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Calamari Tuesday
Feed Me at The Lizard Lounge (March 15, 2019)
Venue: The Lizard Lounge (Dallas, TX, US) Find tickets
Beyond Wonderland Festival Beyond Wonderland Festival 2019
Venue: NOS Events Center (San Bernardino, CA, US) Find tickets
Asteria Arts & Music Festival Asteria Arts & Music Festival 2019
Venue: Camp Frontier (Haines City, FL, US) Find tickets
Feed Me Feb 22, 2019
Number 1 on iTunes dance! Thank you all! About to start a reddit AMA on r/EDM in an hour - link is here:
Feed Me Feb 22, 2019
My new album is out, and #1 on iTunes electronic! Overwhelmed. Big thanks to you all, great to be back on @mau5trap too.
Feed Me Feb 22, 2019
My new album ‘High Street Creeps’ is either out or out very soon on @mau5trap! Thank you everyone for supporting, maybe this is the coffee talking but I love you all 🖤
Feed Me Feb 20, 2019
Bug testing / fixing and it’s done
Feed Me Feb 20, 2019
Two more days until ‘High Street Creeps’ is released. I’m doing a Reddit AMA on /EDM Friday 2pm est too where I can talk to you and stuff
Feed Me Feb 20, 2019
Haha thanks @asarilce 🇨🇳
Feed Me Feb 19, 2019
Ladies & gentleman, my new album ‘High Street Creeps’ will be out this Friday on @mau5trap - pre-save link here!
Feed Me Feb 19, 2019
Another day closer to new album time, over half a million plays on ‘Feel Love’ or something now, overwhelmed with the responses many thanks everyone, hugely motivated from all this positivity 🖤
Feed Me Feb 18, 2019
Only 5 days until ‘High Street Creeps’ is out. Real friends stop friends using slot machines but to be honest we don’t always get along
Feed Me Feb 16, 2019
Static fills the air
Feed Me Feb 16, 2019
My second single ‘Sleepless’ is out now; less than a week until the whole album also appears on all outlets many thanks love you lots
Feed Me Feb 15, 2019
My latest single ‘Sleepless’ from my upcoming album ‘High Street Creeps’ is out now! Link to everything in bio. Can’t thank everyone enough for all the support, especially for ‘Feel Love’ after a long time buried away working it’s been overwhelming to get such a response. Incidentally for any tech heads interested Sleepless was made almost entirely with my Eurorack modular; Cwejman VCO-2RM, @mutableinstruments ripples, Intellijel Designs Inc. quadra, some Make Noise and clouds principally, very little in-box work on the sounds besides this.
Feed Me Feb 12, 2019
Next single this Friday! . Thank you so much for all the positivity so far, USA Teeth shows announcing soon...
Feed Me Feb 08, 2019
It's out! Many thanks for the supportive comments and stuff, and to Rosie too of course. All outlets on the link!
Feed Me Feb 07, 2019
First single from the album out tomorrow (or now if you're Australian)! Pre-save here much love to Rosie Doonan and you lot for all the support and kind words 🖤
Feed Me Feb 05, 2019
First single from my album about this Friday! Many thanks again for all the support - pre-save available here:
Feed Me Jan 31, 2019
Coming up...Beyond Wonderland! A musical event! With a mau5trap stage! Oh and me too
Feed Me Jan 29, 2019
Feel Love out 02.08 - first single from my new album, much love all the support 🖤 Pre-save here
Feed Me Jan 23, 2019
Named after the infamous Hertfordshire pheasant poaching gang of the 80s, I’m proud to announce my second album ‘High Street Creeps’ is coming 02.22.19. First single ‘Feel Love’ is available to pre-save here: Thank you all so much for your support, it’s been a huge journey
Feed Me Jan 18, 2019
's cover photo
Feed Me Jan 18, 2019
Feed Me
Feed Me Jan 18, 2019
Feed Me Dec 19, 2018
I shut up recently because I’ve been finishing an album and I hate this idea that I’m supposed to hire some idiot company to ‘keep up appearances’ on my social media stuff. I handed it in this weekend and I think it’s the best thing I’ve done - really excited to play it / live show it / follow it up with the other stuff I’ve made. I’m fucking knackered so I’m going to play Smash Bros for a bit and then get to work on my NYE gigs. Thanks all of you for your support, love you lot 🖤
Feed Me Sep 21, 2018
oh hello there....
Feed Me Aug 02, 2018
Your move Monstercat see you at ADE I guess