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Wild Strawberries (Bonus Track Version)
Dawn in 2 Dimensions
A World Out of Time
Night Gallery (Bonus Track Version)
Beyond the 4th Door (Bonus Track Version)
The Invisible Landscape
Palace of the Night Skies
Mystic Induction
Eternal Tapestry Jul 31, 2018
Jed "drummer boi" Bindeman has been busy with a couple of record labels lately. Firstly, Freedom To Spend ( with buddies Pete Swanson and Matt Werth/RVNG, and now a second, solo label endeavor called Concentric Circles ( The first CC release, from Carola Baer, comes out in exactly one month from today! Lots of exciting stuff in the works, so stay tuned!
Eternal Tapestry Jul 17, 2018
Eternal Tapestry's been taking it easy lately but I've been playing and recording loads with Danny Sasaki in a new project we have called Center Pieces, give it a listen, thanks!
Eternal Tapestry Jun 28, 2017
jed from etap just made a mix for NTS radio in london. it's a pretty mellow listen, proper for early summer zone outs. enjoy!
Eternal Tapestry Dec 22, 2015
"Wild Strawberries" is on this list!
Eternal Tapestry Mar 23, 2015
Eternal Tapestry | Interview | Tiny Mix Tapes
Eternal Tapestry Mar 20, 2015
West coast shows are NEXT WEEK! Dates: 3/25 - Los Angeles, CA - The Catch One Night Club (with M. Geddes Gengras, Gregg Kowalsky of Date Palms, Greyghost) 3/26 - Oakland, CA - The Nightlight (with A. Magic Whistle, Dire Wolves, Black Hat) 3/27 - San Francisco, CA - Hemlock Tavern (with Phil Manley’s Life Coach, Meg Baird’s Heron Oblivion) 3/28 - Davis, CA - Third Space Art Collective
Eternal Tapestry Mar 10, 2015
Eternal Tapestry makes lists
Eternal Tapestry Mar 05, 2015
"I had a Primus problem in high school, so I can still get on the bass, you know?"
Eternal Tapestry Mar 04, 2015
Feature up on JamBase! "This isn’t psychedelic rock music you hula hoop to, it’s the kind where you stare in amazement at the stage with your mouth agape while your psyche melts away into a puddle at your feet."
Eternal Tapestry Mar 03, 2015
New video for "Mountain Primrose," directed by Brenna Murphy.
Eternal Tapestry Mar 02, 2015
here's some additional euro tour dates, with a couple more to be announced in the near future. we can't wait to come back overseas! 04 Jun 2015 BE Antwerpen Hetbos 05 Jun 2015 FR Paris L'Espace B 08 Jun 2015 UK London Shacklewell Arms 09 Jun 2015 UK Brighton Hope & Ruin 10 Jun 2015 UK Manchester The Roadhouse 12 Jun 2015 UK Glasgow Nice N Sleazys 13 Jun 2015 UK Birmingham Supersonic Festival
Eternal Tapestry Feb 26, 2015
Check out our newest member Cat Hoch's premier of "Look What you Found"! Such a talent, we are so stoked and honored to be playing with her!
Eternal Tapestry Feb 24, 2015
"Wild Strawberries" is officially out today!
Eternal Tapestry Feb 13, 2015
Some more tour dates! 3/25 - Los Angeles, CA - The Catch One Night Club (with M. Geddes Gengras, Gregg Kowalsky of Date Palms, Greyghost) 3/27 - San Francisco, CA - Hemlock Tavern (with Phil Manley’s Life Coach, Meg Baird’s Heron Oblivion) 3/28 - Davis, CA - Third Space Art Collective 5/10 - Austin, TX - Austin Psych Fest 6/11-6/14 - Birmingham, UK - Supersonic Festival 6/15 - Manchester, UK - The Roadhouse
Eternal Tapestry Jan 29, 2015
Eternal Tapestry Talk Atmosphere, New Album 'Wild Strawberries,' and Recording Over Phish...
Eternal Tapestry Jan 29, 2015
New double album out February 24!
Eternal Tapestry Jan 20, 2015
Playing with Weyes Blood at Mississippi Studios on Feb. 1!
Eternal Tapestry Dec 09, 2014
so it's official, eternal tapestry will be making a rare appearance in somewhere other than the west coast or europe: austin psych fest! we're not sure of the specifics yet, but we will be making a pilgrimage out to texas this may. the line up is already looking completely nuts, topped off with the jesus and mary chain! yeah, it's gonna be a good one!
Eternal Tapestry Nov 19, 2014
just out is our first ever appearance on a 7", as a split with the oh-so-excellent gnod out of the uk! the catch is, this release is available only as part of the god unknown subscription series. there's still a few left, so get off yr lazy butts and get on this shit before it's too late!
Eternal Tapestry Aug 27, 2014
Pre-Orders for "Guru Overload" now available from Oaken Palace records!!! Grab em while er hot! Yowza schnauza ai yai yai!!!
Eternal Tapestry Jul 10, 2014
here is the artwork for our new lp, "guru overload," which will be released on oaken palace records in the near future. special thanks to our friend luke buser for the incredible lettering job he did on the back cover!
Eternal Tapestry Jul 09, 2014
WHUT??? We've managed to squeeze Etap onto one side of a 7"!! Manchester pals Gnod will be gracing the other! Thanks much to the newly born God Unknown records out of the UK!! Check em out! The first in the series is Portland based Eternal Tapestry and Manchester's Gnod. This is Eternal Tapestry's first EVER 7" and Gnod at their most laid back. This is limited to 200 subscriptions / memberships only.
Eternal Tapestry Mar 21, 2014
we'll be tappin away tomorrow night at treeefort festival in boise. we play at 9pm!
Eternal Tapestry Sep 12, 2013
since most likely not many of you saw the print version, here is a scan of the recent interview we did with an obscure little zine by the name of High Times. gotta say, it's a pretty damn well written article!