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Fivefold Aug 13, 2019
Still feeling the love from last Saturday night at Delmar Hall. So many people showed up to support and celebrate the life of our brother Matthew Amelung! Special thanks to Shawgo Studios & Eric Phillips for capturing the night and all these great bands Matt helped ❤ #LoveHard ❤ Hounds - Westcott - Isabella - Discrepancies - BROOKROYAL - Greek Fire - Ashland - Story of the Year
Fivefold Aug 11, 2019
Last night was amazing. The room was full of laughter, drinks, some tears and amazing music! We shared old memories and made new ones. It’s so devastating that our time with Matt was cut short - we couldn’t have done this without y’all who came out last night! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts! We love you more than you know. There aren’t words to express the gratitude & love we felt last night. Thank you Fivefold family! If ya got pics or videos post em up! #lovehard
Fivefold Aug 11, 2019
@discrepancies straight up crushing it. #matthewamelung #lovehard
Fivefold Aug 10, 2019
Fivefold Aug 10, 2019
We had one final jam sesh last night. To say we are emotional is definitely an understatement. We weren’t so sure this day would come where we’d be on stage again, especially under these circumstances. Matthew Amelung - Producer, Engineer was a legend and tonight will be one for the books!We love you so much! Fly high, brother. Tonight is for you! #lovehard 📷: Shawgo Studios
Fivefold Aug 05, 2019
We’ll be live with Cornbread 105.7 The Point tonight at 9:00 PM to talk about this Saturdays show!! We’re so excited we might even play a song on the air. Tune in to hear for yourself!!!
Fivefold Jul 25, 2019
Butterin’ up the ole chops. Can’t wait to see your faces at Delmar Hall AUGUST 10 2019. #lovehard
Fivefold Jun 27, 2019
Dear Fivefold family, We are terribly sad to inform you we’ve lost our brother Matt Amelung to a long battle with cancer. Matt was not just a band mate to us - he was an overall inspiration. He was our mentor, he was our brother and best friend. In 2013 we first met when booking studio time for the Hold On EP. Matt changed our lives and the course that Fivefold would take when he kindly donated his time to help write, arrange and track the title song “Hold On”. Matt helped us break the mold on everything we were doing at the time. Our friendship eventually developed to the point in which he joined Fivefold. Not only will we forever miss his brilliant mind - but we will miss his kind eyes, his goofy laugh & his absolutely ridiculous sense of humor. To say we are devastated is an understatement. We lost a true legend today. Thank you Shawgo Studios for putting this short clip together for us! #lovehard
Fivefold Dec 26, 2018
Merry Christmas from the Fivefold Family! A friend of ours created this behind the scenes look into the story of Fivefold and all the struggles that came from starting a band. Listen as we recall the stories and moments that would change our lives forever. A film by Eric Phillips
Fivefold May 16, 2018
Hey Fivefold family, for those who don’t already know, last month we found out that Matt Amelung’s cancer is back. He started chemotherapy this month and will continue with treatment over the next several months. A GoFundMe has been created to share his story and enable friends and family to help offset the financial burden this will have. Thank you for your support and love during this time.
Fivefold Jan 05, 2018
Happy Friday friends!! We wanted to share this awesome video from our farewell show with you all. Brought to you by
Fivefold Dec 18, 2017
Happy Monday. Our merch store is back up and rolling with limited quantities.
Fivefold Dec 18, 2017
When the folks from Shawgo Studios reached out and asked to document the last show we said, 'Hell yes!' The footage they captured was an intimate look inside our pre-show ritual that we've held for the last 10 years. Come be a part of our moment and remember to Love Hard.
Fivefold Dec 10, 2017
Thank you
Fivefold Dec 09, 2017
The folk at Sugarfire Smoke House have some great food!
Fivefold Dec 09, 2017
Our home for the night.
Fivefold Dec 09, 2017
Fivefold Dec 08, 2017
We are down to the final ticket of the show. Who is going to be the person to bring us across the finish line and sell this mutha out?
Fivefold Dec 07, 2017
If you are sleeping on tickets...don’t. We are under 70.
Fivefold Dec 06, 2017
Where ya at weekend?
Fivefold Dec 05, 2017
Fivefold Dec 04, 2017
A great time was had by all! #SkeetSkeetBangBang
Fivefold Dec 04, 2017
Thanks Cornbread 105.7 The Point for having us over one last time. See everyone Saturday at Delmar Hall for the farewell show.
Fivefold Dec 04, 2017
Tune in
Fivefold Dec 03, 2017
Catch us live tonight on the 105.7 The Point Local Show. Tune in if you wanna hear what our favorite snacks are.