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Revenge (2018 Remastered)
We Too Are One (Remastered)
Peace (2018 Remastered)
In the Garden (2018 Remastered)
Be Yourself Tonight (2018 Remastered)
Savage (2018 Remastered)
Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) [2018 Remastered]
Touch (2018 Remastered)
Dance Vault Mixes: I've Got a Life
Ultimate Collection (Remastered)
In the Garden
Savage (Remastered)
We Too Are One
Be Yourself Tonight (Remastered)
Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) [Remastered]
Live 1983-1989 (Live)
Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)
Eurythmics Aug 09, 2019
see you there , can’t wait D x
Eurythmics Aug 03, 2019
Royal Festival Hall countdown to .......#EurythmicsSongbook
Eurythmics Jul 25, 2019
Australia was great to us.Always a treat to go down under .......
Eurythmics Jun 30, 2019
REVENGE released 33 YEARS AGO on this day (June 30) in 1986! #eurythmics #80s Dave will be playing a selection of these songs along with other Eurythmics classics with special guests at the Royal Festival Hall Southbank Centre only a few tix left here
Eurythmics May 30, 2019
Annie Lennox SiriusXM SiriusXM VOLUME Fierce: Women In Music - One Hour Sit down with Lori Majewski Today at 1pm (EST) Channel 106!! #annielennox #siriusxmvolume #fiercewomeninmusiv
Eurythmics May 30, 2019
Dave Stewart “Who I Am” interview in Forbes talking about his new show on NBC Songland! #DaveStewart #Forbes #Songland
Eurythmics May 30, 2019
Annie Lennox an inside Video look of her MASS MoCA Art Installation, and Surprise new Piano EP recordings "Lepidoptera" People #AnnieLennox #MassMoca #People
Eurythmics May 24, 2019
OUT TODAY - NEW MUSIC FROM Annie Lennox Annie Lennox today surprised fans in more ways than one with the release of a previously unreleased EP, "Lepidoptera." The recording is unlike any music Lennox has released during her 40-year career. "Lepidoptera" is an ethereal set of instrumental piano pieces performed by Lennox. #AnnieLennox #MassMoca
Eurythmics May 20, 2019
where was this ?
Eurythmics May 18, 2019
Repost from @officialannielennox instagram Just to say that Dave Stewart and an ‘All Star’ line up of guest musicians and vocalists will be performing the best of ‘Eurythmics Songbook’ at the specially curated Nile Rogers Southbank Meltdown Festival London on Friday 9th Aug. Be there or Be square!
Eurythmics May 17, 2019
“I try several times a year to persuade Annie to tour with me as Eurythmics but have not succeeded so far. I will keep trying but in the meantime I’m going to be performing Eurythmics Songbook with special guests at Meltdown Festival London Aug 9th 🎶 Dave
Eurythmics May 06, 2019
Paris again , working out would I lie to you stripped bare down to Dave on guitar a drum machine and Annie belting it out on the 🎤 #nofakingit
Eurythmics Mar 07, 2019
Annie Lennox has teamed up with The Circle & Apple Music, Ed Sheeran, Farhan Akhtar , Eddie Izzard, Mary J. Blige, Emeli Sandé, Biffy Clyro, Dua Lipa, Nadine Shah, Yola , Nina Nesbitt, Ade Adepitan, Frank Turner & many more familiar faces for this incredibly impactful short film about #GlobalFeminism ahead of #IWD2019 Please watch, share & support 🙌
Eurythmics Feb 26, 2019
Dave Stewart
Eurythmics Feb 21, 2019
oooh now that was waaaaay back !
Eurythmics Feb 06, 2019
exhausted leaving stage revenge tour 87
Eurythmics Jan 28, 2019
Emerald Belles very Sweet (Dreams) :)
Eurythmics Jan 04, 2019
yep we released our Sweet Dreams album 36 years ago today on Jan 4th 1983 !!! We recorded most of the album during 1982 in the eaves of a picture framing factory in Chalk Farm in N. London. It was a very experimental album made on very little equipment as you can see in this pic of me recording at the time.All our gear was second hand and the total cost of all the equipment to make up the studio was under 5,000 which we borrowed from the bank ! We had 1 Soundcraft board mixing desk, 1 Teac 8 track recorder , 1 bell noise reduction system, 1 Klark Technic spring reverb , 1 Roland space echo ( still my favorite) 1 prototype movement MCS drum computer. We used our Roland SH01 synthesizer and we secretly borrowed an Oberheim OBX synth .The only other instrument on the Sweet Dreams Are Made of This track is Annie and I playing milk bottles full of water! Annie laid down the vocal in record time and in fact the single Sweet Dreams is the fastest record we ever made. On the actual album I also love "Love Is A Stranger" "The Walk""This City Never Sleeps" "Jennifer" . in fact I love all the songs we created on this album with the minimal amount of equipment but the maximum amount of creativity , but as they say...Necessity is the mother of Invention....... Dave Stewart #sweetdreams #eurythmics for vinyl vests here
Eurythmics Jan 04, 2019
The fact that Sweet Dreams was released 36 years ago is almost inconceivable to me. Somewhere in my head I’m stuck in a time warp of either a 28... or.. 8 year old!! Boy did that ship sail!! And what an adventure it has been... And the even weirder thing is that I’ve just had my 64th birthday! I can’t get around that either.. I am suddenly living in an elderly person’s body.. like a new invention! Forwards everyone.. Whatever makes your dreams sweet or your sweet dreams.. What are you still looking for again? Love and Peace in these interesting times.. from Annie L
Eurythmics Nov 16, 2018
Today EURYTHMICS release a vinyl version of the album ‘PEACE’ - originally released in October 1999. ‘PEACE’ was followed by a world tour, to promote the work of Amnesty International and Greenpeace International. All profits generated by the ‘PEACE’ Tour were donated and shared between both organisations. Annie Lennox and Dave Stewart are proud supporters of Nobel Peace Prize winning Amnesty International – whose exceptional work continues to protect human rights around the world since it was first founded 57 years ago!
Eurythmics Nov 16, 2018
OUT TODAY! Peace and We Too Are One mastered on vinyl from the original tapes are available to purchase from the Eurythmics Official Store now - Who's ordered their copy?
Eurythmics Nov 15, 2018
35 yrs ago today Annie and I released our 3rd album “Touch” which was number 1 album in UK as well as being a huge hit globally.We had already released “Sweet Dreams” album in January 1983 so it was a magical year all round and I can’t believe that our songs are still being played every day all over the world #thankful #eurythmics #herecomestherainagain #sweetdreamsaremadeofthis #whosthatgirl #loveisastranger #rightbyyourside Dave Stewart Annie Lennox
Eurythmics Nov 09, 2018
Eurythmics nominated for SONGWRITERS HALL OF FAME 🙂 Songwriters Hall of Fame #sweetdreamsaremadeofthis !
Eurythmics Oct 21, 2018
Dave needs to play !!!
Eurythmics Oct 19, 2018
“So Good” from a young Eurythmite who used to sing “Angel” sitting on Annie’s knee , now turned 18 and writing her own songs as is Lola 🎶