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Streets Been Waiting Vol. 1''
Flea Dec 12, 2018
In the wood shop makin shit
Flea Dec 10, 2018
When the flu symptoms start to fade
Flea Dec 07, 2018
If us dumbass humans make the world uninhabitable so we all die, and a new race of intelligent beings arise in our place, and there is only one thing left to show the best of what we were, I hope it is this
Flea Dec 06, 2018
I’m not one to go brandishing around photos of me and josh at the laker game, but it’s just an honor to have a picture taken by the legendary Andrew D. Bernstein Associates Photography, Inc.!
Flea Dec 06, 2018
Watts Towers at dusk last night.
Flea Dec 05, 2018
Flea Dec 03, 2018
I am a praying man, humbly on my knees in communication with the divine everyday. But I don’t think I ever thank god as enthusiastically as when I have an emergency poop and I make it to a toilet in time.
Flea Nov 29, 2018
The incredible feeling, the bittersweet depth of turning the final page of a magical book that plumbed the depths of humanity. Toni Morrison you are my hero. Every time.
Flea Nov 28, 2018
Flea Nov 28, 2018
The flying flea
Flea Nov 26, 2018
I take great joy in Fairfax high school basketball. When I went there in the late seventies I attended every game. I watched Gary gatewood hit a half court shot with a second left on the clock and Leif Hodges dominate inside. Later I saw Sean Higgins drop serious buckets and chris mills absolutely shred the court to bits. A few years ago I fell in love with the team with @ljay and Lindsey drew. That team won city, and shoulda won state and prolly woulda had Donald gipson not got injured. I’m glad mater dei lost to those dudes from up north though. Psyched to get back into it this year, I was sad when coach Harvey Kitani left, then I got busy and missed a bunch. But every time I walk on to that campus a flood of memories overtakes me. Me ,Hillel, and Anthony running around causing our trouble and dreaming our dreams. So happy to stay connected to Fairfax through the beauty of basketball, such an evolved and beautiful art form it is, such a bring together of human beings. ❤️❤️❤️🏀🎶🎺🤘🏼🥑🌈
Flea Nov 16, 2018
I love this painting of manute bol by Jonas wood. I once fell in love with a woman and we bonded over a love for basketball. We used to talk for hours about it and at one point she mentioned that she truly loved manute bol. She said she didn’t know why but she just felt a profound love for him. She and I ended up having a long relationship, and years later I found out that manute bol and I have the same birthday, same year! Anyways, we both agreed that we loved manute.
Flea Nov 18, 2018
Have you guys heard this shit?!! New discovery for me thanks to George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic! Deeply good! Do yourself a favor!!!
Flea Nov 16, 2018
Raw jams Mook
Flea Nov 12, 2018
I was a happy little boy lost in the sanctuary of my Spider-Man comic books, collecting em, savoring each one, the piles of comics stacked high next to my bed. Thank you Stan Lee, what a creative whirlwind, wow. Rest In Peace in the divine. What an honor it was to help bring one of your characters to life with my scratchy little voice. ❤️🙏🏼🤘🏼🎶🌈🎺🌈❤️❤️
Flea Nov 11, 2018
Yo coach, put me in. I won mvp in the game too. Rockin shit.
Flea Nov 10, 2018
We’re not sure if our house has burnt down or not, so we are taking solace in a good face masking
Flea Nov 09, 2018
In a time of violence, chaos, and frantic miscommunication, all that matters is love. It is the only strength. Everything besides love is cowardice. Every act of love is turning us towards peace and freedom, every bit of light shone out into the air is lifting us all up. Trying to give little of that this morning, and honored to be part of the beautiful sculpture of @thomashouseago by the inimitable @munaelfituri ......shine your light it is the power. make something, a smile, a painting, a hug, a book. We are all angry we are all scared, turn it into love give everything.
Flea Nov 06, 2018
Flea Nov 05, 2018
Vote! Vote to lift up those in need of assistance, vote to help heal our planet, vote to give all kids a good education regardless of their economic status, vote for healthcare for all, vote for those who stand against racism, vote to empower women, vote for love of humanity.
Flea Nov 05, 2018
Roy Hargrove has left us. I mourn his passing, with a massive appreciation. All those beautiful soaring, warm and effortless solos that left me in awe, those deep funky horn parts on the d’angelo records, man he was my favorite trumpet player on the earth. When he selflessly went out of his way, to show up with his band to perform at a fundraiser for our burgeoning non profit music school my heart was touched. I stood in awe that evening watching him play. I heard the spirit and technique of Clifford brown, the deep haikus of Miles Davis, and the bop funk of lee Morgan, but his own personal melodious spirit shone through and above everything. When he invited me to come up and play bass and trumpet with his band I was elated, even though my trumpet playing wasn’t very good. I was high on it for days. He and I shared the same birthday, and I was honored to have a connection to him. R.I.P. the great Roy Hargrove.
Flea Nov 02, 2018
It’s all worth being a blundering fool and getting your heart broken into little bits.
Flea Nov 01, 2018
We were just boys when we met. All the growing we have done side by side, learning, failing, flying, flailing. Stepping into the future with all the love we can muster. Happiest birthday to my brother Anthony Kiedis
Flea Oct 26, 2018
Mashed potatoes for breakfast mashed potatoes for breakfast! Happy birthday Picasso! Happy birthday bootsy! How could the universe bless us with such awesomeness as this. Picasso??? Bootsy!!! Wowowowowowowowwowowow. The guernica to feed our heart and our compassion. Boozilla❤️
Flea Oct 26, 2018
Ya know why I love Sami? Cause day in and day out he brings the good vibes and lifts all our creative spirits. Party hats for chads birthday. The beautiful Chad Smith the mighty Chad Smith the funky as fuck Chad Smith.