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Lost In Paradise
G-Get Up and Dance! (Alkatraz Remix)
can'T KeEp a SecrEt
G-Get Up and Dance! (Alkatraz Extended Remix)
Seven Second Surgery

Faber Drive Dec 09, 2018
wow we are so grateful and humbled, thank u so much #spotify for putting #TongueTied as the 1st song on your Canadian Throwbacks playlist up along side so many other amazing #canadian artists #threedaysgrace #simpleplan #justinbieber #nickelback #thetragicallyhip #shawnmendes #fingereleven #michaelbuble #ourladypeace #stateofshock #alyssareid #serialjoe #barenakedladies #shawndesman #sum41 #marianastrench and so many more! check it out here
Faber Drive Dec 09, 2018
Faber Drive fb Live interview ask any and all questions at 8pm PST TONIGHT!!!
Faber Drive Dec 09, 2018
Jus in time for Christmas! New Faber Drive T’s, Long Sleeves, Hoodies, Leggings etc!
Faber Drive Dec 09, 2018 NEW Faber Drive t's, hoodies, etc!
Faber Drive Dec 09, 2018
Christmas run! Faber Drive T-shirts, Hoodies, etc!
Faber Drive Dec 09, 2018
New Faber Drive T’s, Long Sleeves, Hoodies, Leggings etc!
Faber Drive Dec 02, 2018
Sorry everyone. We had to take these down as we aren't happy with the prices and the look. We will have new shirts up soon enough. New Faber Drive Long Sleeves, T-shirts and Hoodies!
Faber Drive Nov 26, 2018
a little blurry but heres a throwback to how crazy our regina fans can get #faberdrive
Faber Drive Nov 24, 2018
Thanks again Spotify for making a playlist with so many bands we love!
Faber Drive Nov 23, 2018
😎😎😎🌴Surrender lyric video coming soon!!!
Faber Drive Nov 23, 2018
😎😎😎🌴Surrender lyric video coming soon!!!
Faber Drive Nov 22, 2018
Follow our new band Instagram @faberdriveofficial
Faber Drive Nov 16, 2018
Facebook live sat night?
Faber Drive Oct 31, 2018
SOCAN has been absolutely amazing to Faber Drive. They have definitely been an integral part of our new single "SURRENDER" and all of our past songs as well! THANK YOU SOCAN FOR ALL THE LOVE! #SOCAN
Faber Drive Oct 31, 2018
Whoa! Thank you to MAJIC 100.3 (Ottawa) for adding "Surrender" today! INCREDIBLE!!! #SOCAN #CANCON #MAJIC100 #surrender #canadianradio #faberdrive #wereback
Faber Drive Oct 30, 2018
Thanks Bill!
Faber Drive Oct 24, 2018
Workin on new Faber Drive! In the meantime please keep requesting #surrender on radio
Faber Drive Oct 23, 2018
It’s messages like this that help us keep doin what we’re doin. Thank you to Tiffany Richard and to all of our fans for all the love and support. - Faber Drive #surrender
Faber Drive Oct 22, 2018
HUGE congratulations to our drummer Seamus O'Neill for winning drummer of the year at the BCCMAs!!!! #bccma Seamus O'Neill
Faber Drive Oct 18, 2018
👍👍👍 Dear friends, family and fans of Faber Drive: due to an amazing response we have officially decided to launch “Surrender” to Canadian radio! This is a very special and emotional release for the band. There are many Canadian radio stations that have, and still do, play many Faber Drive songs. We are forever grateful to Canadian radio for this! However, after years of spending every cent we had on the band...on touring...on making records...on following our hearts we had to take a break. Dave Faber in particular needed to take a step back, put his family first and dig his way out of a financial disaster . Dave became a Fire Fighter for two years and has worked the typical "day job" to address the costs and challenge of being an artist while at the same time committing to being a loving and supportive husband and father. This was an incredibly difficult period however the creativity never stopped. Songs were recorded into cell phones, lyrics were scribbled down into notebooks and the hunger and desire to create never diminished. This song "Surrender" is a result of those years. It’s about relationship turmoil, brutal arguments and how much it can cost to work things out. If you've ever spun Faber Drive's music...if you’ve ever heard of the band....or even if you haven't....please take a listen, share and start requesting on your local radio stations. Once again thank you so much to Canadian radio, all our friends, family and fans! God bless and we hope to see u on tour soon! Faber Drive
Faber Drive Oct 12, 2018
thanks so much to Adam from 102.3 NOW for spinnin #SURRENDER today in Edmonton!!! and thank you to everyone who sent in all the amazing text messages to NOW about the tune!
Faber Drive Sep 25, 2018
Thanks so much Allison for adding Surrender to your playlist as well as Tongue Tied, Second Chance etc Allison Renae Blair
Faber Drive Sep 22, 2018
Seven Second Surgery just Hit 10,000,000 streams!! Thank you all so much! Please stream & save our new single Surrender & add it to your playlists. Every stream you guys can give us helps us make more music as we are now independent without any money from a record label. Thanks for all the love!!!
Faber Drive Sep 21, 2018
BIG congrats to our drummer Seamus O'Neill for being up for DRUMMER OF THE YEAR at the BCCMAS this year!! Please send him some love and support! #bccmas
Faber Drive Sep 21, 2018
Our good buddy John Harada just posted the announcement for Surrender on his radio show on 88.7 The River for Friday sept 21. Download the free Radioplayer Canada app...can do it in the App Store or at and type in 88.7 The River, Mount Forest in "search" to hear the streaming. Song goes at 1:45pm VANCOUVER time or 4:45pm Ontario time.