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firekid Aug 16, 2019
playin americana fest for the first time💖🖤
firekid May 19, 2019
the shoals theater was lovely tonight
firekid Jan 24, 2019
“Take The A Train” #mpclive #HoeForWholeTones
firekid Jan 04, 2019
Testing out new gear/tricks. #NothingBreaksLikeAHeart we ran our etl mics through the #95000 looper and clocked it with the #mpclive! Working like a charm. Lots of for the break: “sneak in the back”
firekid Dec 12, 2018
Repost from @dillonhodges. Blue Bossa Boy. Khord-melody Kid.
firekid Dec 09, 2018
Thanks guys!!
firekid Dec 09, 2018
repost from @feekyfeek. Here’s a Hoagy Carmichael cover on mellotron and tempest.
firekid Nov 30, 2018
Still love this Paste Magazine session. Sequenced a #volcabeats and prophet 12 with my iPhone 😂😂😂 #eyecontact #tbt
firekid Nov 28, 2018
firekid Nov 24, 2018
firekid Nov 22, 2018
thankful 🙏
firekid Nov 17, 2018
the last leaves 🍁
firekid Nov 13, 2018
NOODLE NIGHT! 🔥🔥🔥 @ Florence, Alabama
firekid Nov 12, 2018
My current relationship was pushed to the limit when my ex passed away. It’s almost impossible to move on. I felt like I was the only person in the world dealing with this...This @arianagrande song tho. Say what you want about the Pete/ari celebrity couple drama, I relate to this one. Maybe #thankunext is her “XY”.
firekid Nov 09, 2018
Even in Alabama. 🖤
firekid Nov 08, 2018
Favorite view.
firekid Nov 06, 2018
Done. #ivoted #rolltide 🖤
firekid Nov 06, 2018
vote tomorrow
firekid Nov 05, 2018
fear no gear
firekid Nov 02, 2018
knoxville fam! Congrats to the @theoutpostknox
firekid Oct 29, 2018
fur stole - my heart. 📷: @aloosina
firekid Oct 28, 2018
Casual. Congrats to @hopiefeek01 and @mooreplantbased on their special day! 🖤 (#beltwithsuspenders.)
firekid Oct 27, 2018
🐻 — nashville, we’re playing at the station inn Tuesday (10/30) at 9ish. My fav venue. It’ll be a special night of music w/ v special guest @roryfeek. Tix $5 at the door.
firekid Oct 25, 2018
Birmingham...believe it! we’re playing w/ Lynyrd Skynyrd tonight. Roll Tide.