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Hell is Other People
Fairmont Live At Maxwell's 02/19/2004
Fairmont Live At Maxwell's 12/17/2004
Pretending Greatness is Awaiting
Fairmont Feb 19, 2019
It's been a few years since I've played Gazebo in my live sets. I think I'll dust it off and bring it back.
Fairmont Feb 18, 2019
A wonderful dude and a killer producer. Patrice Baumel's remix of Gazebo on Sapiens is on fire big time.
Fairmont Feb 17, 2019
Fairmont Feb 17, 2019
Patrice Baumel remix getting some love :)
Fairmont Feb 16, 2019
Here's a clip of the "Indie Version" I did of Gazebo. Live bass + ebow + lapsteel = 🤘
Fairmont Feb 15, 2019
A glimpse into ANNAs killer remix of Gazebo on Sapiens
Fairmont Feb 11, 2019
's cover photo
Fairmont Dec 26, 2018
's cover photo
Fairmont Nov 05, 2018
Fairmont Sep 03, 2018
Soundcheck at This Side UP Barcelona last week. Track id: "Parrish" out now on Bedrock records.
Fairmont Aug 21, 2018
New DJ-mix from me. Big thanks to John Digweed for having me on his show. 01 KWIN "Horizon" 02 TERR "Neuromancer" 03 Jordi Castillo - "New Morning (Marius Lehnert Remix)" 04 Jonathan Kaspar "Apart" 05 Eins Tiefer "Performer" 06 Darlyn Vlys "Orbital" 07 Rigopolar "Numbskin" 08 1979 "Space Cake" 09 Fairmont "Brothers Keeper" 10 Volkan Erman "Life" 11 Cantor "The Chain"
Fairmont Aug 11, 2018
Track premier on Electronic Groove
Fairmont Aug 02, 2018
Feels like forever ago that I was in DF last so I'm very excited. Saturday in Mexico City at Normandie / Antena Transmite
Fairmont Jul 05, 2018
Malinalli out now on Bedrock
Fairmont Jun 26, 2018
's cover photo
Fairmont Jun 22, 2018
MALINALLI IS HERE! I'm thrilled to have this one come out today as part of the Bedrock XX compilation. Digital purchase links: Vinyl and CD box sets:
Fairmont Jun 19, 2018
Here's a chart of my fav tracks of the spring including my new song Malinalli coming out this week on Bedrock. Featuring: The Drifter Re.You Eins Tiefer Rigopolar Jeremy Caulfield Myk Derill (Official) Alex Bau MIKE SIMONETTI Efdemin DJ Koze Switchdance Zombies in Miami Etcha
Fairmont May 20, 2018
Tonight in Paris at Garage 🔥
Fairmont May 11, 2018
Tonight at Kowalski Stuttgart 🔥
Fairmont Apr 04, 2018
I'm stoked my man John Digweed included my exclusive track “Malinalli" for the forthcoming Bedrock Records 20 year Anniversary Album. The Vinyl box set includes 5 x Vinyl, Deluxe 4 x CD box and some exclusive merchandise and prints. Pre-order at bedrockmusic.bigcartel dot com
Fairmont Feb 16, 2018
Vamos! Modular Hn
Fairmont Feb 09, 2018
My new EP "You're Already There" is out now. Available at everyone's most/least favourite store.
Fairmont Feb 08, 2018
Best track I've done in a long while. Coming out this week on My Favorite Robot Records Premier courtesy of Suprematic Sounds
Fairmont Feb 06, 2018
Underground Tel Aviv premier my new b-side "Seesaw" Coming out on Friday on My Favorite Robot Records
Fairmont Feb 03, 2018
"You're Already There EP" coming Friday on My Favorite Robot Records TBT last summer at DGTL Barcelona when the track was in process.