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Heaven Is For Quitters
In the Wild
She Sleeps (Remixes)
Hardcourage (Bonus Track Version)
You Stand Uncertain
Love Is a Liability
Beat Lumber
FaltyDL Feb 19, 2019
Clips of the forthcoming BBR017 FaltyDL X Benny Ill now up on soundcloud...
FaltyDL Jan 29, 2019
Big up Apple Music for the playlist action !
FaltyDL Jan 28, 2019
Flesh of Acid
FaltyDL Jan 25, 2019
"If All The People Took Acid" Out Today! More adventures in my acid... come along.
FaltyDL Jan 09, 2019
'If All The People Took Acid' 12" / dig out Jan 23rd on Blueberry Records
FaltyDL Nov 09, 2018
Last release of the year - another compilation track, this time for Astrophonica flexing my jungle desires -->
FaltyDL Nov 06, 2018
Stream the new new on Spotify now! #NowPlaying
FaltyDL Nov 03, 2018
's cover photo
FaltyDL Oct 26, 2018
I started working with Hypercolour Records about 2 years ago and fuck me if they aren't the sweetest folks in the game. Big up Jamie & crew. Blush ACID now streaming, a cut inspired by Luke Vibert's alias Spac Hand Luke. That's 3 of 4 tracks now streaming. A Taste of Acid is out Nov 2nd! watch ya bassbinssssss....!!!
FaltyDL Oct 22, 2018
Resident Advisor doin' the damn thing - new track "A Taste of Acid" now streaming from the EP of the same damn name.
FaltyDL Oct 16, 2018
So I had that track Paradox Garage part 2 out on AUS last year and here is where part 1 landed. Paradox Garage part 1 (With your Love) out Nov 2. on Panorama Bar 07, by nd_baumecker. It's my favorite track I've made in years and was the hardest to keep quiet about..! Nice gig to celebrate the release as well - see you there!
FaltyDL Oct 16, 2018
Pre-order the forthcoming 12" 'A Taste Of Acid' EP from Bandcamp. Tune In, Turn On, Drop Out...
FaltyDL Oct 11, 2018
's cover photo
FaltyDL Oct 05, 2018
Spotify made an essential FaltyDL playlist, maybe you are into that sort of thing? XO #NowPlaying
FaltyDL Oct 05, 2018
Rather sweet "Anonymous" (?!) review on DJ Mag about Steffi and Martyn's new compilation.
FaltyDL Oct 03, 2018
First time I ever took acid I was 16 and had a cuddle with my Dad about 4 hours into it. He said “you generate more heat then a hamster” I was sweating bullets. New record “A Taste of Acid” out Nov 2 on Hypercolour.
FaltyDL Sep 13, 2018
NYC sep 28 - first time all nighter! Open to close...
FaltyDL Sep 07, 2018
FaltyDL Aug 30, 2018
From Resident Advisor; "FaltyDL is one of New York's most prolific producers, and, stylistically, one of the hardest to pin down. "Someone once said I was a 'house-adjacent producer,'" he joked with RA staff writer Max Pearl earlier this summer, sitting by the piano in his darkened home studio in Brooklyn. "I'm easily influenced by what I'm listening to, but I don't actually make good copies of that—it all ends up coming out a bit weird. I think once you realize that's actually a strength, then it's something you can listen to and accentuate." The New England native, real name Drew Lustman, has switched his sound up intuitively over the course of 12 years, five albums and something like 40 EPs. Though he rose to prominence as an American advocate for UK styles like 2-step and dubstep, his discography ranges from insane breakcore experiments to abstract orchestral pop. With an impressive knack for songwriting and a seemingly endless reserve of fresh ideas, he's managed to place himself in a category beyond more functional dance floor producers. In 2015, he put out Elysia Crampton's first album, American Drift, and she's since become a groundbreaking experimental artist. Right now, Lustman's working as an executive producer on an album with the rapper Mykki Blanco, while continuing to unearth crucial new artists with his label. During an hour-long interview at home, he spoke to RA about how to create a sustainable, long-lasting career as an artist while also keeping things fresh for yourself and your fans." Drew x
FaltyDL Aug 27, 2018
FaltyDL Aug 07, 2018
...and here is the song I made for Splice called "Describe" all the parts to make the tune are in the sound library...
FaltyDL Aug 07, 2018
'Heaven is for Quitters'
FaltyDL Aug 07, 2018
Sound FX heads - I've made a sound library for the good folks at Splice! It's largely based around my Piano, with added processing and tweaks. Check it out!
FaltyDL Jul 10, 2018
Just got the "OK" from the label to put this up on soundcloud >>>>
FaltyDL Jun 06, 2018
From an evening with Jayne Lies.