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Perfect Tense
The Black Cat Neighbourhood
Fallulah at Atlas (October 10, 2019)
Venue: Atlas (Aarhus, Denmark) Find tickets
Fallulah Apr 14, 2019
Kunne i gætte jeg var dagens hemmelige søndagsgæst i Go'morgen og Go'aften Danmark i morges?❤️ Måske Maggie afslørede mig😆
Fallulah Apr 06, 2019
Glæder mig simpelthen så meget til at spille koncerter for jer igen til efteråret! Vi laver kun en lille tour i denne omgang, så få fat i jeres billetter i god tid<3 Link til billetter:
Fallulah Apr 02, 2019
Watch the new music video for Dysfunctional here<3 Directed, produced and edited by Fallulah & Jakob Meldgaard Knudsen Cinematography & grade by Jakob Meldgaard Knudsen Costume by Nanna Bernholm Nielsen Boat courtesy of Hey Captain
Fallulah Mar 27, 2019
Music video for ‘Dysfunctional’ coming next week. Pic by Jakob Meldgaard Knudsen
Fallulah Mar 22, 2019
EP Announcement💓 ‘All My Eyes Are Open (Part I) out June 7th worldwide🌸👁🌸 Picture by Julie Bjarnhoff
Fallulah Mar 12, 2019
Sometimes it’s possible for me to lose myself in a moment and be truly completely present inside the feelings and words I sing. This was one of those moments! Thanks so much GAFFA Danmark for inviting me to perform Dysfunctional for your lovely audience. Thanks Tore Nissen + Kirstine Elise Pedersen for sharing the stage with me & thanks @nannabernholmnielsen for bringing my feathery dreams to live❤️
Fallulah Mar 12, 2019
's cover photo
Fallulah Mar 09, 2019
Besøger Jonas i Sangskriver på P3 - DR i dag kl 10-12❤️ Lyt med!
Fallulah Mar 07, 2019
Feathering Heights🐦 Thank you for having me GAFFA Danmark❤️ I loved performing my new song Dysfunctional tonight! Outfit by Nanna Bernholm.
Fallulah Mar 04, 2019
THANK YOU by:Larm 2019⚡️ Had an amazing time. Thanks everyone who came out and sang, danced and celebrated with us❤️
Fallulah Feb 28, 2019
HELLO OSLO<3 See you very soon at by:Larm
Fallulah Feb 26, 2019
Now you can sing along to every word of my new song Bloodline! Listen here > Check out this cool lyric video by Baby Duka❤️
Fallulah Feb 25, 2019
Fallulah's new single Bloodline. Performed Live on Danish TV Go'morgen og Go'aften Danmark <3
Fallulah Feb 25, 2019
This mornings Bloodline team❤️🙌
Fallulah Feb 22, 2019
She is here❤️ Happy release day to Bloodline! Ecstatic to finally share this song with you! I hope you will let it into your hearts. Click here to listen anywhere you like:
Fallulah Feb 19, 2019
Fallulah Feb 15, 2019
DON’T YOU KNOW? OH, DON’T YOU KNOW IT? Pre-order / Pre-save:
Fallulah Feb 15, 2019
's cover photo
Fallulah Feb 14, 2019
Happy Valentines friends💜
Fallulah Feb 05, 2019
Fallulah Dec 11, 2018
Tusind tak til Spotify Danmark, Sverige og Island for at have inkluderet min nye sang "God Bless You" på New Music Friday-playlisten<3 Det gør mig så mega glad at den bliver taget så godt imod! <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3
Fallulah Dec 10, 2018
's cover photo
Fallulah Dec 09, 2018
Fallulah Dec 07, 2018
❤️"GOD BLESS YOU" OUT NOW❤️ Finally. You can find my new song "God Bless You" on iTunes or on the streaming service of your liking. I’ve been so eager to share this with you! Feeling full of nerves, energy and emotions as this marks a whole new time for me! Hope you will love this first song of this new Fallulah era<3 I wrote this for you to let you know that you’re the glitter bit in the concrete. Keep shining! Now go spin it like crazy!!!!!!!!!!!! Lots of love, Fallulah 📸 by Jakob M. Knudsen
Fallulah Dec 06, 2018
My new single is out this friday! Pre-save it to your favourite playlist via the link❤️ #Godblessyou Artwork by Baby Duka🙏