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Flea Aug 19, 2019
Akira Kurosawa is the greatest filmmaker that ever lived. I learned that shit from @suffersnap
Flea Aug 19, 2019
Rancid is soul music. Sincerity bleeding from every fucking note. I love them so much and it was an honor to share the stage with em these last few days
Flea Aug 17, 2019
Thank you Tokyo
Flea Aug 16, 2019
As a hardcore Los Angeles Lakers fan, I am gut punched by the season ending injury to Boogie Cousins. My childlike obsession with all things Lakers is endless. But as a sane adult, I feel a deep well of compassion for him. That guy has worked so hard to rise up from his upbringing in Mobile, Alabama, to become a transcendent all star baller, a guy capable of doing it ALL at both ends of the court. It must be so daunting for him now, faced with another year, the third damn season in a row of rehab rehab rehab, with only a ray of hope to rely on that his body can return to the rightful elite athletic plateau it has been on and still deserves to be. I just hope he knows that us people who respect the artful craft of this cerebral and spiritual sport of basketball recognize his greatness and are pulling for him to defy all the odds and get back on top. The humility and discipline it will take is massive. We believe in you Demarcus.
Flea Aug 12, 2019
Thank you to @elaineszewczyk for taking time to speak to me for publishers weekly about my book Acid For the Children. It warms my heart and fulfills a dream to see it sitting amongst timeless ones on a bookshelf. Grand Central Publishing
Flea Aug 10, 2019
Books are fucking magic!!! On September 2nd at 11am Los Angeles time we will meet and discuss the book NEWS OF THE WORLD by Paulette Giles. We’ll do it on instagram live. Let’s read together. A few days before the 2nd I will take questions/discussion points about the book to get into. Maybe the best way for me to get the questions is on Twitter? Twitter is Flea333 also. Feel the humanity! We are one! Let’s get deep. The second book club meeting!!! Join up!
Flea Aug 09, 2019
Celebrating the beauty of life with Dr. Funkenstein and family the other night! @yolikegeorge
Flea Aug 08, 2019
I poured my entire heart into this. I hope it can help bring us together. Hope. It will come out on nov. 5. But you can preorder that shit now:
Flea Aug 06, 2019
I love Toni Morrison with all I am. I learned, got transported to other worlds, other lands, other times and was held in rapture by her books. She brought me knowledge and joy and is a part of me forever. You are everything to me Toni. You are a masterpiece of a human being, and among the greatest that this country has ever offered the world. As you merge with the divine cosmos you are loved, and I sit in awe and humble gratitude at all you gave us. R.I.P. ❤️❤️❤️
Flea Aug 04, 2019
Flea Aug 04, 2019
Nothing like a fresh summer haircut! Thanks Dee Dee!
Flea Jul 31, 2019
Flea Jul 30, 2019
THIS MOVIE YES YES YES ❤️❤️❤️. Written by @lenawaithe and directed by @msmelina starring @danielkaluuya and @jodiesmith is gonna fill up hearts and get minds a blazin’. I’m so grateful to be a part of it. The trailers coming on the morrow.
Flea Jul 26, 2019
I thought this photo was important to balance out my intellectual and thoughtful side displayed today during the book club meeting.
Flea Jul 24, 2019
Art Neville touched my heart again and again. He got me dancing, got me yearning for the deepest groove. With the Meters, with the Neville Brothers, with the Wild Tchoupitpoulas he always bought depth. Only a beautiful human could have made that sound. Jamming with him was a highlight of my life. R.I.P. Love and respect always Art you live forever.
Flea Jul 22, 2019
Silverlake Conservatory of Music makes my heart soar
Flea Jul 18, 2019
One of the greatest books ever written and maybe my favorite. (Jazz by Toni Morrison or The Master and Margarita by Mikhail Bulgakov?) The immortal and mighty Charlotte Bronte who boldly put this book out in in 1847 on my birthday. She put it out under the pseudonym Currer Bell because no publishing co. Would allow a woman to write this book, this poetic, epic, heart wrenching and scandalous tale. This, my most sacred and favorite material possession, a first edition of Jane Eyre, this magical piece of history.
Flea Jul 17, 2019
One more time cause I was such an absent minded dumbass that I put a picture of an actor playing Ian Curtis yesterday and embarrassed myself thoroughly! Oops. I love joy division with all my heart. That is music that comforts my soul and is always my companion. What a sound what a warm and throbbing rhythm, what a spirit they tapped, allowing all to meet it. They could write the fuck out of a song, and you can tell its them one second into hearing it. Happy birthday to Ian Curtis. John, Josh, and I had a Joy Division cover band and our one gig was one of the greatest most uplifting shows I ever played. ❤️❤️❤️
Flea Jul 16, 2019
Sweet Pea was so quick so slick. Transcendent athlete. R.I.P. god bless
Flea Jul 12, 2019
Red Hot Chili Peppers
Flea Jul 10, 2019
What I’m talking about Silverlake Conservatory of Music
Flea Jul 09, 2019
Working with toxic materials today
Flea Jul 05, 2019
Just finished this weighty tome. I am so damn grateful for Richard Wright, what a stunner of a book. History will judge us by how much we can learn from our mistakes and the depth of our love.
Flea Jul 04, 2019
In the studio with Mary. Grateful for the loyalty of my friends.
Flea Jun 30, 2019
Dear Lord, I know I ask you for a lot, but humbly pray that you deliver Kawhi to the Los Angeles Lakers