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Crazy Eyes
Crazy Eyes
The Trouble With Angels
The Sun Comes Out Tonight
The Trouble With Angels
The Very Best Things [1995-2008]
Remixes for the Damned
Anthems for the Damned (Bonus Track Version)
The Amalgamut
The Amalgamut (PA Version)
Title of Record (Expanded Edition)
Title of Record
Short Bus
Short Bus (Expanded Edition)
Cold Waves VIII Cold Waves VIII 2019
Venue: Metro (Chicago, IL, US) Find tickets
Filter Aug 20, 2019
In celebration of the 20th anniversary of Title of Record, Richard Patrick sat down with Gibson to share insight into the creation of one of the band's most prominent hits “Take A Picture.” Watch the full interview on YouTube: The remastered and expanded reissue of Title of Record is out NOW on 2-LP, CD and digital.
Filter Aug 16, 2019
ICYMI: Richard's interview with Mark Goodman and Alan Light on SiriusXM VOLUME's #Debatable yesterday, now available on-demand via the SiriusXM app here!
Filter Aug 10, 2019
“I can honestly say, and I truly f**ckin’ mean this: They probably don’t make records like that anymore. And the reason I say that is because I can’t believe I survived making that record...” Richard Patrick on Title of Record. Full interview and premiere of “Take a Picture (H&H Remix)” live on Billboard now. . The 20th anniversary reissue of Title of Record is available today in remastered and expanded editions on CD, 2-LP and digital.
Filter Aug 09, 2019
The remastered and expanded 20th anniversary edition of Filter's Title of Record is out NOW on 2-LP, CD and digital! Includes bonus tracks, "Jurassitol" "(Can't You) Trip Like I Do" and more. Get your copy:
Filter Aug 08, 2019
Help a good cause and join FILTER at the Metro Chicago September 22 for the Cold Waves Festival, a special benefit concert launched in 2012 to help the family of a fallen brother, Jamie Duffy, a beloved Chicago-based sound engineer and musician who took his own life. Cold Waves has grown into a multi-night, multi-city event, raising money for Darkest Before Dawn, a nightlife-industry focused mental health charity. To purchase tickets: A portion of the ticket proceeds go to benefit Darkest Before Dawn.
Filter Aug 08, 2019
"I wanna make a record that's going to suggest that not all is well in America and this is what it sounds like." Richard talks music, life and the future of FILTER with Cold Waves Soundcheck. Listen to the full podcast interview: You can also see FILTER at the Cold Waves Festival SEPTEMBER 22 at the Metro Chicago. Tickets on sale now:
Filter Aug 02, 2019
Attention!!!Filter is playing a LIVE Concert!! Menominee Nation Arena Presents: “Rock ‘N Rumble” live Aug 3rd featuring ACW Wisconsin, Filter and ADELITAS WAY. TICKETS ON SALE NOW! Doors: 6:00 pm Show Starts: 7:00 pm All Ages to enter 21+ with ID to drink Tickets: $38.00 GA available online or at the Menominee Nation Arena box office located at 1212 N. Main St, Oshkosh, Wisconsin (920)744-2035
Filter Jul 29, 2019
Update on reBus: reBus is noBus, or at least not-right-now bus. Brian and I have decided to shelve the reBus album for right now for a variety of reasons, but know this... I will be working on a new FILTER album called “They Got Us Right Where They Want Us, At Each Other’s Throats.” Hopefully three songs will be on the new album that Brian and I wrote together, working-titled: "Murica," "Thoughts and Prayers" and "(Command-Z) High as a Muv’ Fucka’." -RP
Filter Jul 27, 2019
We're excited to announce that Filter will be headed to CHICAGO to play the Cold Waves Festival SEPTEMBER 22 with PIG, Paul Barker, Street Sects and HAEX at the Metro Chicago. Tickets on sale now We'll see you there!
Filter Jul 19, 2019
The advance single from Title of Record’s 20th anniversary edition, “The Best Things" remixed by Dub Pistols, is out now! Listen and pre-save here: Get the remastered and expanded edition of Filters' platinum-selling sophomore album on August 9th, available on 2-LP, CD and digital.
Filter Jul 18, 2019
New Music with one of my all time Favorite people Jonny Radtke. We love that dream Surprise type stuff right now...
Filter Jul 18, 2019
Head to Loudwire now to listen to the advance single "The Best Things (Dub Pistols Club Remix)" taken from the forthcoming expanded edition of Title of Record. #titleofrecord20
Filter Jul 18, 2019
reBus is noBus!!! Due to the PledgeMusic debacle there will be no rebus record featuring Brian Liesagang. Instead we are celebrating the 20th anniversary of “title of record”
Filter Jul 17, 2019
Richard Patrick rocking the white shirt back when NIN played Dance Party USA ironically!!
Filter Jul 13, 2019
Some of the new toys FILTER is using to make music.
Filter Jul 09, 2019
Capturing the power and nuance of your voice featuring Filter’s Richard Patrick
Filter Jul 01, 2019
What it takes to be a vocalist featuring Filter’s Richard Patrick
Filter Jun 28, 2019
This book is amazing! We rarely ever endorse a book but we want you to read this! Caroline Louise Walker Author of MAN OF THE YEAR—now available for pre-order.
Filter Jun 25, 2019
How was this not the biggest song in the world??
Filter Jun 23, 2019
Yo!!! Check this out homies!!
Filter Jun 19, 2019
As we close this week in which controversies over love and war have dominated the news, we celebrate a victory for tolerance and freedom. Congratulations to all those who fought so long and waited so patiently for their day to arrive.
Filter Jun 19, 2019
Visit and get the new 20th Anniversary Expanded Edition of Title of Record!!!!
Filter Jun 17, 2019
Filter - Pride Flag!!!
Filter Jun 07, 2019
Gotta say... they nailed it.