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Live Over Europe
Awaken the Guardian Live
Theories of Flight
A Pleasant Shade of Gray (Expanded Edition)
Darkness in a Different Light
Parallels (Expanded Edition)
Perfect Symmetry (Expanded Edition)
No Exit (25th Anniversary Edition)
Awaken the Guardian
The Spectre Within (Remastered)
Night On Brocken (Remastered)
Inside Out
Still Life
A Pleasant Shade of Gray
Chasing Time
Awaken the Guardian (Reissue)
No Exit
Inside Out (Expanded Edition)
Perfect Symmetry
Fates Warning May 10, 2019
Meet Hazel.
Fates Warning Apr 23, 2019
So where do we begin. And what else can we say? When the lines are all drawn. What should we do today?
Fates Warning Apr 11, 2019
End of tour shot with Queensryche in Seattle (4/03/2019)
Fates Warning Apr 04, 2019
Last show of the tour.
Fates Warning Apr 01, 2019
Much needed day off today. Couldn鈥檛 let the sun shine down and went atop Chamise Peak in Shasta, CA. Last 3 shows coming up this week. Been a real treat playing for you all on this Queensr每che tour. Such a fine group of people to tour with and a fine bunch of fans who appreciate it. Thank you. Ray Balderrama Bobby Jarzombek Mike Abdow Joey Vera Jim Matheos
Fates Warning Mar 28, 2019
Last night in Phoenix, AZ someone forgot to turn the lights on when we started our set. So the fans took it upon themselves to light the stage. Thank you, Phoenix!! You guys were great! 馃檹
Fates Warning Mar 22, 2019
VIP meet & greet packages are now sold out for the remainder of the tour. Tickets for the shows may still be available, so check the following link for more information --
Fates Warning Feb 22, 2019
Dear friends, Joey Vera here. Just a quick heads up with something regarding the upcoming Fates Warning tour. Over a year ago I had committed to playing a gig with Armored Saint in Athens, Greece this March 15. I wish to honor that commitment but that means that I'll sadly have to miss a couple of gigs with Fates in order to do it. So i will be not playing on the Detroit, Chicago and Milwaukee shows. (Some of my favorite cities by the way!). Luckily for us, and YOU, my brother and OG Fates Warning bassist Joe DiBiase will be stepping up once again for these three gigs. So this will be amazing! I will resume in Minneapolis with Fates. i am currently practicing over 37 songs for the upcoming gigs with Motor Sister, Armored Saint and Fates Warning. My head is spinning out. But, not to pity me. This is the bed I've made for myself this time. I'm very sorry I'll be missing these 3 gigs but I know you'll be in good hands. i look forward to seeing all of you out there very soon! Queensr每che Fates Warning
Fates Warning Feb 16, 2019
Metal Blade Records
Fates Warning Jan 16, 2019
Two more Fates only dates added for Nebraska and California. Details here -
Fates Warning Jan 07, 2019
VIP packages are now available for all 2019 dates. Follow this link for purchase information.
Fates Warning Jan 04, 2019
New Fates only dates for Jacksonville, Tulsa, and Tucson added. Details at the link below. VIP tickets should be available soon.
Fates Warning Dec 16, 2018
Inside Out Music
Fates Warning Nov 23, 2018
One more from our friends at @sheethappenspublishing. They're running a store-wide digital book sale! From now until Monday, all digital music books are 25% off. No promo code needed - just head to and start shopping!
Fates Warning Nov 22, 2018
VIP packages now available for the 2019 tour dates with Queensryche. See for the complete list and how to buy.
Fates Warning Nov 19, 2018
Our pals over at @sheethappenspublishing are running a holiday promo where all printed music book orders come with a FREE pack of @jimdunlopusa Guitar Strings! You can choose your gauge from 9's right up to 12's - or even grab a set of 7-strings. Head to for more info!
Fates Warning Nov 09, 2018
Thanks for your interest everyone, VIP/meet and greet info coming soon!
Fates Warning Nov 02, 2018
Tickets for many of the shows with Queensryche next year go on sale today. Go get 'em! Full tour list with links to venues here -
Fates Warning Oct 31, 2018
Sellersville, PA show added for Mar 8. This will be a Fates only, headlining show.
Fates Warning Oct 30, 2018
Some cool shots from the Lima Metal Fest.
Fates Warning Oct 29, 2018
We're pleased to announce the following dates as special guests for the fist leg of Queensryche's THE VERDICT tour. Please note that Fates Warning will not be appearing at the Mar 8 and 17 shows. More show, ticket, and VIP information coming soon.
Fates Warning Oct 13, 2018
Having some great times in South America. Thank you all who鈥檝e come out to see us for the first time ever. Santiago and Arequipa, amazing! Tonight in Lima!
Fates Warning Oct 07, 2018
Jim Matheos
Fates Warning Sep 10, 2018