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Flea Jun 24, 2019
Fresh for 2019
Flea Jun 24, 2019
Heart melting happiness at the Silverlake Conservatory of Music kids focusing in
Flea Jun 16, 2019
I love my dad. He taught me that the real strength comes from being connected to nature. He’s a one of a kind character, all honesty and integrity, and takes shit from no one. ❤️❤️❤️
Flea Jun 15, 2019
And vision
Flea Jun 14, 2019
Flea Jun 11, 2019
Flea Jun 11, 2019
Rest In Peace Bushwick Bill I love you.
Flea Jun 10, 2019
Flea Jun 06, 2019
Ya know how there is some music that you learn from, it challenges you and makes you think? and some music is your comfort-go-to music, where it’s like putting on the perfect pair of cozy pajamas on a cold winter’s eve? Stan Laurel is my comfort comedian.
Flea Jun 05, 2019
I love these ladies they have given me the most delicious meals on the regular for the last 30 years. Yucas. ❤️❤️❤️
Flea May 10, 2019
My beautiful bees have once again gifted me many pounds of heavenly honey! Actually I stole it from them but let’s not get all crazy. Damnit I love my bees, even though one of the little fuckers bit me on the left temple yesterday. I had it coming, disrupting their home and honey mongering! Fleas Bees!
Flea May 09, 2019
This is my favorite Laker of all time, Michael Cooper. I’m not saying he is the best player the lakers ever had, but he embodied everything that I love in a basketball player. He had a free spirit, he poured all his heart out every damn time he stepped onto the hardwood, he always put team first, he shut down Larry Bird, beat Patrick Cummings ass and he was FUN; bursting at the seams with an unquantifiable love-ability. He made sense to me. Right now, the Lakers are making no sense. Explain me this: They have Lebron James, incredible young talent, all the cap space in the world, yet they appear to be in the most dismal place in franchise history. This is inexplicable to me. I don’t need to hear insults hurled at Jeannie Buss, or anyone else in the organization, that scapegoating explains nothing, it is petty and without substance. I know they need to hire a smart and experienced president of basketball operations. Duh. The lakers have not made the playoffs in six years, and this year, with the season on the line, with all players eligible except for Lonzo Ball, they lost a crucial game to the lowly Phoenix Suns. There is a weakness, a malaise in the organization and it is breaking my heart. One problem, and a thing I have heard from the Lakers at all levels of the organization, and from the local media are these 2 baseless falsehoods: Laker fans only care about winning championships, nothing else matters.........That is absurd, us Laker fans would be ecstatic just to make the playoffs, show some fight and be in the mix. If they were out in first or second round, yet battled in a heartfelt manner, left it all on the court and played like a team, we would stand and applaud with great enthusiasm. 2. The Lakers have to get another superstar.....this might be the lie that bothers me the most. We fans DO NOT care about celebrity on the court. We care about smart players who give their all, and prize winning above all else as a result of a unified team. Just get quality players, 12 guys who are skilled, selfless, and dedicated. 3. The Lakers are the crown jewel of the NBA and deserve to magically have the best players fall into their laps...those days are long gone
Flea May 07, 2019
Fresh for spring 2019. Thinking of peter falk
Flea Apr 29, 2019
My head and heart full of remarkable humans today. The innovative director John Singleton, who changed the course of contemporary cinema when he laid down the deep beauty that was Boyz n the Hood, capturing a part of Los Angeles that had been ignored by popular culture for way too long. Poetically shining a light on the human struggles and the institutional racism here in LA all within a loving film I got completely lost in. He is leaving us way too soon and breaking through to the other side. He was so kind to me every time we met. I love this photo of him at work, singing his song, living a meaningful life and uplifting all of us. Love forever. And also today, I celebrate the birthday of the transcendent Duke Ellington, the greatest exemplar of popular music of all time. He kept changing, growing and entertaining his entire lifetime, constantly evolving and creating music of so many colors and feelings it boggles the mind. He remained curious and innovative all his life and gave us all something to aspire to. I am humbled and awed by him. He is what it means to age gracefully. And last but not least, the Texas Dalai Lama, the greatest gambling, gaming pot smoking troubadour we have ever seen. The amazing singer and songwriter Willie Nelson. HAPPY BIRTHDAY WILLIE!!! Let us never take for granted the soaring and liquid love of Willie Nelson’s voice. I can’t tell you how many times I have taken solace with the red headed stranger, he letting me know all is gonna be ok, when my burden seemed so heavy that I was gonna sink right down into the earth and suffocate forever. Willie Nelson I love you.
Flea Apr 04, 2019
Flea Apr 03, 2019
Four men with four feet on the I’m With You tour.
Flea Mar 26, 2019
The kids at Silverlake Conservatory of Music throwing down for the mighty marathon runners! ❤️❤️❤️🎶🎶🎶🎺🎺🎺🎸🎸🎸🎤🎤🎤😁😁😁
Flea Mar 26, 2019
Nuthin but the dog in me
Flea Mar 17, 2019
I love you Egypt! You are wild and beautiful and send my imagination flying! Hopefully we will be back to play again soon! Inshallah!
Flea Mar 13, 2019
Chad Smith and I enthused about the Sphinx and pyramid
Flea Mar 12, 2019
Flea Mar 12, 2019
Wildly jet lagged under the Egyptian crescent moon. What an amazing city Cairo is. Been here a half a day and already entranced by a staggering juggernaut of intertwining mysteries. P.s. the flight from New Zealand to Egypt is really far.
Flea Mar 10, 2019
Just finished this baby. Learned so much about Nigerian culture and got lost in an epic love story to boot! What a great writer, I loved her book of short stories too, The Thing Around Your Neck ❤️❤️❤️
Flea Mar 09, 2019
Flea: So happy to see my pal @serjtankian last night after the show in Auckland. He’s always been a righteous dude and a true rocker. ❤️❤️❤️
Flea Mar 08, 2019
In my warm-up/meditation spot pre show. Been doing this ritual for about the last twenty years. Would have been great to have figured it out sooner. It’s hard to stay conscious when chaos is all around. Do my scales, consider the songs, get centered. Meditate.