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Ezra Furman at La Santa (May 1, 2019)
Venue: La Santa (Santa Ana, CA, US) Find tickets
Ezra Furman at Teragram Ballroom (May 4, 2019)
Venue: Teragram Ballroom (Los Angeles, CA, US) Find tickets
Ezra Furman at Slim's (May 5, 2019)
Venue: Slim's (San Francisco, CA, US) Find tickets
Ezra Furman at WISE Hall (May 7, 2019)
Venue: WISE Hall (Vancouver, BC, Canada) Find tickets
Ezra Furman at The Tractor Tavern (May 8, 2019)
Venue: The Tractor Tavern (Seattle, WA, US) Find tickets
Ezra Furman at Aladdin Theater (May 9, 2019)
Venue: Aladdin Theater (Portland, OR, US) Find tickets
Ezra Furman Feb 23, 2019
We at last put out our covers EP “Songs By Others” digitally! It contains our take on 1950s - Little Richard’s “Ready Teddy” 60s - Jackie Wilson’s “(Your Love Keeps Lifting Me) Higher and Higher” 70s - Melanie’s “The Good Book” 80s - The Replacements’ “Androgynous” 90s - Beck’s “Devils Haircut” 2000s - Arcade Fire’s “Crown of Love” 2010s - LCD Soundsystem’s “I Can Change” So go listen to it! I particularly like our “Crown of Love.”
Ezra Furman Feb 21, 2019
You might have heard our cover of Melanie's 'Good Book' on Sex Education. Really happy it's being released properly tomorrow (along with some other covers) and you can listen to it via the NME now:
Ezra Furman Feb 20, 2019
It’s fun to look through old notebooks. I can’t believe I’ve survived my own narcissism this long. Can’t remember the tune to this lyric, if there ever was one. I therefore (in the lazy spirit of the song) challenge y’all to write the melody and make your own version GO
Ezra Furman Feb 12, 2019
Yes we are at last touring the West Coast! Spend your evening with us instead of looking at your phone. We will provide more satisfying entertainment. That is the EF promise. Happy to note that a lot of these shows are ALL AGES. Come on down and bring your pals. I will be holding nothing back thank you very much. Animation by Du Blonde - and if you like how my eyes and mouth move here, wait until you see my actual eyes and mouth in person. Quite frankly, they are stunning 3/14/19 - Solo show Arlene Francis Center for Spirit, Art & Politics Santa Rosa, CA 5/1/19 Marty's On Newport Tustin, CA 5/4/19 Teragram Ballroom Los Angeles, CA 5/5/19 Slim's San Francisco, CA 5/7/19 The Wise Hall Vancouver, BC Canada 5/8/19 Tractor Tavern Seattle, WA 5/9/19 Aladdin Theater Portland, OR
Ezra Furman Feb 03, 2019
Tickets on sale now for early May shows on the west coast (and one in March)! Come see how we get from picture A to picture B. Hoo mama. Photos by @barnonerecords (I think) and @framingthepicture 3/14/19 Arlene Francis Center for Spirit, Art & Politics Santa Rosa, CA 5/1/19 Marty's On Newport Tustin, CA 5/4/19 Teragram Ballroom Los Angeles, CA 5/5/19 Slim's San Francisco, CA 5/7/19 The Wise Hall Vancouver, BC Canada 5/8/19 Tractor Tavern Seattle, WA 5/9/19 Aladdin Theater Portland, OR See ya there babes -Ezra
Ezra Furman Feb 01, 2019
Tickets for our May west coast dates are on sale now. Let fury have the hour. We play wild shows and we want you there. Also just added is a solo show in Santa Rosa on March 14th - at the always-a-good-time Arlene Francis Center for Spirit, Art & Politics. 3/14/19 Arlene Francis Center for Spirit, Art & Politics Santa Rosa, CA 5/1/19 Marty's On Newport Tustin, CA 5/4/19 Teragram Ballroom Los Angeles, CA 5/5/19 Slim's San Francisco, CA 5/7/19 The Wise Hall Vancouver, BC Canada 5/8/19 Tractor Tavern Seattle, WA 5/9/19 Aladdin Theater Portland, OR See ya there babes -Ezra
Ezra Furman Jan 30, 2019
I’m delighted to announce a run of shows in early May // up the west coast of the USA. We had planned to play most of these places in December but had to cancel due to some scary medical shit about which I’d rather not go into detail. But EVERYTHING TURNED OUT OKAY and I wanna play rock n roll shows and celebrate life and burn the feelings outward. So come do that with us. Tickets are on sale Friday. Get ‘em while they last because we’re on TV now and a bunch of new fans might show up and buy ‘Em all. Which by the way new fans I STRONGLY SUPPORT THAT
Ezra Furman Jan 23, 2019
Excited to be back in Spain to play FIB Benicàssim Festival on July 21st!
Ezra Furman Jan 23, 2019
“Dye your hair black / Never look back / My past is my business” - @artbrutbandofficial, “My Little Brother” ... my float in the parade of images will be decked out in black this year. It’s my favorite color. Top 50, anyway.
Ezra Furman Jan 21, 2019
Did you know that our song “Love You So Bad” was heavily unconsciously influenced by “I Wanna Love Him So Bad” by the Jelly Beans (1964)? Neither did I until after our record was released and I put on this (incredible) compilation that I’ve had for years and realized that it had gone into the cement-mixer of my brain in 2016 and mixed with other stuff and out popped Love You So Bad. Weird how songwriting works. Anyway if you know anyone who was in the Jelly Beans please let me know so I can send them some flowers. And look up that song; it’s great
Ezra Furman Jan 16, 2019
Made some impulsive catty post the other day about new followers from this Netflix show (Sex Education) so let me speak clearly on the matter: I am so delighted you follow me online and so glad if you’ve gotten any enjoyment out of any of my music for any reason. New or old, I melt with joy any time I reflect on the great privilege of having fans. Welcome aboard if you just heard of me, glad you’re here if otherwise. Message to the world: fuck you leave me alone I love you thank you. I like this picture of me.
Ezra Furman Jan 04, 2019
Pretty excited about this one… My band and I did (pretty much) the entire soundtrack to this show “Sex Education,” coming to Netflix Friday January 11th, a week from today. This is the trailer. A bunch of new original songs, recorded this past summer, as well as old ones that have been previously released on our albums. I am honored that they asked us to do the soundtrack and I am psyched to see the whole show (I’ve just seen some clips they sent me). It was very fun to work on and I’m very grateful to everyone who worked on the show and helped me be a part of it. Oh and the band and I got to be in one of the episodes! Filmed in Wales in August just before doing some touring in Europe. We’re the band at the school dance and we look great. There’s a little glimpse of us at some point in the trailer. Anyway… super excited to watch some TV next weekend for which I MADE THE SOUNDTRACK. Fingers crossed for it to get released as its own soundtrack album but we’ll have to just wait and see on that one. Love to all y’all
Ezra Furman Dec 10, 2018
December in Oakland
Ezra Furman Dec 05, 2018
Timeline Photos
Ezra Furman Dec 05, 2018
Excited to announce that we'll be playing at Deer Shed Festival in Thirsk, UK on July 28th 2019! Tickets are available here:
Ezra Furman Nov 29, 2018
Sucks when you find out your album cover idea AND title are already taken
Ezra Furman Nov 26, 2018
Music being made. @samtop10 @jorgen.jorgensenbriggs
Ezra Furman Nov 15, 2018
POP QUIZ is this a picture of a) an Ezra Furman & the Visions show, b) a Flannery O’Connor reading ca. 1956, or c) other: ________ While you think it over let me inform you: we got five shows coming up in December on the West Coast. Last full-band shows for a pretty long time. Michael Rault supporting. Come see us we’re good. Sun. Dec. 9 – Vancover, CAN @ Wise Hall Mon. Dec. 10 – Seattle, WA @ Crocodile Café Tue. Dec. 11 – Portland, OR @ The Aladdin Theatre Thu. Dec. 13 – San Francisco, CA @ Slims Sat. Dec. 15 – Los Angeles, CA – The Teragram
Ezra Furman Nov 08, 2018
Hey my dear dear fans. I regret to announce that we are canceling the four live dates we had planned for the end of November, in Duluth (11/27) Minneapolis (11/28) Madison (11/29) and Chicago (12/1). I feel sad that we are having to cancel them, but we really do need to. The reasons are personal and also not at all interesting, so I’m not going to explain - sorry about that. They involve family issues combined with work issues and logistical issues. It’s a drag to cancel shows but running the independent organization that is a touring band is a complicated endeavor and sometimes that’s the way it goes. But I do know that we will (god willing) return to these delightful cities and make it up to you. Our apologies and blessings - thank you all for caring about our band, and see you next time. -Ezra
Ezra Furman Nov 06, 2018
I am still proud to be an American. Voting still feels good. I got hope. Peace, peace to far and near
Ezra Furman Nov 02, 2018
WE PLAY AT WARSAW IN BROOKLYN TOMORROW NIGHT. Wandering Brooklyn I somehow end up at the corner where my old bandmates lived in 2009 when we moved to New York to “make it.” I was in Crown Heights. Thems was the days. Tomorrow night we wrap up this leg of the tour at Warsaw with heavy hearts and undaunted spirit. I wish everyone a Shabbat Shalom - praying for peace and safety for all people, particularly my own (Jews and queers) this devastating week. See you tomorrow night for our attempt to shine to spite the darkness
Ezra Furman Nov 01, 2018
Hotel room morning prayer
Ezra Furman Oct 31, 2018
To our fans in Massachusetts: Thank you to everyone who came to the Sinclair on Monday night - a truly amazing show, for me, because of the energy you brought to the room. Thanks especially to those of you who signed up to volunteer with the Yes on 3 campaign. It was amazing to have Pippin and Matt and their team tell us about their cause from on- and off-stage. Right now, Massachusetts has a law to protect transgender people from discrimination. But on Tuesday, MA will be voting on whether or not to overturn these protections. Opponents of transgender rights are using fear tactics to strip away equality. We can't let that happen. Trans people like me deserve protection from discrimination like anyone else. This issue threatens queer people’s livelihoods and safety in Massachusetts. It’s also an opportunity to send a message nationwide about what Americans care about. This shit matters. This is about safety and equality for me and so many people I know. Join the movement, and take action in the final week to secure a historic win. Sign up to knock on doors and make phone calls- across the state- at Sign up to make reminder calls from home at Love y’all. Thanks for an incredible show on Monday. Vote Yes on 3. -Ezra
Ezra Furman Oct 29, 2018
We are at Chili’s we are the coolest people in the world
Ezra Furman Oct 26, 2018
Tomorrow we return to Toronto. Last night in Columbus was indescribably satisfying. We met Omni at last and they blew us away. Then the people of Columbus bathed us in love and passion. That’s right. We sat in a big bathtub onstage and everyone came up one by one to rub loofahs on each band member. We are a highly experimental band. See you soon Ontario And of course, the upcoming TOUR DATES Sat. Oct. 27 – Toronto, CAN @ Horseshoe Tavern * Mon. Oct. 29 – Cambridge, MA @ The Sinclair * Tue. Oct. 30 – Providence, RI @ Fete Ballroom * Wed. Oct. 31 – Philadelphia, PA @ Underground Arts * Thu. Nov. 1 – Washington, D.C. @ U Street Music Hall * Sat. Nov. 3 – New York, NY @ Warsaw * Tues. Nov. 27 - Duluth, MN @ Blush Wed. Nov. 28 – Minneapolis, MN @ Cedar Cultural Centre Thu. Nov. 29 – Madison, WI @ High Noon Saloon Sat. Dec. 1 - Chicago, IL @ Subterranean (2 shows) Sun. Dec. 9 – Vancover, CAN @ Wise Hall^ Mon. Dec. 10 – Seattle, WA @ Crocodile Café^ Tue. Dec. 11 – Portland, OR @ The Aladdin Theatre^ Thu. Dec. 13 – San Francisco, CA @ Slims^ Sat. Dec. 15 – Los Angeles, CA – The Teragram^ * = with Omni ^ = with Michael Rault