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Exploded View Feb 14, 2019
Exploded View Feb 13, 2019
Some footage from our gigs last weekend
Exploded View Feb 11, 2019
More of Black Saturday
Exploded View Feb 11, 2019
Just a pic of us playing at the black Saturday cruise, great day, thanks to Stacey and Troy for having us:)
Exploded View Jan 09, 2019
Black Saturday 10 year anniversary cruise is will be on the 9th of Feb, starting at Yarra Glen and finishing up at the Healesville train station. We will be there to play some rocking tunes. Put it in your diary and come on down. For more info on the event, jump on the black Saturday Facebook page.....
Exploded View Dec 21, 2018
We would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a Merry Christmas, and a safe and Happy New Year. See you all in 2019,,, keep rocking,,,, E.V.
Exploded View Oct 31, 2018
Some footage from Heards bar
Exploded View Oct 31, 2018
Some pics of the awesome crowd at herds from last fridays gig.
Exploded View Oct 26, 2018
Had an awesome night last night at Herds bar, thanks to all of you that came out and danced the night away..E.V.
Exploded View Oct 12, 2018
Don't forget we are at Herds bar on the 26th of this month, come on down and help us rock the house!
Exploded View Aug 18, 2018
Hey guys and gals, we've been really busy doing private functions, but will be out there again soon, so stay tuned to find out where we will be next. E.V.
Exploded View Aug 04, 2018
's cover photo
Exploded View Jul 07, 2018
Don't forget we are rocking Herds bar tonight in Healesville. Get yourself down there, it's the place to be, kick off around 9.30, and we're gunna rock the house, hope to see you there.E.V.
Exploded View May 11, 2018
We have some exciting stuff going on, so stay tuned and all will be reviled:) E.V.
Exploded View May 05, 2018
Exploded View Apr 29, 2018
Thanks to the Herd staff and everyone who came to see us at Herd Bar & Grill...was a great night! Here is a live video courtesy of Herd
Exploded View Apr 26, 2018
Herd Bar & Grill
Exploded View Feb 27, 2018
Official Promo Video for 2018
Exploded View Feb 21, 2018
Video Shoot
Exploded View Feb 21, 2018
's cover photo
Exploded View Feb 19, 2018
Yesterday's recording session. Behind the scenes. More videos coming very soon!
Exploded View Feb 19, 2018
A small video clip from our recording session yesterday.
Exploded View Feb 17, 2018
The Stone Hold, Tonight be there, we are going to rock the joint.
Exploded View Feb 17, 2018
Hey Guys And Gals, we are Rocking The Stone Hold Tonight, come on down and we promise a rocking good time. See you there.E.V.
Exploded View Jan 24, 2018
Only 2 more sleeps till we rock The Stone Hold in Healesville. 9.30 is kick off, who's coming?