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Perfect Tense
The Black Cat Neighbourhood
Fallulah Feb 22, 2019
She is here❤️ Happy release day to Bloodline! Ecstatic to finally share this song with you! I hope you will let it into your hearts. Click here to listen anywhere you like:
Fallulah Feb 22, 2019
Fallulah Feb 19, 2019
Fallulah Feb 15, 2019
DON’T YOU KNOW? OH, DON’T YOU KNOW IT? Pre-order / Pre-save:
Fallulah Feb 15, 2019
's cover photo
Fallulah Feb 14, 2019
Happy Valentines friends💜
Fallulah Feb 05, 2019
Fallulah Dec 11, 2018
Tusind tak til Spotify Danmark, Sverige og Island for at have inkluderet min nye sang "God Bless You" på New Music Friday-playlisten<3 Det gør mig så mega glad at den bliver taget så godt imod! <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3
Fallulah Dec 10, 2018
's cover photo
Fallulah Dec 09, 2018
Fallulah Dec 07, 2018
❤️"GOD BLESS YOU" OUT NOW❤️ Finally. You can find my new song "God Bless You" on iTunes or on the streaming service of your liking. I’ve been so eager to share this with you! Feeling full of nerves, energy and emotions as this marks a whole new time for me! Hope you will love this first song of this new Fallulah era<3 I wrote this for you to let you know that you’re the glitter bit in the concrete. Keep shining! Now go spin it like crazy!!!!!!!!!!!! Lots of love, Fallulah 📸 by Jakob M. Knudsen
Fallulah Dec 06, 2018
My new single is out this friday! Pre-save it to your favourite playlist via the link❤️ #Godblessyou Artwork by Baby Duka🙏
Fallulah Dec 04, 2018
FIRST LISTEN, ONLY 4 DAYS TO GO! #Godblessyou Artwork by Baby Duka🙏
Fallulah Dec 03, 2018
Hurra! ❤️ I've been on a journey far outside of myself, circled back around and all the way back into the deepest truest chambers of my heart to write new music for you. Now I am finally ready to share it! The first of my new songs is a very special one to me and I hope you will love it. "God Bless You" is out December 7th. Click on the link to connect with me via messenger and be amongst the first to hear my new music. Yours still and always. 📸 by Jacob Knudsen
Fallulah Dec 03, 2018
's cover photo
Fallulah Dec 02, 2018
Pic by Jakob Knudsen.
Fallulah Nov 29, 2018
Fallulah Nov 19, 2018
Last night was pretty great. I went to a lovely party at my composers union DPA where I drank a LOT of white wine AND was awarded an appreciation award! AND got to pose with my talented fellow award winners including AQUA! I mean, look at my happy little face, it says it all. Thank you<3
Fallulah Nov 16, 2018
By Fabricio Lima
Fallulah Oct 30, 2018
Fallulah Oct 29, 2018
On Saturday I was given the huge honor of singing a tribute song in TV 2 for the great Aretha Franklin alongside crazy talented Kwamie Liv & NABIHA ! Thx to Mads Reinhold Hansen for playing beautiful guitar<3 The big annual Knæk Cancer show raised a whopping 141 million danish kroner for cancer treatment research! Thanks to every single one who helped make that happen. I was very happy that I was invited to come support the cause with a song. As some might know I lost my father to cancer and it's a cause very close to home and my heart<3 Can't wait until someday (hopefully soon) there is finally a cure for this shitty disease. Pic reposted from Nabiha LOVE<3
Fallulah Oct 11, 2018
Optuuur at være gæst i Natholdet i går❤️
Fallulah Oct 10, 2018
Gæster Natholdet i aften❤️ Se endelig med kl 22.45 på TV2. Natholdet
Fallulah Aug 25, 2018
Lyt med på @drp3 lige om lidt hvor jeg gæster @jonasgulstorff i programmet Sangskriver! Vi skriver en sang til en sød lytter på blot 2 timer😅❤️🎉 kl 12-14 på P3💥
Fallulah Aug 17, 2018
LOVESHACK, BABY LOVESHACK<3 Last night I was in the studio editing drums but suddenly I started singing one of my favorite songs. And for some reason I weirdly heard it as a folk song and had an overwhelming urge to make a cover of it. Luckily Tore was game and quickly grabbed the guitar. I sang this vocal in one take, and I improvised the arrangement, so here's my take on Loveshack by the legendary B-52's! What's a better time to celebrate love than when it's Pride? HAPPY PRIDE EVERYONE! Vocal: Fallulah Guitar: Tore Nissen Pic: Julie Bjarnhoff The looooveshack is a little old place where...... Fallulah