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If I Were a Melody
Madame, Madame!
Firefox AK Mar 29, 2019
You got me howling @saekert ❤️
Firefox AK Feb 26, 2019
Miss those soft ears.
Firefox AK Jan 18, 2019
2009. It seems like I played a lot of shows with @hsaferide that year. ✨ @vocesfemeninaseg Immergut Festival
Firefox AK Jan 01, 2019
Remember, remember, this is now, and now, and now. Live it, feel it, cling to it. I want to become acutely aware of all I’ve taken for granted. ✨🔥💋❤️Happy new 2019! ✨🔥💋❤️#sylviaplath
Firefox AK Dec 24, 2018
And when you appear All the rivers sound In my body, bells Shake the sky, And a hymn fills the world. 🎄❤️ #pabloneruda
Firefox AK Dec 13, 2018
✨Watch the official video for ”Neon West”👇 ✨
Firefox AK Dec 12, 2018
Andrea hates writing captions so I said I’d do it for her. Also, we look super drunk but we’re just not that photogenic. / @saekert
Firefox AK Dec 10, 2018
✨ Wiiiihooo! Thank you for listening, it means everything to me. ✨❤️ @spotifysweden @spotify
Firefox AK Nov 30, 2018
Rising up like a wildfire. @mocstockholm
Firefox AK Nov 24, 2018
Aradis, Queen of the Ocean. ❤️✨
Firefox AK Nov 16, 2018
✨ I had the pleasure to sing on @antonaxelo dreamy version of ”Easy” for Volvo and Volvo Tanka. Have a listen, link in bio, and watch the commercial on a screen near you. ✨
Firefox AK Jun 30, 2018
A silver blue lining, on the horizon, is all I see.
Firefox AK May 25, 2018
So proud to have a tiny part in the writing of the first song on this brilliant EP, released by Säkert! today. ❤️ #firefoxak #saekert #arktiskaoceanen
Firefox AK May 21, 2018
When together, we’re the best. DP by Viktor Skogqvist #firefoxAK #wayfloe #neonwest
Firefox AK May 18, 2018
There is a contest for a remix of ‘Wildfire,’ download the stems here: 💥The winner remix will be released! 💥
Firefox AK May 01, 2018
Firefox AK
Firefox AK May 01, 2018
💥💥💥 So happy that people in the States and in Canada can listen to this little 💎 today. It’s s song about coming back to your home town, written by me and @saekert. Produced by @barbelle_official released by @antifragilemusic 💥💥💥 #firefoxak #moneyandcigars#antifragilemusic
Firefox AK Mar 24, 2018
Late night kitchen session for a collab. 🌙✨ #firefoxak #kitchensessions #kitchensession #kitchenstories
Firefox AK Feb 21, 2018
✨ Hurray! Our ”Beginnings” is released in the USA and Canada on Friday on @antifragilemusic ✨ with @claesextaz and @ringo_bjorkhund . . . #firefoxak #claesbjorklund #antifragilemusic #release #razziarecords #spotify #usa #canada #beginnings #ep
Firefox AK Feb 09, 2018
All the music ladies holding hands on the red carpet. Manifesting against sexual assault and harrasement. ✊🏼❤️@[email protected] + everyone else!
Firefox AK Feb 01, 2018
Have you ever been a Wildfire? Watch the video at the link in bio. 😘❤️ . . Photo: @viktorskogqvist Dir: @mats_udd
Firefox AK Jan 17, 2018
I just signed a deal with ✨@antifragilemusic✨ for North America, and it’s snowing! 🙌🏽
Firefox AK Dec 31, 2017
Happy New Year! 🍸 I will write new music in 2018, can’t wait to share some new songs with you. Also, my music will be released in some other countries. Will tell you more as soon as I can. Have a great night and year! xx
Firefox AK Dec 24, 2017
Merry Christmas! Thanks for all the support and ❤️ this year. I might just lay here until 2018.
Firefox AK Nov 24, 2017
This song means the world to me, someone described it as ”breathless battle cry in a pop dream, with a nerve of melancholia”. It’s co-written with Calle Malmgren and produced by Claes Björklund. 📸: Mathias Johansson