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Crazy Eyes
Crazy Eyes
The Trouble With Angels
The Sun Comes Out Tonight
The Trouble With Angels
The Very Best Things [1995-2008]
Remixes for the Damned
Anthems for the Damned (Bonus Track Version)
The Amalgamut
The Amalgamut (PA Version)
Title of Record
Short Bus (Expanded Edition)
Cold Waves VIII Cold Waves VIII 2019
Venue: Metro (Chicago, IL, US) Find tickets
Filter Jun 25, 2019
How was this not the biggest song in the world??
Filter Jun 23, 2019
Yo!!! Check this out homies!!
Filter Jun 19, 2019
As we close this week in which controversies over love and war have dominated the news, we celebrate a victory for tolerance and freedom. Congratulations to all those who fought so long and waited so patiently for their day to arrive.
Filter Jun 19, 2019
Visit and get the new 20th Anniversary Expanded Edition of Title of Record!!!!
Filter Jun 17, 2019
Filter - Pride Flag!!!
Filter Jun 07, 2019
Gotta say... they nailed it.
Filter May 24, 2019
Check it out!! Richard is mentioned in here see what for!
Filter May 24, 2019
Do this shit!!!
Filter May 10, 2019
Happy Birthday Richard Patrick!!
Filter May 08, 2019
Come and play Cameo ROULETTE with the Richard Patrick. You never know what’s going to happen!!
Filter May 05, 2019
The boys went to war again!!! This time it was the ADAB airbase somewhere near Abu Dhabi. More details to come out over the weeks ahead.
Filter May 05, 2019
People absolutely love this weird character Richard Patrick has created for Cameo. Instead of doing boring, shout out generic bullshit. Check out this latest cameo appearance for a girl named Ashley booked by her friend Michelle.
Filter May 01, 2019
Filter’s Richard Patrick will be making a special appearance in Chicago, May 20th, at the Face The Music Foundation Benefit Concert with Garbage. Let’s go Chicago! Come on out! Let’s support the cause and all the artists taking the stage for this special, one night event! #FaceTheMusic #Recovery #RecoveryUnplugged #Filter #Garbage #JamAlkerBand #SlowMass #Chicago
Filter Apr 27, 2019
People are paying for this and it has become a big part of Richards time. We think it’s funny as hell and Richard doesn’t seem to give two shits about it either way. Go make him do one for you they’re hysterical.
Filter Apr 22, 2019
Oh but Perry you might lose half your fans!? 🤪Hahah go get em!!
Filter Apr 17, 2019
Richard's got some weird shit going on over at YouTube. This is his Star Wars reaction. Come and check it out...
Filter Apr 13, 2019
Richard Patrick is on Cameo. He will fuck you up!! Check out my Cameo profile:
Filter Apr 05, 2019
We’re playing a really cool charity event in Chicago!!! Cold Waves VIII Sunday / Metro / Chicago : FILTER
Filter Mar 30, 2019
Filter concert announced in Chicago!!!
Filter Mar 29, 2019
's cover photo
Filter Mar 29, 2019
's cover photo
Filter Mar 28, 2019
's cover photo
Filter Mar 27, 2019