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Finntroll Jun 07, 2019
¡España! Venimos por ti en noviembre 🍻🎶 disfruta tu fin de semana! #vivalagoogletranslator
Finntroll Jun 04, 2019
Keikka Lahdessa 17.8.! Profane Omen juhlii 20 vuoden ikäänsä, kannattaa tulla paikalle! #lahti #missämöysänmusaklubi Profane Omen says hi: Profane Omen 20 Years Anniversary Party (Bands heads-up! One slot available!) Hey, everybody! We will be partying to celebrate two decades of Profane Omen at Möysän Musaklubi in Lahti on the 17th of August. We are super proud to announce the line-up for the evening. -FINNTROLL Some of the best times we've ever had was touring with these guys back in 2014 and 2015. We asked if the guys would like to join us for this special evening and it is going to be so cool to share the stage once more with these awesome people. -PROFANE OMEN Yes, we will play a show too. It's going to be a special one and probably the only one for us this summer. Don't miss this one. Special evening, special set. -MEGAHAMMER Everybody loves the 80's! We wanted to invite this awesome synthwave trio to play a set, because we love their stuff. Come on over and you will too. Finntroll Profane Omen Megahammer ---------------------------------------- BANDS: Because getting proper shows in Finland can be really difficult for upcoming bands (and because we get visibility in social media by doing so...tbh) we wanted to give one band a chance to play. SO, like this post and tag your band below with a link to a song of yours. We'll be choosing five bands to a final vote and the winner will gets to play in the best live club in Lahti on our big evening. More on everything as the situation develops. Facebook not involved in any way.
Finntroll Jun 03, 2019
Bonjour la Suisse! See you in August for Octopode Festival 🎶🇨🇭🍫🧀🍻🖤
Finntroll Jun 01, 2019
And thus a beast that slept for aeons has been woken. The Finntrolls rise again to greet the coming of a new age!
Finntroll May 08, 2019
Who's coming to party with us at Rockmaraton Fesztivál??🍻🎶
Finntroll May 06, 2019
Watch out, Netherlands! We'll be coming for your beer in October together with Death Angel, Saxon (Official), Anvil, Heidevolk and a few more... 🍻
Finntroll May 01, 2019
We had Svenska Yle following us around a couple of days in Italy! Was good times, Otso. #finntroll #italy #milano #yle #documentary #folkmetalgods #hyväävappua #gladavappen
Finntroll Feb 15, 2019
The Finntroll has landed!
Finntroll Feb 11, 2019
Mathias "Vreth" Lillmåns and Routa live in 15 mins. Join the discussion!
Finntroll Feb 06, 2019
Routa and Mathias "Vreth" Lillmåns will hold an AMA on Heavy Metal Entertainment´s Discord Server 11th of February at 8pm GMT. Link and more info in the original post!
Finntroll Jan 16, 2019
We will return to Tel Aviv for another night to remember on Feb 16th at the GAGARIN club, had an amazing show there in 2010 and we look forward to see all of you fans there! Ticket sales just started and the first 200 tickets are being offered at a special price so hurry up and get your ticket HERE: or call 054-7770485
Finntroll Jan 12, 2019
The last(🤔) supper! @lillmans @kmn1235 @routaz @sponsimaa @syfilix @virta666
Finntroll Nov 29, 2018
Behold the setlists! Two different sets for both days at @manoirpub this weekend. Remember that you can still get tickets for both evenings
Finntroll Nov 29, 2018
Just arrived in Switzerland! Not a bad start to the weekend. #wineoclock @virta666 @routaz @syfilix @lillmans @damriel_
Finntroll Nov 15, 2018
Greetings trolls and trollettes! Lately it's been quite silent in the camp-Finntroll, because of the fact that we have been actually busy composing NEW MATERIAL for a NEW ALBUM (standing ovation)! However, as writing process can be very time consuming and exhausting (and boring), we decided to take little break and have some fun..! So… Friends in Switzerland!! Finntroll is heading to Manoir Pub, Saint-Maurice, Switzerland, for two shows on 30th November and 1st of December! Yes, that is in a couple of weeks and yes, that’s two shows in a row at the very same venue. So we decided to make this two-show troll-feast a tiny bit more interesting.. We have gathered a very long and interesting list of songs and are playing totally different sets of songs on both nights. These shows will be nice mixture of songs through Finntroll discography all the way from first demos to the Blodsvept album - songs that we haven’t played live for a loooong while.. So join us for a “special Finntroll treatment” (tm) and let’s make a one hell of a party there! Pssst… There’s still a few tickets left for both of the shows, so be quick!!
Finntroll Jun 29, 2018
Thank you Lithuania! Look at all the treasures we've collected from along the road! Maybe we should get new cases for stage equipment
Finntroll Apr 28, 2018
Lithuania!! It´s been a while... We´re very excited be coming back to your beautiful country in June to party with you at Kilkim Žaibu festival!! Get your tickets here:
Finntroll Feb 09, 2018
Hold on to your life vest! Tommorow it's on.
Finntroll Dec 26, 2017
Remember when you asked a new Finntroll album for Xmas from your mom but got a pair or socks instead? We at Finntroll love warm and fuzzy socks so much that we kept them by ourselves... so we decided to give you a 2006 demo version of Korpens Saga instead!
Finntroll Nov 23, 2017
MörkÖ setting up his drums at Svoboda Hall. Remember that we play here, NOT Tele Club!!
Finntroll Nov 13, 2017
Russian tour news! Unfortunately shows in Krasnoyarsk and Novosibirsk had to be canceled because of reasons beyond our reach. The rest of the shows are happening as planned, don't forget to get your tickets!!! 23/11 Yekaterinburg - Svoboda Concert Hall 25/11 Moscow - Izvestiya Hall 26/11 St. Petersburg - Opera Concert Club
Finntroll Nov 09, 2017
Germany!! Who´s coming to celebrate Rockharz Open Air´s birthday with us next summer?? #trollingRockHarz #happybirthday
Finntroll Nov 07, 2017
Our Russian tour is getting closer and closer. Don’t forget to get your tickets in advance from the links below. Notice also, the Moscow show has been moved to Izvestiya Hall! 21/11 Krasnoyarsk - Circus Concert Hall 22/11 Novosibirsk - Otdyh Club 23/11 Yekaterinburg - Svoboda Concert Hall 25/11 Moscow - Izvestiya Hall 26/11 St. Petersburg - Opera Concert Club
Finntroll Nov 02, 2017
It´s been a while, but soon we shall be back in Wacken...
Finntroll Sep 28, 2017
This is a definately place where Finntroll should be playing!