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Fair Maiden Feb 12, 2019
Our new single #Willow kicked off the ‘New Music On Edge Radio’ show, enjoy! Thanks Edge Radio 99.3FM 🌹
Fair Maiden Feb 12, 2019
Listen back to the latest ep of Good Fortune - playlist ft Fair Maiden, Girlpool, Lauryn Hill, Carole King, Grace Jones and more! Triple R - 3RRR 102.7FM 🔮🔮🔮🔮🔮
Fair Maiden Feb 11, 2019
Maiden champion, Henry Wagons, is spinning our new #WILLOW audio WAV on Double J tonight! Please tune in to #TowerOfSong 8-10pm Monday and feel the power. Feeling sour? Take a shower. #songcraft
Fair Maiden Feb 08, 2019
Two hours of excellent taste here on Waste the Alphabet streamin' radio courtesy of Doug Wallen 😀 Listen up! <3 Michael Beach ALL the Weathers Shrimpwitch Mope City Thigh Master sweater curse J. McFarlane's Reality Guest Fair Maiden and more!
Fair Maiden Feb 04, 2019
FBi Radio on the map! 👍🏻
Fair Maiden Feb 04, 2019
Tune your app dial to Google Play Music #NewAustralianCool playlist this week, featuring our new Fair Maiden single #WILLOW!!! It's a fun time, with Julia Jacklin, Body Type, Caiti Baker, Maddy Jane, The Murlocs and more. #cool 😎
Fair Maiden Feb 04, 2019
Old news baby, but if ya didn't know - we are partnering with the amazing Melbourne label Hysterical Records to release album #2 - 'Oleander' out March 22!!!! Amanda Vitartas and Grace Kindellan do some great work. Get familiar <3
Fair Maiden Jan 31, 2019
Hey technology is cool and you can pre order our new album 'Oleander' by clicking on this link NOW! It's out March 22nd through Melbourne's Hysterical Records and we are stoked! In the mean time we'd be so happy if you could come along to the Grace Emily hotel TONIGHT to celebrate the latest single 'Willow' with us! 💋
Fair Maiden Jan 30, 2019
Aaaannnnndddd.. we're back! Many many thanks Double Bounce and Triple R - 3RRR 102.7FM for premiering our NEW SINGLE 🎋Willow🎋!!! ❤️ Love this show. Listen here ❤️
Fair Maiden Jan 16, 2019
's cover photo
Fair Maiden Nov 09, 2018
Keep your pink eyes peeled for our 'Fire and Blood' video clip on rage this weekend!
Fair Maiden Nov 07, 2018
Check out our new sangle 'Fire and Blood' on the latest ep of #TowerOfSong on Double J with Henry Wagons. LISTEN to the whole show here, it's a good time! 🎉🎉🎉
Fair Maiden Nov 04, 2018
Thank you for coming to the Post Office Hotel last night, that was a special time ❤️ #FairMaiden #PeakTwins
Fair Maiden Nov 01, 2018
Ohhh in good company on this great playlist 💜 Fair Maiden, TINY RUINS (NZ), Jess Locke, Moaning Lisa, Nun, Lowtide, Straight Arrows, and more! Waste the Alphabet #75
Fair Maiden Nov 01, 2018
🔥 NEW VIDEO ALERT!!! Directed by Steph Crase 🔥 Don't let the chips deter you. Get aghast with this wild visual accompaniment to our new single, featuring a feast of stock footage and Ellen Carey lipstick. 💋💋💋 #fireandblood #paletteofemotion #psychologicaldepth #masterfulediting #bestnewsingle #visuallife #chips #lizard #burningrose #balloonhorror #posthalloween #greenmoon #icehammer #dice #ice #diamonds #eyeballs #smoke #dryice #effects 🔪🔪🔪
Fair Maiden Oct 29, 2018
Ohh check out this very good mix of new Australian tunes, ft Fair Maiden, Lowtide, Cyanide Thornton, Julia Jacklin, Body Type, The Goon Sax and many more. Cool gang. Thanks Ripe x
Fair Maiden Oct 23, 2018 If you haven't listened to our newest track 'Fire & Blood' yet then bloody fire it up! + see it played in the flesh and blood at the The Post Office Hotel (Melbourne) on the 3rd of Nov! 🗡🛡💘
Fair Maiden Oct 22, 2018
Our new single, 🔥FIRE AND BLOOD❤️, is out now through the very excellent Hysterical Records! Melbourne launch: The Post Office Hotel Saturday 3rd November, details -> Fair Maiden 'Fire and Blood' Single Launch! With Peak Twins 🎵🔪💋💜
Fair Maiden Oct 16, 2018
🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 SNEAK PREVIEW of our newest single 'FIRE & BLOOD' up now on Pilerats! More exciting news on our upcoming album, released through Hysterical Records coming real soon! Stay posted fam <3
Fair Maiden Oct 15, 2018
🔥 Tune in to Maps on 3RRR FM, 4 - 7pm TODAY for the 🌍 WORLD PREMIERE of our new tune, 'Fire and Blood' out through Hysterical Records!!!!!!!! 🎵❤️
Fair Maiden Oct 08, 2018
Also, loving this
Fair Maiden Aug 21, 2018
We're playing this one in about a month and it's looking to sell out - get onboard mates! Sept 27 Grace Emily Hotel =
Fair Maiden Aug 21, 2018
Ohhhh a real neat playlist of new, old and young songs from all over the shop here Hysterical Records <3
Fair Maiden Aug 12, 2018
Happy Sunday Maidens! I hope you enjoy this here playlist as much as I did, featuring a Fair Maiden oldie "Wait For You", from our self-titled rekid. Stream it here
Fair Maiden Jul 26, 2018
Adelaide, let us prepare....