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Fancy Reagan Apr 09, 2015
Bobby...listens to nothing but Hank Williams yodel tracks in his spare time. Don't believe me? Well see his spotify playlist for yourself! Ok, maybe we made part of that up.
Fancy Reagan Apr 04, 2015
Jason is happy to be in Ohio.
Fancy Reagan Apr 02, 2015
Christobal! Want to hear what we hear? Or more like what we listen's the first of a few of our playlists to check out on Spotify. No idea why we're starting with Chris, but his is by far the craziest. Here it is:
Fancy Reagan Apr 01, 2015
Strange but True Fancy Reagan Fact of the Day (SBTFRFOTD): Lead singer Sean's name is actually short for Seanopotamus - a compound species of unknown origin meaning "Small sea dwelling herbivorous land mammal with webbed feet." Very rare indeed, but we're lucky to have him.
Fancy Reagan Mar 31, 2015
We're going to the Final Four! We probably won't beat Kentucky either, but we will be playing the NCAA Capital One JamFest this Sunday afternoon, headlined by Zac Brown Band, Lady Antebellum and Kacey Musgraves. Follow the link to find out won't see us listed on it but we'll be there - promise!
Fancy Reagan Mar 30, 2015
Why this pic? Why not?
Fancy Reagan Mar 28, 2015
Ducks, computers and records. Mostly ducks.
Fancy Reagan Mar 26, 2015
Thanks to everyone who came out to Rockwood to see us, we love getting up on stage and playing for you guys! Can't wait for the next time!
Fancy Reagan Mar 25, 2015
I like to spend my evenings alone in a little room...just me, myself, myself, myself and I.
Fancy Reagan Mar 23, 2015
Spotify users unite! Go listen to Knock Me Out, now appearing on the Toe Tappin' Indie playlist!
Fancy Reagan Mar 22, 2015
Rich DID find Waldo. (Stay Weird, Austin) #sxsw
Fancy Reagan Mar 21, 2015
Fact: if you play this Top Summer Jams playlist loud enough, the snow all melts and it becomes summer. #KnockMeOut
Fancy Reagan Mar 20, 2015
Hey everyone, go support our boy Viv by voting for his video for I Want It so it can be in circulation on MTVU! Link is below. Today's the last day to vote! Vote for Viv and the Revival!
Fancy Reagan Mar 19, 2015
We've been added to the Music You Should Know playlist on Spotify! Check out the list here:
Fancy Reagan Mar 18, 2015
Rich decided to brave the masses and head to Austin for SXSW...if you can find him there let us know! If you don't know Rich, he looks kinda like this:
Fancy Reagan Mar 17, 2015
Happy St Patrick's Day! Sorry we couldn't get our act together for a proper greeting, but we wore green and that should count for something. Cheers!
Fancy Reagan Mar 16, 2015
Sorry everyone, we don't have photo evidence, but yes, Jason did indeed face plant the subway steps this morning. His face is okay but his pride took a hit. Monday's are hard.
Fancy Reagan Mar 15, 2015
Last time I underestimated the competition... #precious #dubsmashwar
Fancy Reagan Mar 14, 2015
Show 👦🎸 the 💰💵💰💵💰💵! -RF #dubsmashwar #fancyreagan
Fancy Reagan Mar 13, 2015
Here at Fancy Reagan we need our coffee. One time Bobby forgot to have his and this happened... #fbf
Fancy Reagan Mar 12, 2015
#tbt to that time last year when Sean developed superpowers, and Chris realized he wasn't afraid of Sean's superpowers. The rest of us were petrified.
Fancy Reagan Mar 11, 2015
Have you gotten a chance to check out our lyric video for Knock Me Out? We want you to be singing along at our next show! Here it is:
Fancy Reagan Mar 10, 2015
Wishing a very happy birthday to our man up front, Sean!
Fancy Reagan Mar 07, 2015
Free Advice from the guys: Don't forget to turn your clocks forward tonight - That one more hour of daylight is gonna feel really nice
Fancy Reagan Mar 06, 2015
This has seen the depths of the web before, but it's still amazing. Where's Rich's big slug solo?