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High Expectations / Low Results
Faunts May 08, 2018
A good friend of ours was in a motorcycle accident and is in a coma in critical condition. Help us raise funds to help this self employed family man! If you donate any amount in the next 48 hours, we'll give you any or all of our digital records on bandcamp for free. If you're in North America, we'll also send you a copy of our original M4 cd that we only sell at shows. We'll go by the honour system- email your shipping address to our bandcamp page ( and tell us which album(s) you want. Thanks for your help. Every little bit counts! ...Link in bio #theregistfight
Faunts Feb 18, 2018
Hi all. If you wanted to listen to three men sit still for 4 and a half minutes...
Faunts Jan 22, 2018
New single out soon! #faunts #fauntsmusic #concretecat
Faunts Oct 21, 2017
Recording Omnichord for our new single
Faunts Sep 10, 2017
Update: Busy working on 'Ostalgia' Volume 2, rehearsing, and planning a new single to be out soon! Here's Bach on a tape machine
Faunts Feb 01, 2017
An excerpt from last years 'thirty-three'. Steven wrote this for our grandparents who escaped to Canada from a broken Germany. (fear starves, hope feeds) - PART IV (Forgotten) - Gather the ones you love Hold them tightly Say what you want I know for sure Come all you weak and wounded you've burned brightly Untie your sins throw them overboard Oh lord my hands may be frozen But my mind was as clear as a bell And these legs still feel the ocean Through the cracks of the floor where our stories fell... Where we fell - PART V (Arrival) - We sailed across the oceans We swam from the sea Will open arms welcome The enemy? I've always known the world was out there I see the stars in your eyes Save me from my nightmare Awake and alive Hold on for Heinrich, Lydia, Irwin & Elizabeth
Faunts Oct 26, 2016
Thanks to all the kind folks who bought our record on our bandcamp page. It helps us to make more music and we really appreciate your generosity! p.s. "Ostalgia Volume 1:Thirty-Three" is now also available on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, etc.
Faunts Aug 14, 2016
We put the lyrics to Volume 1 on YouTube
Faunts Aug 12, 2016
Faunts Aug 10, 2016
Our new EP was recorded using only one microphone. This discontinued KEL HM-2D did everything!
Faunts Aug 05, 2016
She's done. 'Ostalgia Volume 1' will be available next Friday (Aug 12) on bandcamp only. Other digital platforms to follow soon. ps. Thanks for waiting
Faunts Jul 21, 2016
Worked on a quiet home video #ludwigfilter #beethovenorbust #bachplaystheomnichord
Faunts Jul 14, 2016
"Ostalgia Volume 1: Thirty-Three" sent to get mastered today! We whittled the EP down to just over 17 minutes long. It's meant to be listened to as a whole, but tracks will be named separately... Pt. 1: Departure Pt. 2: Remembered Pt. 3: Trauma Pt. 4: Forgotten Pt. 5: Arrival We're very proud of this record, and we'll have a release date for you as soon as we have the masters back!
Faunts Apr 23, 2016
'Ostalgia' Vol. 1 is nearly done! Still mixing this monster...
Faunts Feb 19, 2016
Unrelated to our 'OSTALGIA' series, we're going to put out a few random singles. 'Mountains' is available today! (The wonderful Concrete Cat supplied some concrete art!)
Faunts Feb 19, 2016
Faunts Feb 12, 2016
We're happy to announce that we've joined our pals at Kinsella Recordings and we'll be releasing five volumes of material over the next little while. Check out kinsella for more info The first volume in our series titled 'Ostalgia' is due out this spring. It's a five-part, 20 minute long song (so cliche...)
Faunts Jan 02, 2016
Hi all! Sorry we're taking longer than we thought to get some new music out there- we just want to get it right. Please believe us when we say we'll have something for you very soon!
Faunts Oct 19, 2015
We found some photos of three little kids making their first real record in their office-turned-studio. Oh, Roland synth guitar...
Faunts Oct 19, 2015
10 years ago today we released our debut "High Expectations/Low Results". Check out the version of "twenty-three we used to play live.
Faunts Jun 07, 2015
Here is our Purity Ring remix for their song "Bodyache". We tried to make them sound dirtier, german, and from the 70's. Looking forward to their Edmonton show June 13th!
Faunts May 07, 2015
The gifted and gracious Purity Ring asked us to do a remix as a gift for fans coming to their upcoming outdoor Edmonton show. It looks to be an amazing event... RSVP and get the track for free!
Faunts Apr 21, 2015
ace of bass
Faunts Apr 17, 2015
still one of the best records ever made...