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Behind the Devil's Back
Be Human
Floods (Instrumental)
Floods (Radio Mix)
Floods (Album Version)
Alternate Endings
One Day Son, This Will All Be Yours
We Apologise for Nothing
Grand Unification
Fightstar Oct 10, 2018
DUDES! Dan & Al here from Fightstar. We thought some of you guys might dig to know that we have a new Gunship record out this week. The new record is called "Dark All Day". 🙏Heartfelt thanks to all those FS fans who have been supportive of this project🙏 It means the world to us. If you’re interested to see what we’ve been up to, you can check it out here: #DarkAllDay #Gunship #newalbum
Fightstar Dec 13, 2017
🎄OUT NOW!🎄 'Behind The Devils Back' 180g Heavyweight LIMITED EDITION Vinyl. 🎅Go on... treat yourself!🎅 Get a FREE instant download of the record on purchase. FSx
Fightstar Oct 20, 2017
Hold on to ya ******** fillings man! Pre-order The limited edition 'Behind The Devils Back' 180g Heavyweight Vinyl NOW! Get instant download of the record on pre ordering. Big Love FSx
Fightstar Aug 22, 2017
Fightstar May 02, 2017
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Fightstar Apr 25, 2017
9 Years ago at BBC Maida Vale we recorded one of our finest covers for the Colin Murray Radio 1 Show... Not sure where all the time goes! Yesterday marked the 8th Anniversary of our 3rd Album, "Be Human"... X
Fightstar Mar 17, 2017
Listen to Behind The Devils Back on Spotify FS X Animated using Werble
Fightstar Feb 21, 2017
Thanks for the Fightstar love Ed Sheeran !
Fightstar Jan 20, 2017
Hold my hand until... Made with Werble :
Fightstar Dec 24, 2016
Merry Christmas guys! BIG LOVE! #familytime #mincepies #makingmemories #madewithwerbleapp
Fightstar Dec 13, 2016
SALE! 20% off everything in our store. #ChristmasShopping #Fightstar #BehindTheDevilsBack #MadeWithWerbleApp Werble
Fightstar Dec 12, 2016
Good morning! You can now listen to Alternate Endings on Spotify How about some juicy nostalgia for breakfast? #Throwback #AlternateEndings #SomeSoundABitRopyAsTheyAreDemos #Fightstar #Spotify
Fightstar Dec 11, 2016
Omar's new Apparel Label! Printed on Organic Fabric! Check out the First Limited run, NOW!!
Fightstar Oct 31, 2016
Happy Halloween! Shepherd's Bush Empire 2009 FUN TIMES. Charlie Simpson GUNSHIP #Throwback #Halloween #Werble
Fightstar Oct 26, 2016
Super Halloween sale on the last remaining Behind The Devils Back box sets! Gif created in the Werble app: #BehindTheDevilsBack #Werble #GetSome #Boxset #BehindTheDevilsBack
Fightstar Oct 16, 2016
Happy Birthday to Behind The Devils Back! One today! #Turnitup #BehindTheDevilsBack
Fightstar Sep 21, 2016
This shit will turn you into a goddamn sexual tyrannosaurus! Fightstar Chilli Sauce. Exclusive to the Behind the Devils Back Box Set. Get some at #BehindTheDevilsBack #Fightstar #ChilliSauce #Werble
Fightstar Sep 21, 2016
Behind the Devils Back Tour. Nearly a year ago. Give it a spin. #Fightstar #BehindTheDevilsBack
Fightstar Sep 16, 2016
Yo guys, last chance to grab a limited edition box set! All T-shirt sizes available. Boooom. Big love! FS #BehindTheDevilsBack #Fightstar #ChilliSauce
Fightstar Sep 12, 2016
Our friends While She Sleeps have opened up a Pledge for their upcoming record. It will be good. DO IT. Plus one of their dads is #MorganFreeman.
Fightstar May 20, 2016
Happy Friday! We have finally got our store back up and running! Head over to Big love, FS x #Fightstar #Store #Tshirt #BehindTheDevilsBack
Fightstar May 16, 2016
Charlie Simpson
Fightstar Apr 07, 2016
Morrrrrrning all! To all the rad dudes following our other band GUNSHIP - Exciting news! Especially for those of you that like to get your dark synth action on... GUNSHIP VINYL NOW AVAILABLE FOR PRE-ORDER! LINK: Bloody-Disgusting presents a retro-tastic homage to the 5 1/4 inch floppy disk,a holy gaming relic long passed, now a glorious collectable vinyl including an ultra limited double sided picture disc, nostalgic references and neon soaked artwork. *LISTEN HERE!*: #GUNSHIP #Synthwave #Retrogaming #Vinyl #Ibentmywookie #Polybius
Fightstar Apr 01, 2016
Yo! It's Charlie here.. Hope everyone is awesome! Just to let you know, I recorded an EP with my two brothers called Once Upon A Dead Man and the EP is out today!! Would love you guys to check it out. x
Fightstar Mar 11, 2016
Sometimes Friday needs some more intensity. #GetAllTheWayOutOfBed