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FKA twigs Nov 06, 2018
limited edition AVANTgarden issue 4 t-shirt photograph by orograph
FKA twigs Nov 02, 2018
ASAP Rocky
FKA twigs May 18, 2018
thanks to matthew josephs, ed marler, kabuki and rio sreedharan for my red carpet look at the The Webby Awards xx
FKA twigs May 18, 2018
so honoured to have won a webby at The Webby Awards, the internet has always been an exciting place for me to express myself. special thanks to Matthew Stone & International Magic for their work on my website & Suzannah Pettigrew for supporting me in my vision for AVANTgarden xx
FKA twigs May 03, 2018
AVANTgarden issue 3 - MEATSPACE - anomalie at Comic Con
FKA twigs May 02, 2018 MEATSPACE < 3
FKA twigs Mar 23, 2018
photos taken by the wonderfully talented nick walker
FKA twigs Mar 07, 2018
FKA twigs Feb 26, 2018
FKA twigs
FKA twigs Feb 26, 2018
's cover photo
FKA twigs Jan 19, 2018
taking time for myself to train without judgement, exploring and thanking my body for always working and overcoming injuries. thanking my mind for stopping sassy behaviour and being too hard on my growth. thanking Stuart Winter for being a gentle, positive and precise teacher and getting me back on the barre. training everyday with love < 3
FKA twigs Nov 28, 2017 limited edition pyjamas <3 ...for now please hold me tight and say you'll watch me through the night...
FKA twigs Nov 28, 2017
featuring new FKA twigs limited edition beautiful pyjamas with protection signs and ancient spells <3
FKA twigs Nov 28, 2017
's cover photo
FKA twigs Nov 28, 2017
FKA twigs
FKA twigs Oct 13, 2017
my 10 favourite braid looks
FKA twigs May 08, 2017
FKA twigs
FKA twigs Apr 25, 2017
hey i've made a new ghost hoodie and pants, graphic by robert borashan, photos by jamie strachan
FKA twigs Jan 12, 2017
FKA twigs
FKA twigs Jan 11, 2017
do you believe in more? a magical campaign for Nike creative directed by myself choreography by bethany strong & tovaris wilson stills by david uzochukwu styling matthew josephs makeup kabuki hair soichi inagaki
FKA twigs Dec 16, 2016
when I released EP1 in 2012 (pre-FKA) the songs were only available on a limited vinyl pressing and on bandcamp briefly. they were the first songs and visuals I shared with the outside world so they hold a special place in my story. in collecting all my work on the new site I wanted to make these songs available again so they're digital for the first time and the vinyl's re-pressed:
FKA twigs Dec 13, 2016
new FKA clothing! i've made new bombers, T's, a hoodie and in the spirit of revisiting all my work most of the older items are available again...
FKA twigs Dec 13, 2016
's cover photo
FKA twigs Dec 12, 2016
excited to share my new site with you and to have a place where all my work is archived, joining the dots between all the projects i've directed by my friend and collaborator matthew stone this is a creative project in itself so please explore...