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Bone Collector
Executioner Jan 18, 2019
Executioner Jan 16, 2019
New Executioner songs are coming along very well thank you
Executioner Dec 18, 2018
Executioner Dec 14, 2018
New material. New Studio. New album.
Executioner Dec 06, 2018
All our best songs were written while waiting at a bus stop
Executioner Dec 04, 2018
Does it live up to the hype? Only you can be The Executioner.
Executioner Dec 04, 2018
Looking back at spring 1983. Everyday was suburban hustle and some kind of stressful coffee rush to make a mark in a super competitive hardcore scene. One could only “Make it” in The City! With this: We gigged well for a band that had zero truck transport. Most any day would see Dave Burks and Bill Fraenza supervising the early morning plotting of just who may have a vehicle we can con into service. Many times it would have to be Bill Fraenza’s family Ford truck that would be pressed into service with lies... “Yes Mom, he has a license”. And we’d drive off... - Pretty smart thinking for a bunch of 16 year old punk rocking musical teens who only wanted to emulate The Monkees. You’ll always see us third down supporting...on a flyer. Don’t let them tell you otherwise.
Executioner Dec 04, 2018
Let’s go check out some 1983 shows!
Executioner Nov 11, 2018
Executioner Nov 05, 2018
At the altar
Executioner Oct 29, 2018
Just some of the fun on our website. 1982 live at The Tool and Die S.F.
Executioner Oct 29, 2018
Executioner Oct 29, 2018
More Tool and Die fun in the SF 80s Mission. Tell US your stories!
Executioner Oct 29, 2018
For awhile we pretty much lived there. $1.00 beers.
Executioner Oct 29, 2018
Martha’s Vineyard , one week before being called back to San Francisco to open for the Bad Brains , 82-83? We made 30 bucks and 2 drink tix. Rock n Roll baby !
Executioner Oct 25, 2018
Winston Smith says: Buy some Executioner. It’s sacrilegious to not have this band in your 80s punk collection.
Executioner Oct 25, 2018
Executioner Oct 12, 2018
Cease Fire
Executioner Sep 13, 2018
Executioner Aug 18, 2018
Executioner Aug 08, 2018
At the Blank Club with Social Unrest and Vacant Churches
Executioner Aug 08, 2018
Dan at Patac Records/Fistula made these up special that year
Executioner Aug 08, 2018
Brazil 04
Executioner Aug 08, 2018
Live 04 San Jose, Ca.
Executioner Jul 31, 2018