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Enslaved Aug 15, 2019
Our show from Summer Breeze yesterday will be streamed on Rockpalast / WDR tonight 22:00 CET.
Enslaved Aug 15, 2019
Thank you for the best night at Summerbreeze!!! We would love to come back!
Enslaved Jul 24, 2019
***Talking of our 1st US tour 24 years ago...*** «Wow, I can’t believe it’s been 24 years since our first North American endeavour! According to my memory, and please correct me if I’m wrong, we were the third Norwegian hard rock band to tour the US! TNT and Stage Dolls had been over in the 80’s. But, we were definately the first extreme metal band, ugh! Before coming to New York we had already been playing shows in Chicago and Cleveland (I cannot for the life of me remember the name of the venues, but I know for sure that they don’t exist anymore), but coming to New York was definately something extraordinary and sort of a dream coming true and all that. We were four bands travelling together (Us, Absu, Incantation and Kataklysm), but apparantly this gig at Wetlands in Brooklyn was part of a festival with like 10-15 bands. For those of you who remembers good old Wetlands, you can easily imagine how crowded those backstage «facilities» must have been. Not to mention the heat.... although 21 year old me could for sure handle heat a lot better than 45 year old me, it was insane. Still I insisted to wear my helmet on stage.... for one song. Apart from the limited space and the heat wave, I specifically remember that a guy from one of the other bands playing that night was very, very impressed that we were from Norway, saying; «Did you guys drive all the way from Norway??!?». I’m sure drugs weren’t involved at all. Anyway, good times!» - Grutle Kjellson Pics: Enslaved - Wetlands U.S. Tour 1995 | by HeadOvMetal
Enslaved Jul 09, 2019
Luke-warm tub, forest, rain and wind. Appropriate conditions for Norse Metal Avantgardists on unholydays. Thanks to all listeners and concert-goers for a glorious 2019 - we will see you at festivals during the remainder of the year. There will be news of the grandiose sort!
Enslaved Jun 21, 2019
Midgardsblot, celebrating its five year anniversary, is an outdoor festival from the 14th to the 18th of August at the Viking burial mounds in Borreparken, Horten. The festival offers enriching cultural experiences as well as world-leading bands in folk rock, metal and other related genres. Along with a rich and varied concert program, there will be guided tours, panel discussions and lectures, as well as activities for the whole family. Enslaved and Mia Habib Productions will cooperate in creating a powerful stage show during Midgardsblot 2019! “Enslaved will return to Midgardsblot with a powerful gig based on the myths surrounding a new consciousness born from chaos and order in kinship. Both “sides” are represented in Enslaveds conceptual universe (“Loke”, “Ethica Odini”); their strife and battles but also the fruits of their more or less consensual unifications (“Sacred Horse”). The journey is long and arduous (“Havenless”) and it is depicted through Enslaved’s signature progressive Metal, this time accompanied by modern dance. The contemporary dance company Mia Habib Productions is based in Oslo and works with contemporary dance in various settings such as galleries, religious spaces, squats and conflict areas around the globe. She has previously produced the show “Gjallarhorn” for Carte Blanche, the Norwegian national company for contemporary dance, for Bergen International Festival, and has always been fascinated by extreme metal. Enslaved and Mia Habib Productions will cooperate in creating a powerful stage show during Midgardsblot 2019. Extreme metal and contemporary dance will melt together to give this summer´s festival attendees a show they have not often seen the likes of. Musicians and dancers alike are excited!” - Ivar Bjørnson, Enslaved & Mia Habib Productions Tickets: Photo: Yaniv Cohen (MHP) / Roy Bjørge (Enslaved)
Enslaved Jun 08, 2019
Kiitos The Rock Fest 🖤
Enslaved Jun 04, 2019
we are back on stage this Friday at The Rock Fest 🇫🇮 // Perkele Stage 00:45 !
Enslaved Jun 03, 2019
Enslaved's cover photo
Enslaved Jun 02, 2019
Dank Je Wel FortaRock! That was mindblowing and hooot! 🔥
Enslaved Jun 01, 2019
See you in a bit FortaRock! We hit the Tentstage at 15:20 and come for a signing session at 18:00 🤘
Enslaved May 29, 2019
our festival season kicks off this Saturday in the Netherlands at FortaRock !
Enslaved May 23, 2019
We are looking forward to meet our label buddies Hypocrisy, Soilwork , Death Angel and Nailed to Obscurity on August 14h at the Nuclear Blast label night to open this year's Summer Breeze !
Enslaved May 21, 2019
a throwback to Decibel Magazine Metal & Beer Fest 2019!
Enslaved May 14, 2019
we've added a sweet new item to our merch store today: a limited and numbered "Frost" pin! go grab yours!
Enslaved May 14, 2019
Enslaved's cover photo
Enslaved May 11, 2019
Wow, Athens was mindblowing! We are stoked for round two tonight in Thessaloniki!
Enslaved May 10, 2019
Our first Greece show ever happens today!! See you tonight!
Enslaved May 09, 2019
"We have finally arrived in Greece! After all these years of support we are ready to pay back your dedication - see you on stage!"
Enslaved May 09, 2019
Some nice words from Metal Hammer Greece! FRI 10.05.19 - Fuzz Live Music Club, Athen SAT 11.05.19 - PRINCIPAL Club Theater, Thessaloniki
Enslaved May 02, 2019
Exactly 13 years ago, on May 2, 2006, we released "Ruun". What's your favorite song?
Enslaved Apr 24, 2019
Enslaved's cover photo
Enslaved Apr 23, 2019
"This was indeed a treat. Wearing beautifully designed costumes created by Kim Dylla, Enslaved mesmerized the audience with a 6 foot tall spear and an atmosphere that took us back to the days of Vikings." -
Enslaved Apr 17, 2019
our song "Storm Son" is featured on the brand new Northern Spirits playlist by Spotify amongst many other talented artists and friends of ours.
Enslaved Apr 15, 2019
Decibel Metal and Beer Fest; thank you for making our „Frost“ show (the last one ever) such a powerful and incredible experience! Your support moved us, the success of this gig we owe a lot of to you. Thank you Chris, Albert, Alex and all of Decibel Magazine for your invitation, thank you to the hardest working management and crew around for making this vision come through!
Enslaved Apr 14, 2019
We have safely arrived in Philly to Decibel Magazine Fest! Our special ‘Frost’ show starts at 7.50pm which is also the time when the Eternal Frost Mead we have made with The Brimming Horn Meadery is released for tasting. We have tried it and let us tell you, it is the best Mead we have ever had. Be warned, its addictive!