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The Reminder: Deluxe EP
The Reminder
The Reminder
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Let It Die
Bear Creek Folk Festival Bear Creek Folk Festival 2019
Venue: Unknown venue (Grande Prairie, AB, Canada) Find tickets
Mile Ex End Festival Mile Ex End Festival 2019
Venue: Viaduc Van Horne (Montreal, QC, Canada) Find tickets
Feist at Cork Opera House (September 14, 2019)
Venue: Cork Opera House (Cork, Ireland) Find tickets
Bryce Dessner, Feist, Dustin O'Halloran, Andrew Barr, and 6 more… at Barbican Centre (September 17, 2019)
Venue: Barbican Centre (London, UK) Find tickets
Bon Iver and Feist at Xcel Energy Center (October 3, 2019)
Venue: Xcel Energy Center (St. Paul, MN, US) Find tickets
Bon Iver and Feist at Allstate Arena (October 4, 2019)
Venue: Allstate Arena (Rosemont, IL, US) Find tickets
Bon Iver and Feist at Scotiabank Arena (October 6, 2019)
Venue: Scotiabank Arena (Toronto, ON, Canada) Find tickets
Bon Iver and Feist at Value City Arena, Schottenstein Center (October 8, 2019)
Venue: Value City Arena, Schottenstein Center (Columbus, OH, US) Find tickets
Bon Iver and Feist at Wells Fargo Center (October 10, 2019)
Venue: Wells Fargo Center (Philadelphia, PA, US) Find tickets
Bon Iver with Feist at TD Garden (October 15, 2019)
Venue: TD Garden (Boston, MA, US) Find tickets
Bon Iver with Feist at The Anthem (October 17, 2019)
Venue: The Anthem (Washington, DC, US) Find tickets
Bon Iver with Feist at The Anthem (October 18, 2019)
Venue: The Anthem (Washington, DC, US) Find tickets
Feist Aug 10, 2019
Custom Paul Wackers posters avail at our upcoming tour dates.
Feist Aug 05, 2019
Pleasure Studies, Episode 5: Century: The Cosmic Elastic Band Listen now at or wherever you get your podcasts. Why do some years of our lives seem to pass by in a flash, when the smallest of moments can feel infinitely frozen? In “Century,” two voices offer their radically different perspectives on the sensation of time: Centenarian Margaret Shein shares that time speeds by much faster after having lived for an entire century, while Joy Simmonds details a terrifying car accident where she felt suspended in time and found an odd sense of peace. Adding to the mystery of time’s physicality, geology professor Ulrich Wortmann speaks to certain instances in which the passing of millions of years has left no trace in nature. And in a mind-bending reflection on time and memory, physicist and time-travel researcher Ben Tippett breaks down the very real possibility of future time travel, and explains how the past lives on forever in the space-time continuum. Produced by Rachel Matlow and Veronica Simmonds Music by Todd Dahlhoff Themes by Tony Scherr Art by Jeremy Stewart and Naz Sahin
Feist Jul 29, 2019
Pleasure Studies, Episode 4: Born to Bond: Modern Intimacy Is On Acid Listen now at or wherever you get your podcasts. Is monogamy really so tied to stability—or can a more open approach lead to stronger and deeper relationships? As social psychologist Lucia O’Sullivan shares findings from decades of intimacy research, two couples shed light on their unconventional partnerships: Adult-film actress/director/writer Joanna Angel and her actor husband Small Hands speak to the complexities of commitment in the alt-porn world, while polyamorous couple Mutamba and Olivia discuss navigating their wildly different backgrounds and supporting each other in striving for total freedom. The result is an eye-opening look at connection and communication, one that reveals how undoing our assumptions of what’s “normal” in relationships may lead to a more expansive experience of love. Produced by Robbie Lackritz Music by Todd Dahlhoff Themes by Tony Scherr Art by Jeremy Stewart and Naz Sahin
Feist Jul 26, 2019
Pleasure Studies named "Pick of the Week" by the Guardian Podcasts; largely discredited by Fast and the Furious headline.
Feist Jul 23, 2019
What does it mean to stay "young"? What does it mean to become "old" before your time? Is age chronological, or is it a state of mind? Is aging inevitable? Or is it a conscious choice, one informed by our sense of what’s possible and by the premium we put on unmitigated joy? In “Young Up,” we’re let in on the secret to turning back the clock, thanks to three ageless women who’ve followed their hearts to extraordinary second acts: Kittie Weston-Knauer, a retired school principal and oldest female BMX racer in the U.S.; The Grindmother, a 69-year-old grindcore singer who counts Ozzy Osbourne among her fans; and Greta Pontarelli, who became the world’s oldest international pole-dancing champion after discovering her beloved hobby at age 59. With a dash of priceless wisdom from 8-year-old Anabel Dixon Lee and 9-year-old Scarlett Day, this episode also features social-science writer Bruce Grierson, who explains how our ideas about our own potential and limitations undeniably influence the rate at which we age. Listen now at or wherever you get your podcasts. Produced by Rachel Matlow Music by Todd Dahlhoff Themes by Tony Scherr and Chilly Gonzales Art by Jeremy Stewart and Naz Sahim
Feist Jul 15, 2019
Pleasure Studies - Episode 2 I’m Not Running Away: Giving Pain A Job Listen - When the outside world is at odds with our very humanity, everyday life is an endless threat, one that requires constant self-protection. In “I’m Not Running Away,” we meet three people who spent much of their lives hiding their truth, then confronted their fear and courageously stepped from the shadows. Guests include transgender advocate and triathlete Chris Mosier (the first known trans athlete to join a U.S. national team different from his birth-assigned gender), immigration activist Angy Rivera (a Colombia native who fled for New York as a child and later founded a groundbreaking advice column for fellow undocumented immigrants), and thespian Lisa Dwan (an Irish stage actress who suffers from debilitating panic attacks and stage fright). Produced by Brendan Baker Music by Todd Dahlhoff Theme by Tony Scherr Art by Jeremy Stewart and Naz Sahim
Feist Jul 09, 2019
Pleasure Studies - Episode 1 Listen - How do we regain hope when our dreams end in ruin? In “Lost Dreams,” we hear the stories of three people who followed their deepest passion and endured devastation: Perdita Felicien, a world-champion hurdler who was favored to win gold at the 2004 Olympics, then tripped and fell in what would be her last-ever appearance on the Olympic track; Dylan Evans, an esteemed psychologist who abandoned his academic career to build a utopian community in the Scottish Highlands, only to see that community unravel and find himself detained in a psychiatric hospital; and Sara Brooke Curtis, a mother whose first child died at just three-days-old and who now readies herself for the birth of her second baby. With a generous and spellbinding candor, each guest details the thrill of nearly realizing their dreams, the heartbreak of loss, and the newfound courage that’s transformed their understanding of fear. Produced by Rachel Matlow and Veronica Simmonds Music by Todd Dahlhoff Theme by Tony Scherr Art by Jeremy Stewart and Naz Sahim
Feist Jul 08, 2019
First episode - Lost Dreams: The Neutral Cruelty of Hope, is out today.
Feist Jul 02, 2019
Feist Jun 25, 2019
Announcing..... A new podcast/storytelling project>>>>
Feist Jun 17, 2019
La Blogothèque: "Feist took the #OneToOne idea, and made it more exciting that we could imagine : we let the blindfold on the victim eyes, so she could drown him in a turmoil of sounds coming from every side of the room, before taking a guitar and coming close enough to him so she could sing to his ear. Listen how beautiful and strong this version of Baby be simple just here, on your phone. And imagine what this guy must have felt" Full Video:
Feist Jun 07, 2019
Feist and Bon Iver tour goes onsale now at
Feist Jun 01, 2019
Feist May 15, 2019
Montreal - Feist to headline Mile Ex End Festival AUG 30 -
Feist May 11, 2019
We’re surprising ourselves by deciding to play a show in LA so you can surprise your mom! Let us be your bouquet this Mother’s Day... the first 50 people to buy a ticket get their moms on the guest list. Moms love that kind of thing. Tickets: Submit proof of purchase to bring your mom here:
Feist Apr 12, 2019
This summer>><< A new band to play old songs. Metals hasn’t had its width and breadth fully expressable for a while, so I’m excited to be joined by some heavy strings and metal (sax), including some Canadians I met at the fateful 37d03d in Berlin, Andrew Barr and Jessica Moss. Aug 10 - Vancouver, BC Aug 11 - Seattle, WA* Aug 13 - Portland, OR* Aug 15 - Saratoga, CA* Aug 16-18 - Grand Prairie, AB^ *Rhye supports ^Solo Tix on sale now at xF 🎨 Paul Wackers
Feist Apr 09, 2019
A life long student as a teacher? Even in that there must be a lesson. I look forward to finding out with the participants and maestro himself in Köln this fall.
Feist Apr 09, 2019
wine glass emoji party emoji onsale now emoji bay area friends come get bougie af
Feist Apr 08, 2019
Feist - Tickets - Oregon Zoo - Portland, OR - August 13th, 2019
Feist Mar 24, 2019
Archive surprise! Apparently taken (on film) when I played an @amoebahollywood instore in maaayybbeeeee 2006. So that poster I’m holding up would have been for a brand new album called Let It Die. I remember very few but very with-me people scattered between the rows of vinyl and feeling high on America. Thanks for the windfall photo @re_phill 🤲
Feist Mar 18, 2019
I was often front and center for the Constantine shows, though more often crushed in a mass of sweaty people. I’ve sat for hours trying to learn their guitar parts. We sang Islands in the Stream together and then I asked Bry Webb to sing with me on The Bad in Each Other. He’s a voice I’ve trusted for a long time and now he’s using it to speak up against a very insidious and negative sea change in our local Ontario government. It’s stuff we need to understand is quietly being shifted underneath us, an attempt to weaken the muscle of separateness and homogenize healthy dissent in our democracy. If you live in Canada, it’s a compelling read. As Canadians we’re often morbidly following what happens south of us like it’s the WWF, but we have some real contenders for supervillianry right here at home. With respect and thanks to bry, link in bio.
Feist Mar 13, 2019
I wish I could be in Austin with @brokensocialscene to stir up the streets like only SXSW can. On our first trip in 2003 we all tumbled out of the van after a straight 24 hour drive from Toronto right onto some stage and thus began a 15 year fist pump. Go find them in the frey and yell my name over and over at them so they can really feel my presence.... dates on the next page ☝🏼☝🏽☝️. I’ll be there singing in spirit-tandem with Ariel @laforceband #lotsofotherlesspostablethingshappenedonthattrip #itmighthavebeen2004 #itsnotmandatorytoeatthebbq
Feist Feb 22, 2019
#Repost Burnaby Blues + Roots Fest returns on Saturday, Aug. 10. Sit back on to The Festival Lawn at Deer Lake Park #vancouveradjacent
Feist Feb 22, 2019
Mariam, who I believe in, is @mariamthebeliever. We were on a boat together with new and old friends under the eclipse last month to learn songs, maybe write some. This sunset song of her’s was caught by Vincent Moon aka @petites___planetes. (Link in bio) “Love Makes Us Better”. What I admire most about her is I really feel that she’s really feeling, ever since I first heard @wildbirdsandpeacedrums . 🙌🌅🙌
Feist Feb 16, 2019
1999<<>>2019 #20yearchallenge Photo by @edroste, vinyl delivery by @rlackritz, monstera by Mother Earth aka gaia