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Maim That Tune
Fila Brazillia Feb 28, 2019
Fila Brazillia Feb 02, 2019
Twenty years ago. . . .
Fila Brazillia Jan 25, 2019
Two Steve Cobby tracks on new NOW mix comp out today
Fila Brazillia Dec 06, 2018
Spotify for Artists | 2018 Wrapped
Fila Brazillia Oct 24, 2018
Rick James Dwells In The Abyss - Steve Cobby
Fila Brazillia Oct 16, 2018
Cobby at the Carlton
Fila Brazillia Oct 09, 2018
PIJ T-Shirts re stocked in all sizes
Fila Brazillia Sep 22, 2018
Fila Brazillia Aug 25, 2018
inc Fila
Fila Brazillia Aug 24, 2018
Inc. Mermaids.
Fila Brazillia Aug 22, 2018
Fila Brazillia Aug 21, 2018
50 CDs remaining of 500 limited edition press. Digital download included with purchase.
Fila Brazillia Aug 12, 2018
RIP Maida Vale studio
Fila Brazillia Aug 03, 2018
Out now
Fila Brazillia Aug 02, 2018
"Next up i'm positively over the moon to present a rarefied selection from producer Steve Cobby, co founder of the ultra wonderful Fila Brazillia. I hope you get as much pleasure out of this as I do - it's a nostalgic trip down memory lane for me as I owned most albums and played their Another Late Night mix to death. Steve throws many musical stylings into the mix with a focus on the rare and exotic. Big thanks to Steve for agreeing to put this together and as always many thanks to everyone who tunes in."
Fila Brazillia Jul 26, 2018
"Not made in Japan, but Played In Japan, Fila Brazilia unearth a set recorded eighteen years ago, at the Fuji Rock Festival. Steve Cobby and David McSherry`s masterly downtempo studio productions taken to the stage by an six-piece band. Translated into Post-Rock Funk. Where rhythms switch between Drum And Bass inspired, and Northern Soul-styled stomps. Dub B-lines back bright brass arrangements, and Muscle Shoals keys, in Can-like jams. Wah-wah vies with trumpet within Happy Mondays` loose groove. Growling synth Psyche scores somewhere between Blaxploitation and Giallo."
Fila Brazillia Jul 22, 2018
“I never would have expected to be writing about a new Fila Brazillia release, yet here I am gleefully typing away as their set from Fuji Rocks plays through for the tenth time in two days. And though these classic tunes have graced discerning ears for decades, this album most certainly is "New." In fact, songs burned so deeply into my heart, psyche and feet have taken on entirely different lives of their own. Of course all of the Fila quirk and groove are retained exquisitely, but the live performance aspect and agility of the players involved makes for one hell of a ride. Familiar sounds of deep cuts and hip-shakers abound, though processed through a spontaneous aural lense of sorts. This is certainly improvisational music to a degree, however every note is necessary. This is not self-indulgent noodling around. This is a tight band at the top of their game, seemingly having a whole lot of fun while just... jamming. Familiar music delivered in a way that satisfies nostalgia while concurrently sounding differently than the original versions. This is not an easy feat, as so many live albums by "Electronic" artists often miss the mark; either the music sounds exactly like the original recording or simply does not translate well when musicians en masse take on the task of replicating said songs. Fortunately for us, Fila Brazillia are able to avoid either pitfall and propel themselves into a musical frenzy that exudes everything there is to love about the duo of Cobby and McSherry. The sense of humor behind the beautiful layers of sound, the upbeat moments of energetic bliss, the meditative and emotional passages... All of these are front and center, and a full band accompanies Fila to drive it home. It works perfectly as new dimensions can most certainly be found in these live renditions. Specifically, the deep history and lineage of the classic duo shines throughout this entire album. Percussive as heck, acts like A Certain Ration and Arthur Russell come to mind. The psychedelia and strangeness of Zappa are prevalent. Of course, Acid House is often in close proximity to the compositions. Yet Fila Brazillia do not imitate and the pure originality they are so well known for courses through the Fuji Rocks performance. They are able to effortlessly weave these influences into a sound all their own which is evident from their discography, as well as this amazing performance. Go take this journey, it's well worth your time.” Michael Collins - FBR
Fila Brazillia Jul 20, 2018
Fila Brazillia Jul 01, 2018
Fila Brazillia Jun 30, 2018
Fila Brazillia
Fila Brazillia Jun 29, 2018
Coming soon. . . .
Fila Brazillia Jun 19, 2018
"Our premier today and one of our favourite premiers of the year so far is an absolutely divine slice of laid-back house music from 2 fantastic artists Steve Cobby (Fila Brazillia) and Danielle Moore (Crazy P). Both artists who have graced the Le Visiteur soundsytem many times in the past. Everything about this track is ridiculously sexy from the smooth synth lines and warm and bubbling bassline to the plucks which help give it a nice constant movement. The addition of a squelchy top synth really sets it off as Danielle Moore’s incredible vocal glides across the track with incredible grace. Lefthanded books is nearly 8 minutes long but feels half that as it develops perfectly without a moment of music flab."
Fila Brazillia Jun 14, 2018
Unofficial World Cup anthem. Fresh 12"s available @ only £3.99
Fila Brazillia May 13, 2018
Next Friday. MCR incoming.