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Elegies of the Stellar Wind
Isenheimen / Abyss Calls...
Mysteries of the Nocturnal Forest
Evilfeast May 27, 2019
To avoid future confussions, messages has been disabled definetely. I wrote VERY CLEARLY in the main description of the page that this is a fan support/fan interactive/unofficial site but some pleople didn't noticed that. It's true I had a small colaboration with the official label in will of them, but GrimSpirit's signature was NOT used in these past posts. If you have to treat something with Evilfeast, you can contact Eisenwald so may they can help you whatever your interests are. Deeply apologies.
Evilfeast Feb 20, 2018
Evilfeast - Acenstone & Morthond ( Homage to Summoning )
Evilfeast May 30, 2017
What's your favorite song of all times of Evilfeast, and why?
Evilfeast Mar 25, 2017
In our search for musical trascendences, I've been always wondering if there's an album or band similar to Evilfeast with the knowledge to create sounds to rejoice the manifestations of those nocturnal mourners. Acting in personal titles, some force inner of me takes the need on me to seek the perfect sound to glorify the night, the winter mysteries, the sacred ancient forests, or even the stars shining above our spirits. This goes to an ask for all of you: What album/song/artist send you to experience an exalted feeling of beauty & majesty for nature?
Evilfeast Oct 24, 2016
8 years from "Lost Horizons of Wisdom". 5 years from "Wintermoon Enchantment".
Evilfeast Jan 28, 2016
Evilfeast - Promo tape 2015