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Lucy Gray
Envy on the Coast EP
Left Coast Envy Jul 03, 2019
Check out Will and Chris on the No Ordinary Nerd podcast. We chat all about our influences, Harry Potter, video games, and Will's love of Pokemon Go.
Left Coast Envy May 28, 2019
Coming back to work on a Tuesday after a 3-day weekend saying "the weekend ain't dead yet.." Neither is Pop Punk. Check out "Under The Radar" on Spotify's Pop Punk's Not Dead playlist and ease into the week.
Left Coast Envy May 23, 2019
Tonight at midnight we will be releasing song #4 on Spotify. Under The Radar has always been the band's unanimous choice of our recordings that best captures the essence of Left Coast Envy. A lot of angst, anxiety, acceptance of responsibility and the ability to be at peace with where you are with a goal in mind of where you want to be. Sometimes, you feel as if you are under the radar. Hard work, honesty and authenticity will pay off in the end - and that's alright by me. Don't wait around. Tonight at Midnight.
Left Coast Envy May 19, 2019
Thanks to Pop-Punk & Pizza Podcast for the shoutout, and thanks again to The Aging Scene Kid - Emo and Pop-Punk Blog for covering our releases this month!
Left Coast Envy May 19, 2019
Pop Punk isn’t dead and neither are we. Take a listen to Safety First (Then Teamwork) on Spotify’s Pop Punk’s Not Dead playlist.
Left Coast Envy May 16, 2019
Tonight at Midnight we release "Safety First, Then Teamwork". How did this one come about? Sam started listening to The Dangerous Summer and started using his delay pedal more. We liked it. Safety, as we have nicknamed it, pulls in the beginning of our shift towards a more ambient and omniscient approach to pop-punk. Lyrically, the song is inspired by the constant ebbs and flows, the ups and downs and the constant questioning of what is important in this life. What do I need to pay more attention to? Where should my focus be? What would I kill/die for? What matters most and will we be willing to reach for it or will just wait in line and go along with the masses. If you haven’t already, give us a follow and save our tacks on Spotify or wherever you like to listen to music. Stay Calm.
Left Coast Envy May 16, 2019
probably a good idea.
Left Coast Envy May 15, 2019
Check us out on The Aging Scene Kid!
Left Coast Envy May 13, 2019
Thanks for helping us hit 2k plays in less than 10 days. Ya'll great.
Left Coast Envy May 10, 2019
Destruction With My Capital D is now available on Spotify and the like. Give us a listen, give us a follow, save us to your library, add us to a playlist and stay calm.
Left Coast Envy May 09, 2019
Get ready to take a listen.
Left Coast Envy May 09, 2019
This Friday at 12:00AM, we’ll be releasing our song “Destruction With My Capital D”, a more causal approach to pop punk when compared to Bears. We wrote this song in Spring 2011 at the same band practice where we recorded our interview for Dave Day’s (remember him?) YouTube channel, Sound Underground. The song is a pessimistic look at how we become our own worst enemies and are the guilty party of leading ourselves to destruction by losing our focus on what’s truly important. The chorus asks repeatedly, “Are we all damned?” as a refusal to take responsibility for the negative outcomes in our own lives. Thursday, into Friday, at midnight. Be on the lookout for Destruction With My Capital D on Spotify or where you stream your music. Stay calm.
Left Coast Envy May 04, 2019
We've been added to the New Punk Tracks playlist on Spotify. Head on over and give "Bears" a listen. #playlisted #popunk
Left Coast Envy May 03, 2019
Over the last few years, a few fans have helped us remember what we were a part of. Over the next couple of weeks, we'll be releasing our tracks on Spotify, Apple Music and the like for everyone to enjoy. Today, we start with "The Bears Have Mobilized and They Have Armed Themselves" - the first song that we wrote as a full band. The name stems from a reaction to playing Red Dead Redemption and the lyrics attempted to capture the clouded decision making process of deciding to commit to playing music together as Left Coast Envy. Give us a listen, follow us, download us, share us with your friends and stay tuned for more song releases and band updates. For now, enjoy Bears -
Left Coast Envy Apr 30, 2019
We've been calm. We've been patient. 5/3/19
Left Coast Envy Jan 01, 2014
Happy New Years Everyone! We sure do miss you all!
Left Coast Envy Jun 06, 2013
Today marks 4 months since a terrible event. Writing this song helped Will cope with this tragic event. We hope that anyone who shares the same pain or a pain from a similar situation can use this song to help cope. R.I.P. E.A.R.
Left Coast Envy May 20, 2013
Happy Monday! Here is another video from our show nearly a month ago. You can check out the rest of our videos on our YouTube page. Enjoy!
Left Coast Envy May 17, 2013
Happy Friday and Hello Everyone!! It's been a few weeks since we've posted anything, but go ahead and take a look at our set from last month! Here's "Reach"
Left Coast Envy May 03, 2013
Special thanks to the photographer, Amanda Dittmar Photography, that has been shooting us since the beginning. Go check out her amazing work!
Left Coast Envy Apr 28, 2013
Thank you to everyone who came out to see us at Legacy Fest! We had a fantastic time and all the bands rocked it! Tag us in pictures, and we will also be posting memories of our own. - Stay Cam & Be Patient..
Left Coast Envy Apr 27, 2013
Everyone!!!! Come out to Legacy Fest at the Hilton Scranton!!!!
Left Coast Envy Apr 23, 2013
Left Coast Envy wristbands will be available at Legacy Fest!!! We will be selling them for $2 and donations. All the monies made from these wristbands will be going towards a future LCE project...
Left Coast Envy Apr 23, 2013
This is our Soundcloud, all of our music to date is free to download! Enjoy.
Left Coast Envy Apr 22, 2013
Who is excited to hear our set this Friday??? We are very excited to share it with you!!