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Heaven Is For Quitters
In the Wild
She Sleeps (Remixes)
Hardcourage (Bonus Track Version)
You Stand Uncertain
Love Is a Liability
Beat Lumber
FaltyDL Jun 22, 2019
NYC! ~#~ Sadaf’s release party is next weekend at Sister City 🌃 I’m gonna have copies of the vinyl plus some other exclusives 🎖🎭 thanks for booking me, Sadaf!
FaltyDL Jun 08, 2019
“Scary Energy” by Kevin Stahl ~ 17 Williams Ave Brooklyn. Now Showing. @dreacof on the 📷 You gotta feel this portal of pain in person.
FaltyDL Jun 04, 2019
“Love is a Liability” my debut album is 10 years old this week... I made this record between May of ‘08 and feb of ‘09. Working with everyone at Planet Mu was honestly the best experience I have ever had in music. Like the first time you get high, I’ve been chasing this feeling on every album since. From the moment Mike P said “yes” to a track I woke up every morning after feeling alive for the first time in my life. I had no fear of the inbox and looked forward to what the next day would bring, always. Tom Simon did the logo, AS1 did the artwork, Mike P helped me with track listing and even did one sound on the track “The Shape To Come” because I just couldn’t figure out the timing 😂 Thomas Mu did all of the admin work as well and became a good friend at the time. If you are thinking about making an album DO IT. Don’t start tomorrow, start right now! ❤️
FaltyDL May 30, 2019
Tbt • Bultaco, would follow <^>
FaltyDL May 08, 2019
“Drew, wait, you have a bit of a Van Gogh look to you!” - Mykki
FaltyDL May 07, 2019
Timeline Photos
FaltyDL May 02, 2019
I checked my old itinerary’s and it’s 10 years to the month from my first session ever on Rinse FM. That was at the old studio in Bow and it wasn’t a legal station at the time. This afternoon/evening I’m going B2B with DJ Haus to celebrate my new EP for UTTU 😋
FaltyDL May 01, 2019
Honored to be releasing the debut full length from @svdvf “History of Heat” out this summer on vinyl and digi formats 🤫 it’s a scorcher... 🔥
FaltyDL Apr 29, 2019
FaltyDL Apr 20, 2019
OKAY 👌 made a record for @djhausuttu ‘s Unknown To The Unknown! Vinyl in all good record shops now - digi in a few weeks. Track “Beast” now streaming on @spotify ❄️ 🔗for vinyl in bio duh
FaltyDL Apr 19, 2019
Live in Lisbon @musicboxlisboa tonight! Sunday with full @swamp81 cru in London ! Feeling very 🌊 @ Lison
FaltyDL Apr 17, 2019
Unknown To The Unknown... soon...
FaltyDL Apr 16, 2019
Sh!t is real BBR017 physical now shipping 🤫
FaltyDL Apr 15, 2019
It’s @petetongofficial & @guygerber spinning my tune “Paradox Garage” at @coachella yesterday. Thanks! I’ve been offered to play Coachella twice and turned it down twice. Not my thing nope never.
FaltyDL Apr 10, 2019
BBR017 Out now! Link in bio - short story is this tune was inspired directly by Benny, it’s an unreleased tune from around 2010 I used to close sets with. To be able to release @bennyill91 ‘s music is the kind of bizarre full circle stuff that dreams are made of. (Bonus old pic of me smoking when I was releasing my garage regularly)
FaltyDL Apr 07, 2019
"Yo Falty why don’t you do the old school shuffle anymore? What happened, maaaaan?" OK, held this one back from 2011. All the garage and 2-step workouts I made were inspired by hours and hours of listening to Horsepower Productions, Zed Bias, El-B, Darqwan… I studied them. This tune in particular inspired by Benny Ill himself. Ill Bent was never released, I always held back some exclusives for my sets. No one had it. Benny Ill remixed the track in fine style, both Straight up and with a Fat Larry spin. We were talking, Benny and I, and he mentioned he used to live in Brooklyn. So he submitted Is It Safe, a tune he made while living not far from where I live now in NYC, to conclude the EP. Heavy!
FaltyDL Mar 28, 2019
Me vs CAS5272
FaltyDL Mar 13, 2019
Visit 📷 @danieldorsa On the airwaves today 4-6 📡
FaltyDL Mar 04, 2019
Pre-Order up on BBR017 FaltyDL X Benny Ill
FaltyDL Feb 28, 2019
My Swamp 81 catalog. Mean Streets parts 1, 2, 3 & Power / Huff and Puff Bruk. Swamp 81 was always into my nyc sound while other labels at the time were taking on my UK sounding tracks. Big love to SWAMP81 #happybirthday #mook #um... #uglymug @ Brooklyn, New York
FaltyDL Feb 19, 2019
Clips of the forthcoming BBR017 FaltyDL X Benny Ill now up on soundcloud...
FaltyDL Jan 29, 2019
Big up Apple Music for the playlist action !
FaltyDL Jan 28, 2019
Flesh of Acid
FaltyDL Jan 25, 2019
"If All The People Took Acid" Out Today! More adventures in my acid... come along.