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Get Up Young Phoenix
Color Palette with Fellowcraft and Coral Benders at Black Cat (December 22, 2018)
Venue: Black Cat (Washington, DC, US) Find tickets
Fellowcraft Dec 12, 2018
The annual FC hang at the Rock n Roll Hotel/ESA holiday party. Phew... It’s been a hell of a year, but it’s not over yet! Join us Dec 22 at @BlackCatDC for one last show in 2018! We’ll be supporting Coral Benders and Color Palette!
Fellowcraft Dec 11, 2018
Check out the write up that Indie Buddie put up for Color Palette! We’re humbled that we’ll get a chance to open up for them in a few weeks at the Black Cat DC! Join us Dec 22 for an Ugly Sweater party and more!
Fellowcraft Dec 06, 2018
We’re humbled and grateful for everyone who has listened to even 1 second of our music. Thank you for all of your support. #onward #thatfellowcraftband #wethree #wehappythree #webandofbrothers
Fellowcraft Dec 05, 2018
🤘🤓🤘🔉🔊🎶🎵A look at the ever changing madness that is @jonnyryanmac’s pedal board. Hear this madness first hand dec 22 when we support @coralbenders and @colorpalettedc at the @blackcatdc — Wilson Effects Colorful Tunable Clone Wah ▶️Boss TU-2 Tuner▶️Fairfield Circuitry Barbershop▶️Tomkat Daydreamer▶️Sovtek Russian Big Muff (just got this one courtesy of @action_music ) into a first edition Tiny Terror (the practice rig) - on stage JR runs a Vintage Marshall JMP. #thatfellowcraftband #guitarpedals #gearaquisitionsyndrome #gas #bosseffects #wilsoneffects #carolineguitarcompany #fairfieldcircuitry #russianmuff #ehxpedals
Fellowcraft Dec 05, 2018
Catch us at out last show of 2018 on Dec 22 at @blackcatdc, were supporting @colorpalettedc and @coralbenders - 📸[email protected] @930club #thatfellowcraftband #wethree #wehappythree #webandofbrothers #dcrocks #dcmusicrocks
Fellowcraft Dec 03, 2018
THREE! Available now, everywhere online music is sold and streamed!! And hey, because a few folks have been asking... If you'd really like to send your love, solidarity and support to the band, buy our new LP at @bandcamp or Applemusic. A one time $7 check is more that we'll probably ever get from streams. Plus, then you can listen to it offline, like on an Airplane or when your'e stuck in a tunnel on the Metro! Most artists on the grind cant afford a cup of coffee on the revenue from Spotify.
Fellowcraft Nov 27, 2018
We want to congratulate JR and his partner, his soulmate, his lovely wife and business associate in worldwide badassery, @kay_ell_bee_, on their wedding - stay classy you two, the world is yours. #jrgotmarried #hesetlabarrehigh #macsmadeinheaven #eieido
Fellowcraft Nov 15, 2018
Huge congrats to our lead singer and guitarist @jonnyryanmac and his lovely lady @kay_ell_bee_ !!!! They got married!!! 💎🎉🎊💏💍#hesetlabarrehigh #macsmadeinheaven #eieido
Fellowcraft Nov 11, 2018
We few. We happy few. Today we honor all the veterans. Here’s our very own Airman, JR, doing his best fighter jet face in a Russian Mig-29. #vetsday #goodfellowafb #315trs
Fellowcraft Nov 07, 2018
Don’t boo. VOTE!
Fellowcraft Nov 02, 2018
All grins at @jonnyryanmac and @kay_ell_bee_’s rehearsal dinner #latergram #hesetlabarrehigh #macsmadeinheaven #eieido
Fellowcraft Oct 22, 2018
🤔 Wait.... what happened to summer?! 🌞🌻🌼🌸 I hope you got some knee boarding in. So... Heads up, BNP killed this summer, and JR freaked out and almost died tubing. Brandon laughed at both of us. Check out BNP’s wave cutting as we say good bye to summer 2018. #latersummer #fallyoucruelbastard
Fellowcraft Oct 13, 2018
We had a hell of time playing at the #hstfestival2018 - thank you to everyone who came out to support us! 📸 @guidoanton
Fellowcraft Oct 10, 2018
Join us Saturday at 2pm as we bring Hold the Line and the West Texas Blues to the H Street Festival! #wethree #wehappythree #hstfest2018 #thatfellowcraftband #dcrocks #dcmusicrocks #hstreet
Fellowcraft Oct 08, 2018
BNP and JR went out to the Pie Shop this week to see @tiredallthetimeband and @mysteryfriends - this was after Tired all the Time’s set! Hell of a set, fellas.
Fellowcraft Oct 04, 2018
When the band stops practice for some homemade fajitas. #weneedthatfoodfood
Fellowcraft Oct 01, 2018
JR sat down with Jason and talked about how he got to DC in 2010, and why Crystal City felt like NYC. Yeah.... he said that.
Fellowcraft Sep 27, 2018
Because people keep asking me “what’s next?” #pizzacraft
Fellowcraft Sep 22, 2018
Join us today at Clarendon Day! We hit the main stage at 4pm!
Fellowcraft Sep 20, 2018
#RageRageRageRage - JR sure is known for being loud AF. #Repost from @roxplosion ・・・ #dcrocks #zeiss #niftyfifty #a99ii #rockandroll #gigphotography #nightclub930 #fellowcraft #powertrio #dcmusicrocks930 #concertphoto #livemusic
Fellowcraft Sep 18, 2018
🎶🎵🤘🤓🤘🎵🎶 Today we announce the arrival of our latest record! THREE, our third release, is a labor of love, solidarity, and protest. We started working on these songs as far back as August 2015. Over the last three years we’ve honed our craft, and we sincerely hope that you enjoy it as much as we do. We’ve got hard rock and grunge, and even some wailing blues tracks, funky bass lines, and… (surprise!) a track that harks back to our punk influences. Big shout outs to @mitchbassdrum, @gordon_sterling, and @therealardamus who joined us on this record! We also want to thank @jdogric12 , @sean_gotkin and @markreitermusic for their hospitality, expertise, and production. It took three years, three different recording studios, three producers, and three guest performers to pull it off. Today, we share it with you. Available now on all major streaming and download platforms is Fellowcraft’s third release #THREE -- #wethree #wehappythree #webandofbrothers #thatfellowcraftband #getupyoungphoenix #dcrocks #dcmusicrocks #DCMusicReview
Fellowcraft Sep 17, 2018
“For a minute there I lost myself” — The next time we’ll chat, we’ll have released our brand new LP. I was a long and introspective road. Three years or work, love, solidarity, disagreements, and even a few fights. But we made it. I’d like to think we’re better for it. #wethree #wehappythree #webandofbrothers #thatfellowcraftband 📸: @kay_ell_bee_
Fellowcraft Sep 15, 2018
Big thank you to Glory In Sound for reviewing our new album, Three!
Fellowcraft Sep 13, 2018
In just a few days we’re releasing our brand new LP “Three”. Three instruments. Three dreams. Three years in the making. #wethree #wehappythree #webandofbrothers #thatfellowcraftband
Fellowcraft Sep 03, 2018
May all your labors and endeavors be celebrated. Take a breather this weekend! #dcmusicrocks #thatfellowcraftband #getupyoungphoenix #wethree #wehappythree #webandofbrothers