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Two-Faced Charade
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Famous Last Words
From the National Affairs Desk...
Famous Last Words Nov 27, 2018
Who wants a Famous Last Words Christmas sweater or Ornament? Grab yours here (while supplies last)
Famous Last Words Nov 23, 2018
Our friends in Slaves are dropping a new song today. Who's ready!?
Famous Last Words Nov 19, 2018
What would your "Famous Last Words" be? Check out some outtakes from our Music Video for "No Walls" Watch the original and listen on Spotify/Apple music here:
Famous Last Words Nov 16, 2018
Happy birthday Tyler!!!
Famous Last Words Nov 14, 2018
Our boys in I Am Abomination are running a campaign to help raise money for their new record! Nick Sampson (producer on TFC and COTD) is a Beast and guaranteed to make an incredible record. Go support this ASAP!
Famous Last Words Nov 02, 2018
Absolutely BEAUTIFUL video done by Petoskey native Sophie Dupin! She used to babysit Jt when he was little! Check it out, share it, subscribe, and show it some LOVE!
Famous Last Words Nov 01, 2018
Thank you for the kind words Shockwave Magazine!!!
Famous Last Words Nov 01, 2018
Thanks Spotify for adding us to their "New Core" and "New Metal Tracks" playlists! Everyone go listen/subscribe New Core: New Metal Tracks:
Famous Last Words Oct 31, 2018
A little lunch time tune break for our friends down under! 🌏Or for you night owls stateside! 🌎🌚 What do you guys think about “No Walls”?!?
Famous Last Words Oct 29, 2018
There are only a few left of this LIMITED edition #halloween shirt!!! Be sure to pick one up before they are ALL GONE! Merch:
Famous Last Words Oct 27, 2018
Famous Last Words Oct 27, 2018
NEW MUSIC "No Walls" is OUT NOW! Watch the new music video:
Famous Last Words Oct 26, 2018
Famous Last Words
Famous Last Words Oct 26, 2018
's cover photo
Famous Last Words Oct 26, 2018
Our new music video "No Walls" is premiering on Alternative Press magazine right meow. (Spotify/Apple music):
Famous Last Words Oct 26, 2018
We are taking over the Alternative Press Instagram from 3pm EST to 5pm EST!!! Be sure to give them a follow and tune in for some awesome updates!!! ❤️❤️❤️
Famous Last Words Oct 23, 2018
I hope you aren't scared of spiders! Pick up our extra spooky Limited Edition Halloween shirt (Only 50 available) with halloween gift pack. Merch:
Famous Last Words Oct 15, 2018
Famous Last Words Oct 10, 2018
AUSTIN TEXAS This show was announced last minute don’t miss out! Doors are at 6 PM!
Famous Last Words Oct 08, 2018
Famous Last Words
Famous Last Words Oct 08, 2018
📸: Where's Bryce Photography
Famous Last Words Oct 07, 2018
We are basically brothers... Leave it to Where's Bryce Photography to capture us in our prime moments. #livingourbestlives #beautifulhumantour
Famous Last Words Oct 06, 2018
Only a few more stops left on the Beautiful Human Tour. Don’t miss out! Birmingham, AL it’s your turn tonight! Who wants to play a game of hide and seek?
Famous Last Words Sep 23, 2018
The Canadian dates of the #beautifulhumantour were a TON of fun even though it was just an acoustic set. I did a very special version of @adele ‘s “Hello” to send a message from the guys who couldn’t make it across the border, to all of our wonderful Canadian fans! Love you guys❤️❤️❤️ #famouslastwordsband #famouslastwords #hello #adele #canada #acoustic
Famous Last Words Sep 21, 2018
Hello everyone! We have unfortunate news... Today, crossing into Canada, we had some troubles at the border. So tonights show at Mavericks will now be an acoustic set. It will still be a great time, and i cant wait to see everyone at the show! Love you all and we will see you soon. -Jt