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All I Have to Offer Is My Own Confusion
Oh, Common Life
Fireworks May 09, 2019
Fireworks May 24, 2018
Please watch, enjoy and share Kyle's new web series, The Gay Agenda!
Fireworks Nov 24, 2017
Yeah, we still have merch. Go to our store at for some deals!
Fireworks Oct 26, 2017
Triple Crown Records
Fireworks Apr 18, 2017
Since El Club came to Detroit, we've seen more than just another "music venue". It's a place that celebrates the diversity of our community and hosts a variety of events for the sake of being different. Help the wonderful people at El Club extend this vision with a fund raiser for " The Vernor Cafe".. more below.
Fireworks Dec 06, 2016
Triple Crown Records is auctioning off a test press for Oh, Common Life. Money raised from the auction will go to Island Harvest and ACLU
Fireworks Mar 08, 2016
Michigan: If you haven't already, make sure you get out and vote today.
Fireworks Feb 04, 2016
Check out Thin Skin. A new band Kyle is playing in. 🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻
Fireworks Nov 30, 2015
Fireworks Nov 27, 2015
We were supposed to have these cool flags on our last tour but that didn't work out but here they are!! Also we have our bad boy shirts back online!
Fireworks Aug 27, 2015
As a thank you, The King @3crown is putting up our catalog for free for the next 24 hours at Thanks for everything!
Fireworks Aug 26, 2015
Fireworks Forever.
Fireworks Aug 19, 2015
Albuquerque tonight!
Fireworks Aug 19, 2015
Our good friends in Mountain Club have a new video out today. Check it out and if you live in Michigan go see them at the Loving Touch on Friday!
Fireworks Aug 13, 2015
Our very talented friend, C.J. just posted this blast from the past. Check it out.
Fireworks Aug 11, 2015
Seattle Tonight!
Fireworks Aug 11, 2015
Albuquerque! Our show was moved to Launchpad! Early show.
Fireworks Aug 09, 2015
Hey Salt Lake City here is our event page for our show tonight! Can't wait to hang.
Fireworks Aug 09, 2015
Hey SLC, we're playing Music-Garage Live tonight and not In The Venue. 250 West 1300 SLC, UT 84115. Cya there!
Fireworks Aug 09, 2015
Denver Denver Denver
Fireworks Aug 07, 2015
This Starts tonight! Get Ready!
Fireworks Jul 27, 2015
Our tour with Weatherbox, Souvenirs, and Dryjacket starts on 8/6. Last gigs for a bit. Get your tickets now at Its gonna be cool!
Fireworks Jun 24, 2015
We can finally tell you that SOUVENIRS are coming on our West Coast shows with Weatherbox + Dryjacket. Starts 8/6. Buy tickets at!
Fireworks Jun 07, 2015
See you tonight, Detroit! Get there early!
Fireworks Jun 02, 2015
Detroit on Sunday!