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Let's Go Extinct
Let's Go Extinct
Room Filled with Lights
Fanfarlo Nov 04, 2017
Hi everyone, just a heads up that we'll be closing our shop at at the end of 2017. This is where you can buy directly from the band, and it's cheaper than everywhere else! Merci and au revoir x
Fanfarlo Feb 15, 2017
Fanfarlo Jan 12, 2017
As the Fanfarlo hibernates in some cave somewhere, Justin(bass) is drawing a bunch of stuff and tattooing it on people in London. Go follow him on Instagram and if you're in London and wanna hang out with him and get tattooed, hit him up. <3
Fanfarlo Sep 09, 2016
Sound and vision! New @vanishing twin
Fanfarlo Aug 08, 2016
A new track from Cathy's Vanishing Twin. The story behind the name in 8 mins of popular song and psychedelic percussion.
Fanfarlo Jun 29, 2016
Cathy's new band Vanishing Twin have just announced their debut album will be out September 16 on Soundway Records. Produced and recorded by Malcolm Catto of the Heliocentrics at his London studio, it's got harps, vibraphones, home-made electronics, forgotten drum machines, frogs, birds, swimming, and the essential oneness of everything. Pre-order your copy here on limited white LP, regular silver CD, or varying quality download: And here is a video for the new single!
Fanfarlo Apr 29, 2016
Hello Vanishing Twin
Fanfarlo Mar 29, 2016
Dip your eyeballs into the new vid for Innerspace Orchestra's One Way Glass, cathy's new music with Tom Furse and Rose Dougall. Animations by Alden Volney
Fanfarlo Mar 09, 2016
The first small step in a new adventure...Cathy, Tom Furse and Rose Elinor Dougall
Fanfarlo Mar 02, 2016
Sailors! Space! The Devil! Watch the video for the extended version of Simon Balthazar's SWOON Music debut single.
Fanfarlo Feb 10, 2016
The first official single from SWOON Music, a collaboration between Simon Balthazar and King Knut, is premiering over at Consequence of Sound. Enjoy x
Fanfarlo Jan 04, 2016
Happy New Year folks! 2016 is already looking good. We just wanted to let you know about some serious deals going on a where everything is half price! Our last album on vinyl is £5.50 and The Sea EP is just £4. CDs and posters available too!
Fanfarlo Nov 29, 2015
1930s Hollywood swimming stars move to the sounds of Cathy's Orlando Music. Here's an outtake from the forthcoming album.
Fanfarlo Nov 18, 2015
Watch this first video from new project SWOON by Simon Balthazar and King Knut that JUST went public ⚡⚡⚡⚡
Fanfarlo Oct 13, 2015
Illustrations by Simon Balthazar I just put a boatload of illustrations online on this new blog. Most are new but you might recognise a few old ones that were used back in the day for Fanfarlo artwork. This will be updated weekly so do check in, or follow the instagram: S x
Fanfarlo Jul 27, 2015
Simon Balthazar on stage at Teatro Metropólitan in Mexico City with Clemente Castillo
Fanfarlo Jun 25, 2015
Cathy's new outfit Orlando Music touring Sardinia at the beginning of July
Fanfarlo Jun 01, 2015
Our Mates In Bands AKA The Lexington Hall of Fame
Fanfarlo May 27, 2015
All items are still half price in our shop until the end of May! Only a few days left! Vinyl for £3.50!!! Comma geddit
Fanfarlo Apr 24, 2015
Click here to support Medical-Thomas Fekete/Surfer Blood by Thomas Fekete
Fanfarlo Mar 25, 2015
Cathy's Orlando split with Tomaga is out today! You can have a listen below
Fanfarlo Mar 17, 2015
New music from Cathy's Orlando Music. A track from upcoming RAM release with Tomaga of music for fictional video games, out March 25
Fanfarlo Mar 04, 2015
Special edition is old out, but we now have posters! --------- Quick update on our big sale everyone: No more copies of the Special Edition of Reservoir, but we do have some Let's Go Extinct posters left that we didn't tell you about. Pretty damn good looking and only four pounds. Everything else still stands - CDs and vinyl at half price! F x
Fanfarlo Mar 03, 2015
Happy birthday to Let's Go Extinct! Yes, it's one year since we put out our 3rd LP. To celebrate we're doing 50% off everything in the Fanfarlo shop. Just head over to The last few remaining copies of The Sea EP on vinyl: £4 The last two albums on CD: £3.50 each Let's Go Extinct vinyl: £4.50 Let's Go Extinct Artwork Print: £4 While stocks last!
Fanfarlo Jan 02, 2015
New music from Orlando Music, fresh off the plane from India