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Lowcountry (Deluxe)
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Lucy Gray
Envy on the Coast EP
Left Coast Envy Jan 01, 2014
Happy New Years Everyone! We sure do miss you all!
Left Coast Envy Jun 06, 2013
Today marks 4 months since a terrible event. Writing this song helped Will cope with this tragic event. We hope that anyone who shares the same pain or a pain from a similar situation can use this song to help cope. R.I.P. E.A.R.
Left Coast Envy May 20, 2013
Happy Monday! Here is another video from our show nearly a month ago. You can check out the rest of our videos on our YouTube page. Enjoy!
Left Coast Envy May 17, 2013
Happy Friday and Hello Everyone!! It's been a few weeks since we've posted anything, but go ahead and take a look at our set from last month! Here's "Reach"
Left Coast Envy May 03, 2013
Special thanks to the photographer, Amanda Dittmar Photography, that has been shooting us since the beginning. Go check out her amazing work!
Left Coast Envy Apr 28, 2013
Thank you to everyone who came out to see us at Legacy Fest! We had a fantastic time and all the bands rocked it! Tag us in pictures, and we will also be posting memories of our own. - Stay Cam & Be Patient..
Left Coast Envy Apr 27, 2013
Everyone!!!! Come out to Legacy Fest at the Hilton Scranton!!!!
Left Coast Envy Apr 23, 2013
Left Coast Envy wristbands will be available at Legacy Fest!!! We will be selling them for $2 and donations. All the monies made from these wristbands will be going towards a future LCE project...
Left Coast Envy Apr 23, 2013
This is our Soundcloud, all of our music to date is free to download! Enjoy.
Left Coast Envy Apr 22, 2013
Who is excited to hear our set this Friday??? We are very excited to share it with you!!
Left Coast Envy Apr 22, 2013
Let's get some shares on this!
Left Coast Envy Apr 16, 2013
Hello Everyone! After successfully running the Boston Marathon in under 3 hours, we can graciously say that our lead singer, Will, is back home safe! Our preparations for our reunion show continue onward as we look to rock your socks off on April 26th at the Hilton in Scranton. Here is our last recording that we have to offer you for free! It's called "Under the Radar" and we hope you enjoy! Our thoughts go out to the victims of this Marathon Massacre.
Left Coast Envy Apr 09, 2013
Fans!!! Maybe you had a bad Monday. Maybe you did not. Either way, here is a song that will get you out of your chair and dancing!!! "The Bears Have Mobilized and They Have Armed Themselves" Enjoy!!
Left Coast Envy Apr 07, 2013
Spending Saturday night recording a rough demo of our new song! Working hard for u guys!
Left Coast Envy Mar 31, 2013
Fans, Left Coast Envy spent our practice today writing a new song for our show on April 26th. No definite name for it yet, but it's finished and we are very excited to play it for you!!! Stay tuned for more free song downloads, more updates, and a few other specials things. Until then, everyone have a Happy Easter!
Left Coast Envy Mar 28, 2013
Fans!!! No song for download today, but remember this? The bands first official song. Stay posted for more and keep spreading the word!! APRIL 26 in SCRANTON!!!!
Left Coast Envy Mar 26, 2013
FANS!!! Here is our news for you... Left Coast Envy will be playing our first show since April of last year! When: Friday, April 26, 2013 Where: The Hilton in Downtown Scranton Pay attention for more details!! We will be releasing more details as they come!!! Along with releasing details, we will also be releasing our old recordings for you to download for FREE!! Up first, "Destruction with My Capital D" - Enjoy! Stay Calm - LCE
Left Coast Envy Mar 25, 2013
Dear Fans, Check back tomorrow to get an update and much more from Left Coast Envy! - Stay Calm
Left Coast Envy Oct 31, 2012
Here's a short video from one of our last shows that was just given to me recently. In a time of mass panic because of this horrible natural disaster, I think it's best that we all Stay Calm & Be Patient. To the fans, stay safe. To my friends, I miss you guys dearly. - Will
Left Coast Envy Apr 27, 2012
It’s been a year… April 16th marked our one year mark as Left Coast Envy, and a wild year it has been! We’ve had plenty of ups and downs over the span of this year, but I think we can all say it has definitely been enjoyable. Over the past year we have been fortunate enough to record a total of 4 songs and have released them to you. We wish we would’ve had the time, money, and resources to record more music up to this point. We have also played quite a few venues in quite a few places, and while we were there we met some mighty cool people. You may have seen us play in Wilkes-Barre, Scranton, Bloomsburg, Binghamton, and Harrisburg just to name a few. If you were one of those people in the crowds at these shows, keep doing what you’re doing because you’re awesome for doing it. When we started a year ago with a pop-punk sound combined with a hardcore twist, we had no idea we would be where we are now (musically). The transformation of our sound has really been collaborative efforts from all 6 of us and of course everyone else who listened and lent us some feedback. We finally were able to be happy defining ourselves as Ambient-Pop-Punk. The best part about this past year has been being able to make good music while hanging out with great friends. I can’t stress that fact enough. We would like to spread some thanks to a few people and bands that we met along the way in year one that either shared or supported our dream. They are: Niki G, The Teeth, Moxy & Rebel, Cassandra Werner at Aesthetic Heart Promotions, Terror on the Screen, Connor at The Vintage Theater, A Fire With Friends, Rock Paper Records, and plenty more… These people and groups are truly some great people and have been great to us in the past year. So thank you for the love, support, and friendships! 3 of my favorite moments over the last year have turned into memories I will never forget. First, finishing up our very first music video to our very first song “Bring on the New Year.” Second, playing a show in Binghamton when the power went out in the middle of our first song. We expected that everyone would leave when this happened, but the opposite happened. Everyone stayed and continued to sing the songs and lyrics they knew for our entire set. And last, but most memorable, was the first time we got to play in my hometown of Harrisburg, PA. The first time I got to share my dream with so many of my loved ones. Thank You all so much for the memories thus far!.... If you have read all the way up to this point, it is now time for the real news to be told. It’s been a year, and it will stay a year. Unfortunately this past Sunday 3 members have decided that it was best for them to not continue as a part of Left Coast Envy. I am very saddened to spread this news and I wish it wasn’t true, but sadly it is and sadly I must. From the outside looking in, we seemed to be on a roll and building a silent momentum preparing to release on you (our fans and loved ones). From an internal view, we have been in a standstill for about a month. We had reached the point where the 6 of our schedules and priorities could not match up enough in order to continue being productive. Patience was wearing thin. 6 perfectionists do not mesh well together under extreme amounts of stress, and I guess that can be mainly pinpointed for the reason of our failure to continue as a successful band; although it was not the only reason. Along with clashing ideals, inabilities to commit time, unwillingness to make necessary sacrifices, lacking patience and understanding, and just plain old bad luck all played a part in the band falling apart. All 6 of us take responsibility for our departure from the music scene, and unfortunately I believe this is the last time you will be hearing from Left Coast Envy. In the beginning we all decided to have a band of friends, and that we would never replace a friend under any circumstances. The respect and love we hold for each other is far more important in the grand scheme of things. It is also safe to say that we will all still hold music dear in our hearts. I’m sure if you asked any one of us to jam, we at least give you a chance to convince us (shouldn’t take much). I know I will always continue to sing, whether I’m singing to 50 people, to 500 people, or to my shower curtain. But alas, it is time to move on from Left Coast Envy. We will leave our Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter up for a few weeks or so and we welcome your comments and/or questions about anything involving Left Coast Envy in the past year up to now. If you are interested in acquiring the songs that we have recorded, we will set up something to get them all to you. We will be glad to share our blood, sweat, hard work, and joy (our songs of course) with you! Additionally I would like to send out a few personal thank yous from my heart. Some people went way above and beyond to support us this year and there will never be a proper way to repay you for what you did for us or what you are doing for the music scene. If you are one of these people, you know exactly who you are. First, Niki G. You know exactly what you did for us, and you are awesome for it! Second, Cassandra Warner at Aesthetic Heart Promotions. This girl does so much for bands that really deserve a shot. She is single-highhandedly helping save the scene. Last but not least, my parents, family, and closest of friends. All 3 of my parents have been extremely supportive of this crazy dream and have been all a 23 year-old can ask for. I'm sorry that we could not give enough back to you for all that you have done for us! Lastly, a word of advice. If you have a dream (as crazy as it may be (i.e. getting kicked in the nuts for a living)) that you would absolutely without question die for, do everything you can and sacrifice anything you can to make that dream a reality. A lot of hard work, passion, persistence, and luck goes into making a dream come true. If you are not giving it your all, then you might as well stop. Keep on fighting for what you believe in (peacefully of course) and just remember… Stay Calm, Be Patient Will (Billy) Gordon
Left Coast Envy Apr 22, 2012
We are still alive.....just doing work
Left Coast Envy Apr 12, 2012
We are now booking for late May early June! Get at us! [email protected]
Left Coast Envy Apr 08, 2012
Time to eat a ton of candy :) Happy Easter!
Left Coast Envy Apr 07, 2012
Show tonight at Redwood!!!!!!!!!!!!
Left Coast Envy Apr 04, 2012
Left Coast Envy has a show on 04/06/2012 at 05:30 PM @ Redwood... in Wilkes-Barre, PA