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The Reminder: Deluxe EP
The Reminder
Open Season
Let It Die
Feist Dec 07, 2018
I’m so proud to yell to the hilltops that my manager @rlackritz -the double threat- goes and accidentally gets nominated for a Grammy. Best Engineered Album- non classical.... for Earthtones, by Bahamas. We made The Reminder and Metals in collaboration with a lot of people, but this is what happens when he’s given the helm to himself. SO PROUD OF YOU, pal! 🏆
Feist Nov 15, 2018
Born to Bond was the first song I wrote for Pleasure and it helped me find the rest of the record. The fact that I ended up cutting it didn’t change its influence on the whole. In retrospect it kind of acts as the bolt all the spokes hook into; mechanically it helped everything get moving and more thematically it forced me to fess up to what I needed to write on; the exhaustion of endings and having no idea how to give enough of a shit to begin again.... all the generative grit I’ve been chewing on the last couple years while we toured this record. It was first released by Planned Parenthood as part of the stellar collection they put together in support of women’s freedom to own their own bodies. X f (Link to full song
Feist Nov 12, 2018
I THINK what she’s trying to say is “I’m totally behind your choice to leave and I truly hope you have a GREAT time and enjoy every single moment without me and I’ll just be here doin’ my thing. Don’t worry about me at ALL. Like, not even for an instant consider my feelings.” #heartsareforbreakingiguess and #dogsareheartsmadeoffur
Feist Nov 08, 2018
Just unearthed a duet with my piano brother, Chilly Gonzales. In our long line of me-leaning-against-his-piano moments- like Limit to Your Love/ Now at Last/ Caught a Long Wind- this was was a one-take improvisation on Young Up while I was finishing the last album in Paris. Found footage, shot through the glass by Marry Rozzi at Les Studios Ferber.
Feist Nov 01, 2018
Smile tracking.....
Feist Nov 01, 2018
Smile tracking....
Feist Oct 29, 2018
Root that mountain down.....
Feist Oct 21, 2018
Guest room bookshelf selection for Montreal family’s arrival. @laforceband @intarotgate. Fairytales for adults, ridicule by an insider, personal ads from the 1700s, Wade Davis can teach me anything, anytime, bodice heaving, mescal cosmic violence, the good ole enneagram, humble greatness in conversation and cautionary travelling. ❤️🏡
Feist Oct 19, 2018
From 2am pastries in the 90s to freestyling at the 701 to lighting his exploding cigar to playing after hours squats in rome to sleeping in the storage loft above his kitchen in berlin to forgetting my melodica sidestage at the völksbuhne to being roommates in paris to making let it die to him filming a movie in my kitchen to many 3/4 good thai meals to attempting xmas in the Canary Islands to spooky Halloween jams in LA to inventing a game explaining intervals to improvising many musicals that will never be heard to writing each others’ autobiographies. Half a lifetime with this guy... and you guys only get him for 2 hours at a time! @chilly_gonzales. #leslieandjason
Feist Oct 09, 2018
Thanks to the heavy writers who brought me in this week, all flushed and cabin fever’d, to a meeting of minds that felt like these two. Foxy leap, ladies. Thankyou. @alessandrastorm @kyomaclear @hillarydoyl @ellenadams
Feist Sep 30, 2018
Feist Sep 23, 2018
Been like this for years. @chilly_gonzales, my giantest hugs will always just barely fit. ❤️🏔❤️(I seem to remember this was a billboard in the paris metro)
Feist Sep 21, 2018
La Friend Force. Race you to Adelaide Hall, Toronto.
Feist Sep 15, 2018
I’m so proud of my dad. After a very difficult year he is back where he belongs, on gallery walls. His concentration on a canvas is what planted the seed that I could also glaze over at the mid-distance and make something from that void myself. I Love you, pop. Harold Feist Surface and Colour September 13th - October 20th Gallery House 2068 Dundas Street West Toronto There is a conscious arbitrariness at play in the work of Harold Feist, in the way colours convene on the picture surface and just as unexpectedly diverge or transform into each other. Favouring intuition rather than calculation, Feist pours diluted paint directly onto the horizontal surface and tilts it gently from edge to edge between his hands in a motion akin to gold-pan- ning. Through close observation of the wet canvas, as though searching for a shimmer among plain rocks, Feist adjusts his movements to the momentum of paint in real-time. The result is a seamless ground with a watery appearance, giving the effect of rivers and tributaries flowing by their own internal forces. It captures what art historian Roald Nasgaard describes as the “surface activity of paint itself.” Freed from the gestural mark of the artist, each painting follows a course, although there is no prescribed outcome. -excerpt from the catalogue
Feist Sep 13, 2018
First encounter with a camera, possibly 1992? 📷 @zoltanvee #deepthrowback
Feist Sep 08, 2018
I’m 364 days early (always ahead of the curve) to send up the bday heart balloons for my beloved brother @kevinselection. All of what @amymillanforreal said about you, kev.... ditto. #thanksmillan
Feist Sep 07, 2018
This is how @laforceband celebrated her album release. Our day off in Portugal and she read me to sleep translating a french graphic novel, picked fresh figs for breakfast in the 300 year old courtyard and climbed a lime tree. This woman gives generously of her most invested privacies in song and has been an anchor and boon for me since we met and gave each other crushes on life nigh on 20 years ago. I dare you to be a bigger fan than I am.
Feist Sep 05, 2018
Feist Sep 05, 2018
Feist Sep 02, 2018
DIY punk- the perfect training grounds for public service: ethics! integrity! community building! crowd surfing! @betoorourke #frompunktosenate
Feist Sep 01, 2018
All-too-brief Euro/UK tour starts tomorrow. Probably the last one for a while. Come commemorate Let It Die’s 15th Anniversary.
Feist Aug 29, 2018
Feist Aug 28, 2018
For the 15th Anniversary of “Let It Die”, we are reissuing the album on vinyl in collaboration with Vinyl Me Please. -Meticulously relathed by Bernie Grundman Mastering. -Cover Artwork adapted by Heather Goodchild. -Heavyweight gatefold tip-on jacket. More info at Feist will be doing a short run of tour dates including a special show around the anniversary in Paris - has the dates.
Feist Aug 22, 2018
Drummer Seeking Band (gimme a year)
Feist Aug 19, 2018
Day to Night @37d03d 🔥