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Victory Songs
Victory Songs
Brutal Assault Brutal Assault 2019
Venue: Pevnov Josefov / Josefov Fortress (Jaroměř, Czech Republic) Find tickets
Ensiferum Jun 08, 2019
Posted @withrepost • @markus_toivonen_official @evertune has been installed by @kaurkukkur #woodworkstudio My #ibanez has a perfect tune now! It feels unreal to play because every chords in any fret/position are in perfect tune! #ensiferum #kaurkukkur #luthier #evertune #metalbladerecords #levytukku #metal #finnishmetal #epic #folkmetal #melodicmetal #evertunebridgehasbeeninstalled #guitarbridge. @ensiferummetal @ Helsinki
Ensiferum May 29, 2019
We're looking forward to returning to Istanbul @rockofffest! Who will we see? 🇹🇷
Ensiferum May 26, 2019
Meanwhile in Finland... #Mondayhangoverincoming
Ensiferum May 18, 2019
Markus Toivonen / Ensiferum
Ensiferum May 16, 2019
Part 2: ”Some of you may know how we recorded our last album on tape (because we're old school geezers). Our producer Anssi Kippo wrote a blog about how that came to be:”
Ensiferum May 03, 2019
Some of you may know how we recorded our last album on tape (because we're old school geezers). Our producer Anssi Kippo wrote a blog about how that came to be:
Ensiferum Apr 20, 2019
Not all heroes wear capes...
Ensiferum Apr 03, 2019
Greetings from rehearsal room! Working with new songs! #ensiferum #metalbladerecords #ibanez #darkglasselectronics #pearl_drums #paistecymbals #newalbum #composing #newmaterial #workingtitle
Ensiferum Mar 29, 2019
Helsinki! Let’s rock in August! #Repost @fullsteamfamily with @get_repost ・・・ Kotimaisen folkmetallin ykkösnimi Ensiferum valloittaa Tavastia-klubin vuoden ainoalla Suomen klubikeikallaan la 10.8. Keikan avausnimenä nähdään melodista death metallia soittava Kalmah. Liput tulevat myyntiin Tiketissä pe 29.3. #ensiferum #folkmetal #metal #finnishmetal #kalmah #live #helsinki #tavastia #tiketti #fullsteamfamily
Ensiferum Mar 11, 2019
Olemme ylpeinä mukana tässä kampanjassa ja omalta osaltamme lisäämässä tietoisuutta meitä kaikkia koskevassa asiassa.
Ensiferum Mar 07, 2019
Not only has the father of Ensiferum joined Instagram, but Mahi now has a Facebook page! Follow for all the latest on songwriting and anecdotes (which possibly didn't happen):
Ensiferum Mar 02, 2019
Thank you Australia! We had amazing time, hope to see you soon again! #ensiferum #metalbladerecords #ibanez #darkglasselectronics #pearl_drums #paistecymbals #brisbane #sydney #melbourne #metal #kyllätarkenee
Ensiferum Mar 02, 2019
Final show in 'Roo country. And what better place to finish than the city with the 4th largest tram system in the world? Who's coming to give us a proper send off? 🇦🇺
Ensiferum Feb 28, 2019
Couldn't exactly not play Sydney, could we? They told us the Opera House is too small for our show, so we're playing here. Be there. Or don't. There is no try.
Ensiferum Feb 28, 2019
Brisbane. Tonight. Still no sign of koalas. Still looking. 🇦🇺🐨
Ensiferum Feb 28, 2019
Article in Finnish about WWE Smackdown wrestler Rowan wearing our shirt while kicking ass in the ring! Cheers brother!
Ensiferum Feb 27, 2019
STOP THE PRESS! Mahi joined Instagram! Please follow the grand old man of folk metal! :D #Repost @mahitoivonen with @get_repost ・・・ Going to Australia! #ensiferum #australia
Ensiferum Feb 22, 2019
Next up: The Land Downunder! #finnishmenatwork
Ensiferum Jan 28, 2019
Two more gigs left of the tour before we set sails on 70000tons -cruise! We play two completely different sets on board so see you in the moshpit! #ensiferum #70000tons #twopaths #twosets #toomuch #tooless #tobeornottobe #toto
Ensiferum Jan 27, 2019
It was an honor to meet such a gentleman and extremely talented MMA fighter Alex Morono! #Repost @alexmoronomma with @get_repost ・・・ Music has always been a big influence for getting my mind right to fight in the cage. For over 10 years @ensiferummetal has been at the helm of all fight night playlists and tonight got to meet these METAL legends. Can’t wait to see them kill it live! So far this has been the best perk of fighting in the @ufc #metal #deathorvictory #twopathstour
Ensiferum Jan 19, 2019
Who's coming to see us in LA? Tickets are selling fast, so make sure you secure yours if you haven't already!
Ensiferum Jan 19, 2019
Who's seen us on this North American run so far and who's going to? It's the first trip across the Atlantic in 4 years and we don't know when the next time will be, so get your tickets and don't miss out! 🎟️ Thanks to @immortalafflictionphotography for this amazing photo from the show in Seattle!
Ensiferum Jan 14, 2019
One for all our bassist friends out there!
Ensiferum Jan 10, 2019
Amazing gift from @jessy.russell.792 ! Beautiful shield with viking ship -details and lights! Thank you! #feelinghonored #metal #shield #amazing @ Théâtre Corona
Ensiferum Jan 09, 2019
See you at Brutal Assault! 🇨🇿