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Lost In Paradise
G-Get Up and Dance! (Alkatraz Remix)
can'T KeEp a SecrEt
G-Get Up and Dance! (Alkatraz Extended Remix)
Seven Second Surgery

Lost In Paradise (Deluxe)
Faber Drive Feb 12, 2019
Wow! Thnk u again #spotify for adding our new single to both of these playlists! #newmusicnow #unesemaineuneplaylist #mercibeaucoup
Faber Drive Feb 09, 2019
Another big shout out to #spotify for adding our fun little ditty feat fabers son to the #newmusicfridaycanada Playlist! #moremusicsoon new ep coming! #pumped #thankful
Faber Drive Feb 08, 2019
Here it is! Jus a fun one we did with fabers son Powfu a few years back. Please save, download, like, share and listen! Thanks for all the love and support!
Faber Drive Feb 04, 2019
This Thursday feb 7 Faber Drive is releasing a song we recorded a few years ago. It’s a cover song called “To Be With You” featuring Fabers son Isaiah Faber aka “Powfu”. We weren’t going to release it as Powfu sounds quite young in the song but after some discussion we just decided to release it for fun. We hope you all enjoy it as much as we do. Couple shout outs to Doug Emmett, Mike Teigen, Colin Friesen, Danielle Marie King, Jordan Pritchett, Seamus O'Neill And everyone else on the team that helped recording this fun tune!
Faber Drive Jan 28, 2019
You can Pre-Order “To Be With You” feat Faber’s son “Powfu” on iTunes now! To Be With You (feat. Powfu) - Single by Faber Drive
Faber Drive Jan 23, 2019
Workin on another new Faber Drive banger with @tavishcrowe #banger #bass #bassslapper #studio #faberdrive #callmemaybe #new #music #langley #walnutgrove #stoked #disco #80s #puppy #hachi
Faber Drive Jan 21, 2019
Srry that last link won’t work but this one will! Please pre-save this cover song we recorded a few years ago and finally decided to release it featuring my son “Powfu” when he was like 15! Please like, share and save!
Faber Drive Jan 20, 2019
Heres one we recorded a long time ago but never released it. Its a cover song featuring Faber's son Isaiah Faber "Powfu" when he was 14 or 15 ish so he definitely sounds a lot younger on this track than he does now lol. Pre save it if you got Spotify. Just a fun one till we finish our ep!
Faber Drive Jan 11, 2019
That one time we had pyro for a New Years festival... #citytv #pyro
Faber Drive Jan 07, 2019
Not a bad view from the vocal booth eh? #faberdrive #phillipines #canada #usa
Faber Drive Jan 05, 2019
We might be a little late on this one but better late than never so HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!! #faberdrive
Faber Drive Jan 02, 2019
Faber Drive Jan 01, 2019
Check out Faber’s son POWFU! He just got on his first Curated Spotify Playlist! #newmusicfridaycanada #spotify
Faber Drive Jan 01, 2019
And! The actual winner is......drum roll please Seamus......Adam Ragan!!!!!!
Faber Drive Jan 01, 2019
Last screwey pic. That’s faber’s boy when he was 4. Now he’s 19
Faber Drive Jan 01, 2019
Srry wring!!!!!
Faber Drive Jan 01, 2019
Aaaaaaaaaand for the 2nd one!!!!!
Faber Drive Jan 01, 2019
Shoooooooot!!! Wrong one!!!!!
Faber Drive Jan 01, 2019
Aaaaaaaaaqnd the winner is!!!!!!!!
Faber Drive Dec 31, 2018
#tkwc #3years #christmas #happynewyear #faberdrivenewtunes
Faber Drive Dec 29, 2018
#yes #new #music #studio #faberdrive #ep #back #rock #punk #indie #newwave #thankful #thankyou #drivers #andsomehomemadehashbrownstokeepitreal
Faber Drive Dec 27, 2018
New music new songs #faberdrive
Faber Drive Dec 25, 2018
Merry Christmas from the Faber’s! #merrychristmas
Faber Drive Dec 25, 2018
The calm before the storm #merrychristmaseve #merrychristmas
Faber Drive Dec 21, 2018
Another BIG shout out to 102.3nowradio in Edmonton for featuring our new single “SURRENDER”