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Fanon Flowers Dec 07, 2018
Thanks for the continued support. Over 900 plays on Soundcloud.
Fanon Flowers Dec 05, 2018
Fanon Flowers Nov 23, 2018
Back in stock @ Juno Records UK.
Fanon Flowers Nov 12, 2018
Dark Underground Podcast 200 - Fanon Flowers
Fanon Flowers Oct 24, 2018
I'm very delighted to be included on the next Pole Group v/a CD by Lewis Fautzi called Unknown Landscapes Vol. 06. Also featuring new music by: Oscar Mulero, Exium, Bas Mooy, Reeko, Kwartz, P.E.A.R.L., Svreca, Eric Fetcher and many others. Pre order: Decks:…/cdk-o1 Bandcamp:… Juno:…/708030-01/
Fanon Flowers Oct 24, 2018
U-TRAX Quite Deep Music
Fanon Flowers Oct 10, 2018
ATTENTION NORTH AMERICAN PROMOTERS (LA, Chicago, Detroit etc): Select dates are available in November & December for DJ bookings. All interested parties please contact: Stelar Booking [email protected] or [email protected]
Fanon Flowers Sep 20, 2018
Stelar Booking
Fanon Flowers Jul 18, 2018
New Podcast mix for Stelar Booking.
Fanon Flowers Jul 06, 2018
Shout out to Resident Advisor for making this their pick for Saturday!! Only $10 - gottdamn!! Brand brand new location - RSVP @ or DM one of the crew for new address!! ✊🏽
Fanon Flowers Jun 28, 2018
This is a special podcast mix for Northern Block Spain dedicated to Kalamazoo Techno. This mix represents in my humble opinion the essence and spirit of Kalamazoo Techno. Thanks for listening.
Fanon Flowers Jun 07, 2018
Fanon Flowers May 31, 2018
Stelar Booking
Fanon Flowers May 21, 2018
Fanon Flowers
Fanon Flowers May 14, 2018
Hunt Patterns 2 EP finally available in the digital format!
Fanon Flowers May 11, 2018
Redsonja Records
Fanon Flowers May 07, 2018
Out now! "Mutable Minds" V/A featuring Pfirter & Pär Grindvik, Diego Amura, Savas Pascalidis & Fanon Flowers on Mind Trip Records. Available now in vinyl & digital format.
Fanon Flowers Apr 18, 2018
Fanon Flowers Apr 17, 2018
Pre-sale now available @ Decks Records.
Fanon Flowers Apr 11, 2018
New 12" coming soon on New Vinyl Order Spain. Audio clips available soon.
Fanon Flowers Apr 02, 2018
vinyl release date: 30.4.18
Fanon Flowers Mar 15, 2018
TH ± Tar Hallow
Fanon Flowers Mar 14, 2018
Fanon Flowers Feb 19, 2018
Thanks for the support from Nastia Reigel on the latest podcast for Deep Space Helsinki.
Fanon Flowers Feb 10, 2018
Fanon Flowers TAR001 back in stock at Hard Wax