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The Reminder: Deluxe EP
The Reminder
Open Season
Let It Die
Burnaby Roots and Blues Festival Burnaby Roots and Blues Festival 2019
Venue: Deer Lake Park (Burnaby, BC, Canada) Find tickets
Feist with Rhye at Woodland Park Zoo (August 11, 2019)
Venue: Woodland Park Zoo (Seattle, WA, US) Find tickets
Feist with Rhye at Oregon Zoo (August 13, 2019)
Venue: Oregon Zoo (Portland, OR, US) Find tickets
Feist Apr 12, 2019
This summer>><< A new band to play old songs. Metals hasn’t had its width and breadth fully expressable for a while, so I’m excited to be joined by some heavy strings and metal (sax), including some Canadians I met at the fateful 37d03d in Berlin, Andrew Barr and Jessica Moss. Aug 10 - Vancouver, BC Aug 11 - Seattle, WA* Aug 13 - Portland, OR* Aug 15 - Saratoga, CA* Aug 16-18 - Grand Prairie, AB^ *Rhye supports ^Solo Tix on sale now at xF 🎨 Paul Wackers
Feist Apr 09, 2019
A life long student as a teacher? Even in that there must be a lesson. I look forward to finding out with the participants and maestro himself in Köln this fall.
Feist Apr 09, 2019
wine glass emoji party emoji onsale now emoji bay area friends come get bougie af
Feist Apr 08, 2019
Feist - Tickets - Oregon Zoo - Portland, OR - August 13th, 2019
Feist Mar 24, 2019
Archive surprise! Apparently taken (on film) when I played an @amoebahollywood instore in maaayybbeeeee 2006. So that poster I’m holding up would have been for a brand new album called Let It Die. I remember very few but very with-me people scattered between the rows of vinyl and feeling high on America. Thanks for the windfall photo @re_phill 🤲
Feist Mar 18, 2019
I was often front and center for the Constantine shows, though more often crushed in a mass of sweaty people. I’ve sat for hours trying to learn their guitar parts. We sang Islands in the Stream together and then I asked Bry Webb to sing with me on The Bad in Each Other. He’s a voice I’ve trusted for a long time and now he’s using it to speak up against a very insidious and negative sea change in our local Ontario government. It’s stuff we need to understand is quietly being shifted underneath us, an attempt to weaken the muscle of separateness and homogenize healthy dissent in our democracy. If you live in Canada, it’s a compelling read. As Canadians we’re often morbidly following what happens south of us like it’s the WWF, but we have some real contenders for supervillianry right here at home. With respect and thanks to bry, link in bio.
Feist Mar 13, 2019
I wish I could be in Austin with @brokensocialscene to stir up the streets like only SXSW can. On our first trip in 2003 we all tumbled out of the van after a straight 24 hour drive from Toronto right onto some stage and thus began a 15 year fist pump. Go find them in the frey and yell my name over and over at them so they can really feel my presence.... dates on the next page ☝🏼☝🏽☝️. I’ll be there singing in spirit-tandem with Ariel @laforceband #lotsofotherlesspostablethingshappenedonthattrip #itmighthavebeen2004 #itsnotmandatorytoeatthebbq
Feist Feb 22, 2019
#Repost Burnaby Blues + Roots Fest returns on Saturday, Aug. 10. Sit back on to The Festival Lawn at Deer Lake Park #vancouveradjacent
Feist Feb 22, 2019
Mariam, who I believe in, is @mariamthebeliever. We were on a boat together with new and old friends under the eclipse last month to learn songs, maybe write some. This sunset song of her’s was caught by Vincent Moon aka @petites___planetes. (Link in bio) “Love Makes Us Better”. What I admire most about her is I really feel that she’s really feeling, ever since I first heard @wildbirdsandpeacedrums . 🙌🌅🙌
Feist Feb 16, 2019
1999<<>>2019 #20yearchallenge Photo by @edroste, vinyl delivery by @rlackritz, monstera by Mother Earth aka gaia
Feist Feb 10, 2019
....that time I thought chewing gum on the red carpet would make being thrust into the unblinking eye of the Grammies less of an uncomfortable fit for a canadian such as myself who’d long since taken the duct tape oath of scrappy touring musicians. It was a surreal day and a beautiful tumble like when you’re stuck in the wave near the shore not knowing up from down. After being told side stage that I needed to cut the song I was about to play by 24 seconds, I peeked out of the rhinestone curtain and saw the pantheon of all the music of the western world sitting in their folding chairs. And choked on the incongruousness of that apex of pressure. Nuts. And as some magazine noticed, “she seemed freaked out.” Which I very much was. Later that night I made a kind of truce with having felt so raw and having sung through a tightness that was SO not the ageless queendom of Aretha who sang 20 feet to my left with 5 gospel choirs right before the cameras panned over to lil terrified me. To be mediocre under profound and unnatural pressure felt like a truth I could live with, and have! The highs and lows of a touring life that I was already 15 years deep into on that *best new artist* day were distilled into a minute and 43 seconds of bone-deep honest struggle, and I’ve since been glad for a moment at the far edge of the bandwidth of experience. I’m here today to flank my manager and producer, 3 feet behind him off to his left as a proud member of his entourage. The long and winding road! #mygrandmothersnecklace @mockyrecordings
Feist Feb 06, 2019
Timeline Photos
Feist Feb 01, 2019
Playing with the edges of this dimension.... 🕳by @rune_operator aka the space time continuum
Feist Jan 28, 2019
From a few daze ago in the blue ocean to “out where the great black rivers flow”. Late night roadtrippin with @springsteen took us all the way to Sundance. #mrstatetrooper 🙌to fellow travellers @frallymusic @chrisstillsmusic @pattygmusic
Feist Jan 27, 2019
BSS 2013 becomes BSS 2019 Japanese style.
Feist Jan 20, 2019
Group Story 2 Mercy is an idea deeper than thought. Freedom, freedom, who is ever free no one ever is ever was and ever will be forever and the essence of forever shall continue until we have nothing to lose and we shall be free and live in an organized place. Well it started, well for sure amongst the corals and the drips of sun and the animals all wild and fast, the last bastard cast shadows of sexy silk. I will just you and then tear it off with my teeth were white but now they’re all little yellow too. Maybe they lied all the time. I am so confused. But still, the whiskey and a canada dry tasted and flowering in the quiet dawn of new age of consciousness where spirits can move everything. I mean everything Let me say, get me trays of clay plates and prey upon the walrus I will ride until the end of time the end of time was just the beginning. By @mariam_repeatuntildeath @gydatru @ithinkimphil @damienrice @josefinrunsteen @wildbirdsandpeacedrums @petites___planetes @alexis_antigua @ectoderm88 Anchored off Guadeloupe.
Feist Jan 16, 2019
⚖️I love how the zeros and ones got all fluid on the high seas and separated the sound and video like a horizon on this repost from @damienrice. Version o the vision. Shot by @petites___planetes aka Vincent Moon. #page2includesmermaids
Feist Jan 15, 2019
Group Story 1 Instead of doing the sensible thing and simply calling it God, the waves carry us further in two ways of my sky and stars beyond the pale, pale cloud of cotton balls. The picture finally opened. I did oh I opened it all and it fell out into a pile of sawdust, collected itself in a shuddering mass and rose up until it stood tall and went deep into the sea. The end. Of the first part, the second part still makes me think of the first time we felt each other’s skin, letting loose. The animals are the true inheritors we are merely servants to their hilarious and quiet laugh at their own, but I am alone in solitude with other souls. Oh solitude, you tempestuous flirt, so delicious one moment then the enemy took care of my mother and I loved him. No one saw at each other again after that. By @mariam_repeatuntildeath @gydatru @ithinkimphil @damienrice @josefinrunsteen @wildbirdsandpeacedrums @petites___planetes @alexis_antigua @ectoderm88 First lamp lit night anchored at Green Island 🕯
Feist Jan 13, 2019
¡¡ My first guitar magazine cover!! Thanks to @fretboardjournal for the chance to talk gear and feelings and how I feel about gear (and how gear doesn’t actually have feelings.) I approach the tech with feminine muscle, which is to say steely and sweaty intuition. The transistors and electronics I leave in the capable and calloused hands of @kemmisutra. Thanks 4evr, Bob. X. 📷by @norman__wong ✏️ by @mikedaleytoronto
Feist Dec 31, 2018
Soundcheck is like skinny dipping in the lake at dawn before anyone else is awake. Before even the geese are awake or the coffee is on. Before the pink creeps upward to be blue. Soundcheck in these empty rooms is a similar privilege.... swimming totally alone and entirely together. 🧿by @laforceband
Feist Dec 22, 2018
The prism of me, mary and the mirror. 😘to @maryrozzi 📐💎🔑
Feist Dec 07, 2018
I’m so proud to yell to the hilltops that my manager @rlackritz -the double threat- goes and accidentally gets nominated for a Grammy. Best Engineered Album- non classical.... for Earthtones, by Bahamas. We made The Reminder and Metals in collaboration with a lot of people, but this is what happens when he’s given the helm to himself. SO PROUD OF YOU, pal! 🏆
Feist Nov 15, 2018
Born to Bond was the first song I wrote for Pleasure and it helped me find the rest of the record. The fact that I ended up cutting it didn’t change its influence on the whole. In retrospect it kind of acts as the bolt all the spokes hook into; mechanically it helped everything get moving and more thematically it forced me to fess up to what I needed to write on; the exhaustion of endings and having no idea how to give enough of a shit to begin again.... all the generative grit I’ve been chewing on the last couple years while we toured this record. It was first released by Planned Parenthood as part of the stellar collection they put together in support of women’s freedom to own their own bodies. X f (Link to full song
Feist Nov 12, 2018
I THINK what she’s trying to say is “I’m totally behind your choice to leave and I truly hope you have a GREAT time and enjoy every single moment without me and I’ll just be here doin’ my thing. Don’t worry about me at ALL. Like, not even for an instant consider my feelings.” #heartsareforbreakingiguess and #dogsareheartsmadeoffur
Feist Nov 08, 2018
Just unearthed a duet with my piano brother, Chilly Gonzales. In our long line of me-leaning-against-his-piano moments- like Limit to Your Love/ Now at Last/ Caught a Long Wind- this was was a one-take improvisation on Young Up while I was finishing the last album in Paris. Found footage, shot through the glass by Marry Rozzi at Les Studios Ferber.