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Get Up Young Phoenix
Fellowcraft Apr 18, 2019
When you just love your bassist so 👏 damn 👏 much 👏#drinksandmeat #bbqwithmusicians #whatever #hereswonderwall
Fellowcraft Apr 05, 2019
🤟Say hello to the new guy! Welcome to the machine, Zach. His first gig as the drummer for @thatfellowcraftband is TOMORROW at @hillcountrylive! #wefew #wehappyfew #webandofbrothers #dclivemusic #dcrocks #dcmusicrocks #thoreau
Fellowcraft Apr 03, 2019
Our brand new four person lineup take the stage for the first time this Saturday at @hillcountrylive #newfaces #newblues #louder #thatfellowcraftband #dcrocks #dcmusicrocks
Fellowcraft Apr 01, 2019
DC Music Review reminding us that there’s a great batch of local talent playing this week! If you can, and you’d like to, go support a local musician at a show in town this week! There’s a bunch to pick from! #listenlocal
Fellowcraft Apr 01, 2019
🤘Wammie Weekend was insanely fun! We won for Best Rock Song w/ #holdtheline! @blackdogprowl and @aztecsunband swept in their prospective categories. Brian won the music media award for his work with @dcmusicrocks, too! The DC music scene is amazing. It was an honor just to be nominated! #wammiesdc #wammieweekend #thatfellowcraftband #getupyoungphoenix #thatsthat #blackdogprowl #dcrocks #dcmusicrocks
Fellowcraft Mar 30, 2019
🤘🤓🤘HOLY CRAP!!! Thank you so much!!!! “Hold the Line” is the @wammiesdc 2019 ‘Rock Song of the Year’, and were in good company with our brothers from their hard rock mothers, @blackdogprowl who won Best Hard Rock Song with ‘The Hill You Die On’! #wammiesdc #wammieweekend - thank you so many, many times. THANK YOU!! @themusicianship @dcmusicreview @dcmusicrocks #wehappyfew #webandofbrothers
Fellowcraft Mar 28, 2019
You’ve seen the news, but have your heard it? We’ve got a new lineup, and a fresh new approach to the old staples. If you haven’t seen us in a while, trust me when I say, it’s good! Join us next Saturday, April 6 at @hillcountrylive when we join @badkrohma! 📸: @roxplosion #dclivemusic #dcrocks #dcmusicrocks #thatfellowcraftband #wefour #wehappyfour #webandofbrothers #onward
Fellowcraft Mar 26, 2019
Before we throw the farewell party of an age for our outgoing drummer BNP, join us next Saturday (4/6) at Hill Country to say hello to OUR NEW DRUMMER, Zach Martin! Judging by his facial expression here, we're willing to say he's excited!
Fellowcraft Mar 25, 2019
Saturday April 6 we join @badkrohma for a night of raucous rock r roll! Join us, get some BBQ, get some Shiner Boch and rock the hell out. #bluesandbbq #thatfellowcraftband #wefour #wehappyfour #webandofbrothers #dcmusicrocks #dcrocks #supportlocalmusic #listenlocal
Fellowcraft Mar 24, 2019
🥧Thank you Pie Shop! Thank you @bluewreckofficial, @chillparentsdc, @thesplitseconds, @roxplosion and many many more! What a night! #dcmusic #dclivemusic #dcmusicrocks #dcrocks #wefour #wehappyfour #webandofbrothers
Fellowcraft Mar 24, 2019
Catch us tonight at The Pie Shop!
Fellowcraft Mar 22, 2019
🤘🤓🤘Join us tomorrow as Pablo takes the stage as a brand new member of Fellowcraft. Join us at the Pie Shop! Join us as we support @thesplitseconds, @chillparentsdc, @bluewreckofficial! If you miss Saturday, catch Pablo w/ @blackdogprowl, The Split Seconds and @stonedriverband at @pearlstreetlive! Big thank you to #dcsporeproductions! Amazing 📸 by @roxplosion
Fellowcraft Mar 19, 2019
🤘🤓🤘This Saturday! Join us as we say hello to Our newest axeman extraordinaire, Pablo Antón! (@guidoanton) well be ripping off a rocket fast 35 minute blues rock set, replete with some old Fellowcraft staples, done just a tiny bit differently if you catch my drift. #ragerageragerage #thelastgreatscotsman #wefour #wehappyfour #nolongeratrio
Fellowcraft Mar 15, 2019
When you get to watch your 9:30 club set on TV because your drummer wouldn’t have it any other way. Well, he ran the whole damn thing, the whole damn show, again. And he’s doing it again in 2019. We’ll be veterans this time #brianhustles #dcmusicrocks930
Fellowcraft Mar 14, 2019
Join us March 23rd as we try desperately to sing the roof off the Pie Shop! Join us at Bandsintown for all your stalking needs! 📸: Eamonn D
Fellowcraft Mar 07, 2019
THANK YOU!!! Thank for nominating us for 4 Wammies this year! It’s an honor just to be nominated. #Three was a labor solidarity, and love. It took us three years to make it, and hot damn, it was worth it. This is an honor beyond compare. We are humbled to be counted as peers in the seemingly endless sea of talent that this region propagates. #wethree #onward #getupyoungphoenix
Fellowcraft Mar 06, 2019
March 23 - Punk, Blues, Grunge, and a whole lot of Rock n Roll. Join us @thesplitseconds @chillparentsdc and @bluewreckofficial for one hell of a night at the @pieshopdc #eatlocal #drinklocal #listenlocal
Fellowcraft Mar 05, 2019
Fellowcraft Feb 28, 2019
😏You ever wondered what we’d sound like with a fourth member, for like, a whole show!? We don’t. Come see us on March 23rd at the Pie Shop to hear it yourself. #wefour #yeah #thathappened 🤘🤓🤘@pieshopdc @thesplitseconds @chillparentsdc @bluewreckofficial
Fellowcraft Feb 07, 2019
Next up for the Fellowcraft fellas, is Pie!!! Join us as we join an all star punk rock line up! Join us and be loud!
Fellowcraft Feb 06, 2019
Show announcement! Join us Sat Apr 6 as we join forces with @badkrohma at @hillcountrylive #wefour #yep #four #comesee
Fellowcraft Jan 24, 2019
To everyone that has ever supported us, in any way, ever, we thank you. We’ve got some big news and big gigs coming up soon, so stay tuned here on the gram. 📸: @roxplosion #onward #wethree #sometimesfour #getupyoungphoenix #thatfellowcraftband
Fellowcraft Jan 23, 2019
We'd love to be considered for a Wammie (Washington DC Area Grammy) for our new album, "Three"! Would you nominate us? If enough people nominate us, we could be considered for the award. We'd really be honored if you could take just a minute to fill out webform! Here's the link: Here's the 4 categories we would be competitive for. The names and links you'll need for the form are below, and you can use our name, "Fellowcraft" and our URL,, on the form when prompted Best Rock Album: "Three" Best Rock Song: "Hold The Line" Best Rock Artist/Group: Fellowcraft Best Hard Rock Song: Proliferation Nation
Fellowcraft Jan 21, 2019
Join us! This is the easiest way to follow us as we galavant across DC and beyond!
Fellowcraft Jan 14, 2019
🤘🤓🤘Huge thank you to DC9 Nightclub , One Way Out DC and Maryjo Mattea for the rocking good time we had! Thank you all for rocking out with us on a Friday night before the snow fell! Also, huge shout out to Pablo (@guidoanton) for playing the blues with us! See you next time! 📸: Good Foot Media #thatfellowcraftband #getupyoungphoenix @ DC9 Nightclub