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Get Up Young Phoenix
Fellowcraft Feb 07, 2019
Next up for the Fellowcraft fellas, is Pie!!! Join us as we join an all star punk rock line up! Join us and be loud!
Fellowcraft Feb 06, 2019
Show announcement! Join us Sat Apr 6 as we join forces with @badkrohma at @hillcountrylive #wefour #yep #four #comesee
Fellowcraft Jan 24, 2019
To everyone that has ever supported us, in any way, ever, we thank you. We’ve got some big news and big gigs coming up soon, so stay tuned here on the gram. 📸: @roxplosion #onward #wethree #sometimesfour #getupyoungphoenix #thatfellowcraftband
Fellowcraft Jan 23, 2019
We'd love to be considered for a Wammie (Washington DC Area Grammy) for our new album, "Three"! Would you nominate us? If enough people nominate us, we could be considered for the award. We'd really be honored if you could take just a minute to fill out webform! Here's the link: Here's the 4 categories we would be competitive for. The names and links you'll need for the form are below, and you can use our name, "Fellowcraft" and our URL,, on the form when prompted Best Rock Album: "Three" Best Rock Song: "Hold The Line" Best Rock Artist/Group: Fellowcraft Best Hard Rock Song: Proliferation Nation
Fellowcraft Jan 21, 2019
Join us! This is the easiest way to follow us as we galavant across DC and beyond!
Fellowcraft Jan 14, 2019
🤘🤓🤘Huge thank you to DC9 Nightclub , One Way Out DC and Maryjo Mattea for the rocking good time we had! Thank you all for rocking out with us on a Friday night before the snow fell! Also, huge shout out to Pablo (@guidoanton) for playing the blues with us! See you next time! 📸: Good Foot Media #thatfellowcraftband #getupyoungphoenix @ DC9 Nightclub
Fellowcraft Jan 11, 2019
Fellowcraft plus one makes four. That college degree came in handy. Join us as we rock the blues off the walls at @dc9club w @maryjomattea and @onewayoutmusic #thatfellowcraftband #pluspablo #tonightitswefour #wehappyfour #webandofbrothers #getupyoungphoenix
Fellowcraft Jan 09, 2019
Huge thank you to Random Nerds for including our track with Gordon Sterling, "Bartenders and Bourbon" on this year/plus' list of best songs to come out of the 51st state! Check out the whole record at
Fellowcraft Jan 09, 2019
Fellowcraft Jan 09, 2019
🤘🤓🤘Here it is! Tomorrow’s big surprise!l We have a very special guest joining us on stage for a couple of blues bangers. Join us, and Pablo Antón (@guidoanton) from Black Dog Prowl for a rousing wee-blues run to close out our set at @dc9club as we support @onewayoutmusic and @maryjomattea! #dcmusicrocks #dcrocks #thatfellowcraftband #gonnabefourforaminuteortwo
Fellowcraft Jan 08, 2019
You ready for some rock and roll, and a big surprise? Join us Friday at @dc9club as we support @maryjomattea and @onewayoutmusic!! #dcmusicrocks #dcrocks — baller photo by @eamonndd 📸📸📸
Fellowcraft Jan 04, 2019
I know the tide is going to turn. I know the wind is going to blow. I know the chains won’t break me. I know. I know. I KNOW! - fantastic shot of us from 📸 @eamonndd taken at our @blackcatdc performance in December 2018. #getupyoungphoenix #getonup #getupandrun - come join us on Jan 11 as we support @onewayoutmusic and @maryjomattea at @dc9club
Fellowcraft Jan 01, 2019
2018 - Thank you so much! Thank you!!! All of you! #wethree #wehappythree #webandofbrothers #thatfellowcraftband #blackcatdc #930club #hstfest2018 #clarendonday2018 #hillcountrydc #jamminjava #uglymug #roofersunion #unionstage #rockandrollmarathondc #worldofbeer #dcmusicrocks #dcrocks #powertrio #grungeblues
Fellowcraft Dec 29, 2018
Music is our Aeroplane! Thank you! From the bottom of our hearts, thank you! Thank you @jamminjava, @brokeroyals and @lukejamesshaffer for a truly unforgettable night! #wethree #wehappythree #webandofbrothers
Fellowcraft Dec 27, 2018
We're happy to announce that we'll be joining Broke Royals and Luke James Shaffer at Jammin' Java this friday as part of A Royal Holiday: Broke Royals + Luke James Shaffer + Leffty at Jammin Java - join us in Vienna for a rousing night of raucous rock n' roll! #ragerageragerage #wethree #wehappythree
Fellowcraft Dec 25, 2018
Happy Christmas! May all your sweaters be ugly!
Fellowcraft Dec 23, 2018
2018 is in the bag. Thank you for such a wonderful year. A huge thank you to @colorpalettedc, @coralbenders and @blackcatdc for having us as part of the farewell to the backstage. You will be missed. #blackcatbackstage #blackcat #dcmusicrocks #dcrocks #thatfellowcraftband #wethree #wehappythree #webandofbrothers
Fellowcraft Dec 22, 2018
Don’t stay home tonight! Join us at black cat for one last show in 2018!
Fellowcraft Dec 22, 2018
It’s going down tonight!
Fellowcraft Dec 20, 2018
Thank you, thank you, thank you! It's been a whirlwind of a year! We froze our asses off at the Rock n Roll Marathon, and it was glorious fun! We played Union Stage, and the legendary 9:30 Club! We played at the annual Clarendon and H Street Festivals too! And you know what, we finally released that full length record that we've been incessantly blabbing about for three years too.. and we just had to name it THREE, right!? We're capping off an amazingly fortunate year with one last show this Saturday at the Black Cat DC with Color Palette and the Coral Benders! The Red Room, Food for Thought, the pinball machines... the pinball... it's all getting boxed up and hopefully moved upstairs when they open up the new backstage. We hope you join us, one last time this year, to rage out with us as we say goodby the best way we know how. Brandon's going to viscously slap a four string instrument that we arent suppsed to use "the G word" to describe. BNP's going to lose his literal shit and play his drums with reckless abandon, and JR's going to scream incoherently into a microphone. #suchacrooner Afterwords, we'll take some shots. Come drink and listen to us be loud! Thank you DC! Thank you friends! Thank you Black Cat for having us. Ugly Sweater Party with Color Palette/Fellowcraft/Coral Benders
Fellowcraft Dec 12, 2018
The annual FC hang at the Rock n Roll Hotel/ESA holiday party. Phew... It’s been a hell of a year, but it’s not over yet! Join us Dec 22 at @BlackCatDC for one last show in 2018! We’ll be supporting Coral Benders and Color Palette!
Fellowcraft Dec 11, 2018
Check out the write up that Indie Buddie put up for Color Palette! We’re humbled that we’ll get a chance to open up for them in a few weeks at the Black Cat DC! Join us Dec 22 for an Ugly Sweater party and more!
Fellowcraft Dec 06, 2018
We’re humbled and grateful for everyone who has listened to even 1 second of our music. Thank you for all of your support. #onward #thatfellowcraftband #wethree #wehappythree #webandofbrothers
Fellowcraft Dec 05, 2018
🤘🤓🤘🔉🔊🎶🎵A look at the ever changing madness that is @jonnyryanmac’s pedal board. Hear this madness first hand dec 22 when we support @coralbenders and @colorpalettedc at the @blackcatdc — Wilson Effects Colorful Tunable Clone Wah ▶️Boss TU-2 Tuner▶️Fairfield Circuitry Barbershop▶️Tomkat Daydreamer▶️Sovtek Russian Big Muff (just got this one courtesy of @action_music ) into a first edition Tiny Terror (the practice rig) - on stage JR runs a Vintage Marshall JMP. #thatfellowcraftband #guitarpedals #gearaquisitionsyndrome #gas #bosseffects #wilsoneffects #carolineguitarcompany #fairfieldcircuitry #russianmuff #ehxpedals
Fellowcraft Dec 05, 2018
Catch us at out last show of 2018 on Dec 22 at @blackcatdc, were supporting @colorpalettedc and @coralbenders - 📸[email protected] @930club #thatfellowcraftband #wethree #wehappythree #webandofbrothers #dcrocks #dcmusicrocks