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Fever Fever Dec 24, 2018
That moment when Ebenezer Scrooge gains new appreciation for the Christmas season and cooks a goose for everyone:
Fever Fever Dec 18, 2018
The best way to spread Christmas cheer...
Fever Fever Aug 20, 2018
I will be 🏃🏻‍♂️next to you🏃🏻‍♀️ Searching until we Find what we’re looking for Have you heard our single “DETAILS”? Follow the link in our bio! . . . . #details #feverfever #music #indie #acoustic #rock #nature #trees #rocks #art #travel #ohio #band #newmusic #harmonium #sunshine #summer #peace #love #columbus #alternative #beauty #parks #forest #hiking #adventure #friends
Fever Fever Jul 11, 2018
Local love from PromoWest Productions. This playlist makes it easy to find awesome local music!
Fever Fever Jul 10, 2018
Our new single Details is the feature track on PromoWest Productions Spotify playlist this week! PromoWest has ruled the regional concert scene for decades, grateful for the spotlight!
Fever Fever Jun 07, 2018
Fever Fever May 30, 2018
We’ve hauled this bad boy across the country on multiple occasions and recorded it for a handful of songs. It’s been a big part of shaping our sound and even when styles change, we will always find a place for it. Love you, Harmonium Jones. (I just came up with that name) #Music #livemusic #columbus #ohio #harmonium #acoustic #indie #rock
Fever Fever May 22, 2018
Making music with friends is one of our favorite things. 🎵
Fever Fever Apr 22, 2018
If you’re looking for a break in the clouds it’s gonna be a while...
Fever Fever Mar 21, 2018
Last weekend was rad. Thanks for welcoming us back out. Photo by: @lukecarmichael2
Fever Fever Mar 17, 2018
We are excited for tonight. Bros Drake 10pm
Fever Fever Mar 15, 2018
We’re excited to show you some new songs we’ve been working on! Come hear em this Saturday at 10pm at Brothers Drake Meadery. $5//21+
Fever Fever Feb 15, 2018
Working on some new tunes for you beautiful people. Come hear em next month at Bros Drake!
Fever Fever Jan 30, 2018
Fever Fever Jan 24, 2018
Gettin the rust off.
Fever Fever Jan 12, 2018
Working on a setlist... We want to play your favorites. Which of our songs do you want to hear live?
Fever Fever Nov 25, 2017
'Tis the season for new beginnings and Christmas songs. Here's a Christmas song we made called New Beginnings.
Fever Fever Nov 23, 2017
Hey thanks! #tbt #thanksgiving #herestothefuture
Fever Fever Sep 16, 2017
3 years ago today (on Wes' birthday) Aftermath was released. We're still incredibly proud of this record. What's your favorite song off of it?
Fever Fever Aug 30, 2017
Check it out! Zack made a solo album and you can pre order it here:
Fever Fever Jul 11, 2017
It's so awesome to see people inspired by our music! It's also awesome to see people take our music and put their spin on it! If anyone has any covers of our songs don't hesitate to send them to us! Thanks to Jessie for this cover of Hypnotized :)
Fever Fever Jun 30, 2017
Fever Fever (AKA Two at the Wall) circa 2006
Fever Fever Feb 17, 2017
NEW MUSIC - The Upside Down
Fever Fever Feb 16, 2017
The birthday boy