Hosteria - Fri 8th Oct 2010. We'll be there!
Floating Points Mar 15, 2010
On the border with Croatia, a cool concert in the underground
Floating Points Feb 26, 2010
FP in concert! - 6 Mar, 2010 Bistrica ob Sotli
Floating Points Dec 16, 2009
Photos from our latest concert!
Floating Points Dec 16, 2009
Matjaz Klemse presenting his first novel. Floating Points performing.
Floating Points Dec 03, 2009
Hello, FP will be performing at Kulturni Dom in Gorizia (Italy) on Thu Dec 10th, at 8.00 pm. The band will perform 12 songs. We're really looking forward to see you there.
Floating Points Dec 02, 2009
Hi there, we're back from Ljubljana. We played at the Book Fair, during the presentation of Mat's first novel V zakrpanih gojzerjih. It was fun, we only played 4 tunes, but really intense. Thanx to Andrej and Mitja for having helped us setting up the instruments. And to the nice lady that joined us on stage trying to stop us :) Here you can read an article about the performance (in Slovenian).
Floating Points Jan 31, 2009
The band performing in Basaldella (UD)
Floating Points Jan 30, 2009
Some photos taken in our home studio. Peter, Ales and Fanika recording with Mrcs.
Floating Points Jan 30, 2009
We're working on some brand new tunes (My Elegance and Etere). We'll be ready for a full album soon (don't forget to get a copy of our EP Take a Spoon :)